1. Air88

    One tube shines more than the other tube with LD I+

    Hi, I bought a new Little Dot I+ and it works fine connected to a Musiland 02 DAC with a Van Den Hul D 102 MK III interconnect. I noticed one tube shines more than the other tube down at its base. I pushed down both tubes as hard as I can in its place and still one tube looks to be put deeper in...
  2. Vergex2

    Cheapest Amp + DAC to go with T1

    Your opinions on the absolute cheapest components to go with a Beyerdynamic T1?
  3. end0rphine

    Musiland 02 to EF-5 Problems.

    I just purchased a combo EF-5 and HE-6 from Hifiman and connected to my computer. I'm just wondering why the volume is so low. I have volume on maximum from both the musiland and the EF-5. One thing I noticed is that the volume is the same even if I plug my headphones directly into the musiland...
  4. fonebone10

    Rate my Setup?

    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Files: FLAC, Apple Lossless, MP3 (320 kbps)   DACs: Musiland 02 US (can't get it work, pl0x help?), Cambridge DAC Magic Amps: Little Dot MKIII, Woo Audio 6 Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT770 600 ohm, Beyerdynamic DT880 600 ohm, Beyerdynamic DT990 600 ohm, AKG...
  5. ThePunisher

    Recommend first DAC/Amp for low-impedance cans. Please!

    Hi all. I currently frequent this forum, and while I don't know as much as I would like about audio, I'm always eager to learn. My current setup is a Creative X-Fi XtremeGamer PCI audio card with Ultrasone DJ1 Pro (same as Pro 550). After realizing that I do about 70% music listening and only...
  6. miyinan

    Dac/amp Decision: Monitor 02 vs Zero vs Aune mk2

    Hey guys, I am only new to these hifi stuffs and looking for dac/amp combo (an easy and simple setup: laptop - dac/amp combo - headphone/speaker). I have read a lot of threads in here and still trying to decide among these three choices, Musiland Monitor 02 us, Zero 09 (with AD1852, op627...
  7. jonnieos

    Musiland 01 vs 02 for powering Beyerdynamic DT 880 600 ohms

    Is there a good reason to get the Musiland 02 over the 01 for powering the Beyerdynamic DT 880 600 ohms?
  8. lazybum

    Amp around or below $100

    Any recommendations? Ive tried searching but they yield mostly portable amps. e.g mini3, cmoybb Is there a desktop amp (must be able to be plugged to the wall)around that price that is better than those portable amps? Not willing to diy myself though.   Ive read about the musiland02. Heard...
  9. ffdpmaggot

    Good Amp (and/or DAC) For less than 200 USD?

    My planned set up right now is an EMU 0404 hooked up to an amp, which will run a pair of senn HD595. I need to know which amp to get though, my budget is about 200 dollars, my only requirement is that the amp I get is the most faithful amp available in this price range, nothing else matters, the...
  10. TLN

    HIFIdiy mini USB DAC vs. AUDINST HUD-MX1 DAC vs. others

    Hi guys! I gonna buy a dac to replace Audiotrak Prodigy HD2 with my laptop. I got an AKG k271S headphones. I've read lots of reviews but still need any advices to choose. I gonna use it only with headphones. So it should be DAC and amp. I got $200 max so i'm looking at $160-$180 price...
  11. pjpark

    D2000 with musiland monitor 02 not getting enough bass help?

    I don't know much about high end audio and all that stuff I bought the d2000 because heard its very comfortable and has decent SQ with lots of bass.  I found the d2000 to be very comfortable but the bass was lacking.    I don't know why I'm not hearing what everyone else is hearing.  Is it...
  12. Bigrock2150

    Need recommendations for amp & dac for around $400

    Decided to go with the Maverick D1   I just purchased the Fostex T50rp and realized that I'm finally going to be forced into getting an amp.   It would be nice if the Amp/Dac worked well with all of my headphones that I currently own (all headphones are in my sig. but the most important...
  13. JosephKim

    Musiland Monitor 02?

    So I was looking to buy the NuForce uDac, but then saw the Musiland Monitor 02 for a little more. Hmm the 02 is advertised as an external soundcard as opposed to a dac.. whats the difference? Im pretty new when it comes to this stuff. Is the uDac a better deal because it has a combined amp? Thanks!
  14. mralexosborn

    Hmm, what USB DAC for about $150?

    I am going to begin this hobby. I will be getting a pair of HD555's in a few weeks. I only have an on-board sound card on my PC and don't feel like getting a better one due to the fact I do not plan on using speakers, just headphones.  So, I want a good USB DAC (and amp) for around $100. If...
  15. mralexosborn

    Questions about the Musiland Monitor 02?

    I have come to the conclusion I need the Musiland Monitor 02. But...   1. Is eBay the only place I can buy one? (Does anybody on here have one for sale? ) 2. Do I have to use any proprietary software? (Since there is no knob) 3. Should I get an amp (eventually)?  4. If so what amp...
  16. dextersventures

    Any current PC Soundcard transports (optical or coaxial) for my DAC1 (non-usb).

    Ive been searching for over 5 hours looking for a  pc transport to go  with a new Benchmark dac1 (non-usb) I will be ordering, but still no luck yet. All recommended cards have no windows 7 support or are no longer for sale, not even on ebay. I heard somewhere that bit perfect is recommended, so...
  17. slim.a

    The USB to SPDIF converters shoot-out thread

    Preamble:   I started a thread a few months ago named “USB to SPDIF converters shoot-out: EMU 0404 USB vs. Musiland Monitor 01 USD vs. Teralink-x vs. M2Tech hiFace” that was closed a few days ago. While my initial intent was for the thread to be a place where people could share their...
  18. aspenx

    ATH-W1000x + Musiland 02 US + What amp?

    Hi all,   I just caved in and bought a pair of W1000x headphones for myself on a recent holiday. It's a wonderful pair of cans to my ears and I have only praises for it.   The problem however, is that I auditioned these headphones with the Luxman P-1u. Obviously, if I actually had the...
  19. slim.a

    Review: Jkeny’s modified Hiface

    Review: Jkeny’s modified Hiface A few months ago I started a thread here: where I compared a few usb to spdif converters. So far I had used in my system 6 different usb converters and the M2tech Hiface was my favourite. A few weeks ago...
  20. thinkpol

    HD650 & Darkvoice 3322 ordered. What's next?

    tubes? cables? dac? suggestions? :-) source is lossless flac -> asus xonar essence ST (using as dac)
  21. SANDW1CH

    Poll: Best Inexpensive DAC/AMP

    Not an all-inclusive list by any means, but these seem to be the most popular. There will certainly be many "it depends" with answering these, so this is purely subjective and based on YOUR preferences.   GD-Audio Sparrow Basic NuForce Icon uDAC ZERO DAC EF2A
  22. lordsegan

    Possible to use windows drivers with Musiland Monitor?

    I was hoping to use my Musiland Monitor 02 US on my work computer in a medium security environment. I think it would be allowed, so long as I do not have to install third-party drivers.   Would I get basic functionality (DAC, Amping) with the default windows drivers? Or not work at all?  ...
  23. DarkScythe

    What to get to drive HD-600?

    Hello everyone,   It seems long posts don't garner much interest, so I'll keep it short and simple this time. Besides a soundcard from Asus or Auzentech, what are my options for an external dac/amp or dac+amp for driving HD600's, along with SRH840's and my Audioengines? That in itself...
  24. shawnd2030

    new to the DAC scene

    So after lurking about this this site for a few days I have come to realize I need a DAC.  My situation: For simplicity's sake lets say I only listen to music via the computer, like say very decent Macbook + 320mp3 -> headphone jack -> "Bose Around-Ear Headphones" So I have been making a...
  25. ljason8eg

    Help me chose between these sound cards

    Hey guys, this is my first post here though I am very active on under the same user name. I've come across a decision of what sound card to buy, and a couple people pointed me over here, so here goes, I'll copy/paste the post.     This is seriously driving me crazy. I just...