mr speakers aeon open
  1. beardz


    Decided to let these go as my headphone inventory was starting to get out of hand. :) For sale is a set of MrSpeakers Aeon Flow open-backs in excellent condition. These were sent to me directly by MrSpeakers in February of 2018. The headphones were kept in their carrying case for a good part of...
  2. Nolanh87

    SOLD Mr Speakers Aeon Flow Open

    Selling my lightly used pair of aeon flow opens. 10 hours max. original xlr cable came broken replaced but on my locking amp, audio cuts in and out. tried with other cables no issue wondering if its a quality control issue. messaged them about it and they sent me a new one. throwing in a parapt...
  3. Phantaminum

    SOLD: Aeon Open Flow

    Looking to sell my Aeon Open Flows for $450 shipped. Reason it’s so low is the puppy got into the wire and tore off a chunk of the outside plastic of the XLR adapter. The headphones themselves are in perfect condition, the cable itself works perfectly fine, and it will probably look better with...
  4. silvahr

    Sold: Mr Speakers Aeon Flow open (bought December 2017)

    Hello, Selling Mr. Speakers Aeon Flow Open in total mint condition. Really love this headphones (the hype is real) but I’m leaving the hobby and I can’t justify have such quality gear. Bought December 2017 online ( I'm the first owner and will send the invoice. In the...
  5. boschtb

    Back after 10 Years - Aeon Flow Open DAC+Amp Recommendations

    I am getting back into headphones after 10 years away. My last rig was a modified Jolida JD100 + RSA Raptor + HD650 and ATH-W11JPN. This time around, I will be using my MacBook Pro as a source, with both lossless and compressed files, and I have settled on the AFO as my headphones. I...
  6. melican

    OPPO 205 versus iFi Micro Black Label

    In just the last week I've decided to invest in a good pair of headphones and a DAC/amp. The headphones I'm looking at are the Mr Speakers Aeon Open. For the DAC/amp I'm deciding between iFi Micro Black Label (using the digital out of my phone or a disc player I already own) or the OPPO 205...