1. Ultrasone Edition 11

    Ultrasone Edition 11

    Our portfolio has been enriched by the new Edition eleven, a set of dynamic hi-fi headphones with an open construction. These headphones are meticulously handcrafted at our production facility at Gut Raucherberg near Lake Starnberg. Thanks to their open, circumaural design, they deliver an airy...
  2. conquerator2

    FS - HIFIMAN Edition X v2

    Hey guys, I am looking to sell my Edition X v2 which I've acquired about a month ago. I received it in pristine condition and am the second owner. However, as you can see and due to my own stupidity trying to change the headband, there is now a shallow scratch on one cup and the pads have lost...
  3. L

    Headphone recommendations for X-Can V8p and Dacmagic

    Hi folks! Time has come to think updating the headphones for current setup. Currently I'm using AKG K701s with Cambridge Audio Dacmagic and Musical Fidelity X-Can V8P. I have a feeling that something is missing in the sound - especially punch and excitement - and I guess that updating the...
  4. Verum 1 (One) Planar Magnetic Headphones

    Verum 1 (One) Planar Magnetic Headphones

    VERUM 1 Welcome Verum 1, our debut product. Each time, we start a new project - we're a thinking about people who will be using it. So for whom Verum 1 is made? No doubts, that our firstborn is an audiphile product - open planar headphones, big over-ear design, premium materials. But our main...