1. DocBox

    IEM Shoot-out - Need honest opinions on some IEM's

    Hey everyone, new to these forums. I'm looking to buy myself a nice pair of in-ear headphones. I'm not an audiophile, however I want a really high quality sounding pair of headphones. Previous pairs of headphones I've owned, include Beyerdynamic MMX 101iE's and Klipsch Image S4i's - Just so you...
  2. Moshi  99MO035001 Moonrock Earbuds - Black

    Moshi 99MO035001 Moonrock Earbuds - Black

    More than just candy for your eyes, Moonrock elevates your overall music enjoyment with Moshi Audio's acoustically tuned driver units that effortlessly render crisp highs and balanced mids and bass. 0;The in-ear design coupled with our proprietary hybrid-i