moondrop kxxs
  1. Moondrop Starfield

    Moondrop Starfield

  2. ohcrapgorillas

    Moondrop KXXS

    no longer for sale but can't find how to delete the thread
  3. clerkpalmer

    Fs moondrop kxxs

    Kxxs in fine condition. Very little use. Ships in box with all accessories. Asking 135 shipped.
  4. Moondrop KXXS

    Moondrop KXXS

    Specifications- Frequency response - 10-80000HZ Effective frequency response - 20-20000HZ (IEC60318-4) Impedance - 32Ω (@1KHZ) Sensitivity - 110dB (@1KHZ) Quality control range - ±1dB Diaphragm material - Diamond-Like-Carbon & PEEK Coil - φ0.035mm-CCAW (Daikoku) Shell Material - Zinc-aluminum...