1. D

    Beyerdynamic + amp

    Hi! I'm a fan of sad chill/smooth music production. Today I need your advice with some problems: My instrumentals/beats are Alternative/Sad/Dark R&B where lots of piano notes, strings (cellos, violins), chill/smooth/dramatic pads/soundtracks, kics and rythm dance in. I decided to buy and give...
  2. vinekly

    Music for Electrostatics

    I love to listen to my Stax headphones and my CLS II and stacked Quad ESL loudspeakers. Of course, some songs sound better than others. For those of you with similar passions, I'd love to hear your recommendations of songs and albums that really play to the strengths of your electrostatic...
  3. R

    For the ones that love music but are not sure where to start

    For years, I have had the pleasure of experiencing music. I have been able to take on multiple headphones, earphones and speakers and I have been able to experience truly wonderful things. From noise isolation to cancellation; from basic headphones to 7.1 surround sound :ksc75smile::o2smile...
  4. N

    Oldies but goodies

    Hey guys starting this thread out of inspiration of forgotten music. When I type in music I mean jams, hits, bangers, and classics. Oldies but goodies isn't considered to be limited to one genre or time period. If you have something you find holds sentimental value please by all means post! I've...
  5. S

    AD900X vs HD 598 vs PC 373D for Gaming, Music and General Use

    Context: Having just been introduced to the world of audiophiles, I spent days doing research on pretty much everything I might need to know. Now I am by no means an audiophile; not yet anyway. But I do appreciate good sound, and I'd like to start experimenting with audiophile grade audio and...
  6. I

    AKG K701 VS Beyerdynamic DT990 pro

    Hi, I am new to high end headphones and i have been looking into the AKG K701 and the Beyerdynamic DT990 Black edition to buy for gaming/movies/music 40/40/20With my ds4, macbook air and in the future and dac/amp. I don't have a amp/dac yet but will definitely buy on later i figured i could or...
  7. DSebastiao

    Best portable player for ~50/60$

    Hi, i'm looking for a player in that price range, also wondering, how does something in that price range compare to a smartphone fir like, 300/400$? Thank you,
  8. C

    Best cans for listening

    What are some of the best headphones under $100 for listening to lossless quality music of all genres? Ones that reproduce the most natural sound the way it's supposed to sound while not causing fatigue over time. In person listening is the best determination I know, but that is not an option...
  9. klaimzlgd

    Where or how do you guys get songs to your DAPs?

    Hey, was wondering where everyone would generally purchase or download these high quality files from. I used to rip it from CD for my ipod Classic but with the introduction to the music streaming services, I haven't touched my Ipod much since, now I'm looking to purchase a DAP in the future but...
  10. J

    Help me choose the right headphones

    Hello everyone For some days, I've been thinking about buying headphones. I know that gaming headsets are just pure commercial and that normal high-end headphones are actually better in terms of audio quality. A mic is not needed, I already own one. My first choice is the dt 990 25 ohms...
  11. Fessy


    So continuing. Original thread: Hi there, I just want to know: If there's a way to connect two Fiio A3 amps to my Cowon Plenue D? And is it possible to amplify the sound so that it uses both amps as one so the sounds louder/amplified even more? Sorry if the wording is wrong but I'm not...
  12. X

    Headphone Setup for Gaming/Music for ~$500

    Hi there, I'm looking for a good headphone setup with maybe an Amp and/or DAC (if necessary), and was hoping that maybe some of you could help me out, since I don't really know a lot when it comes to audio. I currently own a pair of Astro A40s, but want something more for my ears. I also don't...
  13. Mshenay

    Best Rediscovered Albums

    Let me ask you guys, what are some of your favorite albums that you now LOVE but didn't like when you first heard? I had this exact moment today, listening to what is the final album from Precious Fathers, Alluvial Fan, I always loved the tone and flow of their first album and could never...
  14. NevilleM

    2017 UK Head-Fi Group - Music Thread

    Prior to the UK Group's Milton Keynes Meet in April 2017 there was a UK Head-Fiers Group competition * - suggest tracks you've enjoyed - with a prize going to the members choice. There is no prize this time, but the idea of the UK Group having a thread to note down their recent finds is worth...
  15. Fox2twenty

    Guitar Focused Rock//Fox2twenty's thread.

    I love guitars. Let's talk about the 70s 80s and 90s. Some guitarists I like: 70s - Hendrix, Page 80s - Van Halen, Vai, Hemmet 90s - Tom Morello Update: I like guitars. Tell me what you think. Rules - no gifs!! The Modmins are out too get me. Please don't post any gifs! That's about it, I...
  16. Sebab

    Audeze LCD-3 vs LCD-X for EDM

    I have been thinking of getting either the Audeze LCD-3 or LCD-X and I mostly listen to EDM. Which one of these headphones would you guys recommend for this genre, and why? What are the main differences in the sound signature between the two?
  17. Alberto Edifice

    Im searching headphone to play videogames and music

    I need a new headphone better than my old takstar 671, it´s broken, To listen Music,play videogames and films I have ASUS STX audio card
  18. R

    HTIB / AVR suggestion for Music / Movies / Games

    Hello Friends, I am new here and sorry if I post anything wrong or if I am not clear. I am from India and my brother is coming from USA on November 15th. I know he is coming before the best sale Few days back I was in showroom and I heard yamaha yht 196 sound and I was really impressed. I...
  19. Coolzo

    [A 'Mini-Con'!] Arizona Head-Fi Meet: October 21st, 2017

    LATEST UPDATE: Audeze will be providing sets of their iSine10, iSine20, LCD-X, and LCD-XC! Also, MrSpeakers has provided his latest electrostatic Ether-ES prototype, along with the Aeon Flow (both open and closed)! Stay tuned for more updates! Greetings, denizens of Head-Fi and of Arizona, It...
  20. M

    Best Earphones for 25$

    Dears i am from Egypt and i want to buy a new Earphone from amazon for 25-30 $ i like pop and classic music. i have options but i dont know what the best for the price . 1- Symphonized NRG 3.0 Earbuds 2- Beats by Dr. Dre - urBeats Earbud 3- Sennheiser CX 3.00 4- AKG Lightweight Y20 OR better
  21. G

    Suggestions for headphones under £200

    Hi everyone. I am currently a student looking into buying a good pair of headphones which I can use for both music (mostly EDM) and gaming. My budget for headphones is around £170-200 so not the largest amount when it comes to audiophile/professional grade headphones I believe, but hopefully...
  22. Meetite

    Need Help Chosing New IEMs

    Hello all, So I am currently considering buying a new pair of earbuds/IEMs and don't know what to get. There are numerous options out there and so many of them seem to just barely fit what I need while others not so much. I currently use a pair of RHA MA750s (no "i") with Comply foam Sport tips...
  23. OldDude04

    The Audio Lounge

    Welcome to the Audio Lounge! A thread to discuss any and all things audio related. Your newest purchase to an old favorite, disappointments to exciting finds, name brands to never heard of them before. Enjoy your stay. Thread Rules: 1. Don't be an asshat 2. Have fun 3. Protect your...

    $1500 (CDN) worth of Giveaways

    Marina Lin and soulsikreviews have teamed up to bring you $1500 worth of giveaways. Why? Well, number of reasons: We are doing this to allow her fans to listen to her music in high resolution For audiophile out there, we are enthusiastic about music, not the gear itself. Gears are stuff we...
  25. Dipesh

    What are you Listening??

    Hey all , Right now I am listening to Yosi Horikawa ,Tool, The Knife. My 15 month old kid was dancing to Ramones last night, he was so happy. After seeing him dance I think I spent around 3-4 hours listening to punk. Gears used- Ether Flow C , Onkyo Dpx1, Woo Wa8 Eclipse.