1. dSmurf

    HELP!!! All rounder IEM under $200

    Hi Guys!!!  I'm just new on head-fi , i'm looking for an IEM that will suit my music style under $200 cause i can't bring my he-400 since its pretty heavy, it must be an all rounder one since i really do appreciate all genre in terms of music but here's my routine:   MORNING: I listen to...
  2. MagellanR14

    Looking for a new IEM in the $75 to $300+ price range

    I am a hiphop head but listen to all kinds of music (metal, rock, dubstep, etc.). I dont want a bleeding base but I want it to be fun... I also love nice highs so I can hear the singing in songs nicely. Additionally, isolation is fairly important to me. I don't really know what to look at, so...
  3. kevms89

    Can someone give me the rundown on the GR07 series?

    They seem to be popular on here but I see the gr07, gr07 classic, mk2, bass edition, classic 2014, geez how many models are there lol? What are the qualities of these versions, and how is the GR07 classic as its only $99 on eBay.
  4. Schokolade bar

    RX MK2 noise with high sensitivity IEMS

    Aye, I am using a Audioquest dragonfly connected to an RX M2 via 3.5mm and outputting to my UM3X monitors, and when audio is paused I get this crackling kind of noise, but when I use a westone and shure volume attenuator and move the volume on it to about 3/4 of max it goes away. Not sure what...
  5. 29029

    Delivery times, BHSE, Cavalli LL Mk2, EC Electra, Woo WES and "customer service".

    Greetings.   Having had dynamic HP set ups for years and had almost every HP/amp combo there is, I have decided to jump back into Stax and go for an SR-009. The choice of amp is the question.   Years back I had an O2 / SRM 717 and I preferred the SS energiser to the 007 by quite a margin.  ...
  6. jimath-700

    Musical Paradise Mp-301 tube rolling thread

    Hello, I decided to start this thread because of the lack of info on tube rolling in the mp-301. This thread is open to all mp-301 owners. I'll note I do not yet have a mp-301mk3 but I'll buy one soon. In conclusion I hope this thread will be helpful and fun for all!
  7. kharken

    IEM Bass Portable Amp

    Is there any besides the Digizoid ZO2? It's out of stock right now maybe because of the new release.    Anyway, I just wanna ask if there are any alternatives (better) for bassheads like me. 
  8. audionut117

    Get MDR-1R mk2 or wait for NAD VISO HP50?

    Hi guys   As the thread title says, should I jump for the MDR 1R mk2 for $310AUD or wait for the NAD viso hp50 ($350AUD)which is going to be released in early December in Australia.  I've heard great things about the NAD but my strong desire to move up in the audio world along with my already...
  9. Monsters Ink

    (Noob question) Need help with the Lepai LP-2020A+ and Alesis Monitor1 MK2

    I've been powering my Alesis Monitor Ones (Passive) with the Lepai LP-2020A+ mini amplifier. I was wondering if this was okay for my speakers/amp.
  10. Paul Walker

    ATH pro 700 mk2 vs beats

    Hello, i have been extensively researching these forums recently and based on my budget and music choice (rap, edm, reggae) I have decided on purchasing ATH pro 700 mk2 headphones with a z02 amp. These will be my first pair of headphones. I have no intention on ever purchasing any kind of beats...
  11. cloudycloud

    Cheapest Place to find the GR07 mk2?

    Can anyone recommend a site to purchase the GR07 mk2?  My R-50s broke and I figure I'll replace with something better!  I hear people talk about them in the same price range all the time but all I can find them for is $170 USD. Thanks!
  12. zzllloz

    Iems under 200$ (Vsonic GR01 / 07 mk2 vs SONY MDR-EX600 vs rock it sounds r-50 vs Audio-Technica ATH-CKM99)

     (Vsonic GR01 / GR07 mk2 vs SONY MDR-EX600 vs Rock It Sounds R-50 vs Audio-Technica ATH-CKM99) which one has the best sound quality? for : Hip hop , rap , electronic , rock... i am using the Sansa clip+   Thanks in advance
  13. vermilions

    FOSTEX PM0.5 SUB mk2 (discontinued) subwoofer connection and reviews?

    I recently bought the Fostex Pm0.3 speakers. I want to get a subwoofer with it and I'm not sure if the now discontinued Fostex PM0.5 SUB MK2 will work with my PM0.3? I will be using this 2 .1 setup with my Macbook Air.
  14. vince321

    Is the RX MK2 powerful enough to drive Audeze LCD-2 headphones to satisfaction?

    I am quite sure there are portable amps that will drive the LCD-2, but finding opinions on the performance has been difficult. If anyone has experience and could comment on potential sound quality as compared to a desktop amp, that would be great. My intent is to find a setup that gets me...
  15. TekeRugburn

    Replacing original alo rx with alo rx mk2?

    I just bought a pair of jh13's and of course my original alo rx craps out before they come in.  I was wondering if anyone has the mk2 and the jh13's and how they work together.  I'm stuck between replacing it with another alo rx, the alo rx mk2, pico slim or protector balanced.     If I...
  16. Tonyflo

    SR-71B vs. ALO Rx Mk2!!!

    Hi Guys,    Curious about something ...    After reading many reviews and understanding the concept, I'm totally sold on the Algorhythm Solo.   However, I'm trying to decide which amp to get -- I'm considering either the SR-71B or the Rx Mk2.    The way I see it ...    SR-71B...
  17. Masterolli

    AUNE Mini USB DAC MK2 SE vs Emu 0404 USB ?!

    hi, first i want to say, its a fu**ing great forum here :-) It has brought me to buy these two Dacs. I am from Germany and the forums there, are not really helpfull, the people have to many prejudices to China Dacs, dont know maybe they are too inexpensive?!?!   Ok i have bought these...
  18. frosne

    ALO Rx Mk2 or RSA Shadow

    Hi, I'm wondering which of the two amps would pair well with a UM Mage IEM, I'm going to be using an iPod classic as a source.
  19. throzen0303

    Musical Paradise MP301 MK2 Wifi Issue

    I just got my MP302 MK2 yesterday, been working fine, but my wifi router which is pretty close to it made the speakers(PSB Alpha B1) hump(buzzing noise), its pretty noticeable when there is nothing playing, I use the B1 as desktop speakers in between them is my laptop. I am using Stock Shuguang...
  20. Foresight

    little dot mk2 or 3?

    getting 1 of these for my dt990/600 ^__^ are there big differences? I would be happy with mk2 if its good enough but dont mind spending more if mk3 is big improvement
  21. ccbass

    HRT Music Streamer II/II+/II+ mk2?

    I will be abroad in Australia for the next 5 months and I'd like to take some high quality music with me!   Unfortunately bringing a whole desktop system is out of the question!   I'm currently using a MBP via optical to a DACMagic via XLR>3.5mmTRS to a RSA Protector to my DT880s.  ...
  22. xxhaxx

    Musical Paradise MP-301 MK2 + DT880/600

    Just wondering if anybody tried the Musical Paradise MP-301 MK2 with the beyer dt880
  23. TestSubject

    ATH M50 --> ATH Pro 700 MK2 Upgrade?

    Will a pair of  ATH Pro 700 MK2 be a decent upgrade for my newly bought M50s?   I love my M50s but more bass would be grate plus the detachable cable sounds great when on the go.     Considering DT-250 Velour pad upgrade as well.  
  24. normalwrong

    Hud-MX1 with Little Dot MK2/MK3?

    Does anyone try the MX1 with MK2/MK3?? Hows that?
  25. DannyDanko

    Audio Technica ATH Pro 700 MK2 or Beats Pro?

    Before everyone jump in and flame me i have to mention i can get the Beats Pros for $210 from a buddy that works at BestBuy..   The only place i can get the Audio Technica Pro 700 MK2 is through eBay or online, which is around $200 including shipping (not including customs tax).   So my...