1. cr3ativ3

    (SOLD)Moon Audio Silver Dragon 4.4mm 2pin 0.78

    Selling my silver dragon cable . It’s in great condition, works perfect . It’s 4.4mm Pentaconn 2pin 0.78
  2. ZRW0

    [SOLD] Simaudio MOON 280D DAC (MIND 2 Streamer included)

    Hello, I'm an individual living in France, selling my Simaudio MOON 280D DAC which includes the MOON MIND 2 streamer - 1900€. The DAC is not yet 14 months old, and still comes with a transferable constructor warranty of 46 months. (Simaudio guarantees its products 5 years, 10 years extension...
  3. Dan Lee


    SOLD SOLD SOLD Just bought this amp 3 months ago and it certainly lives up to the hype. I was a little nervous it would be bright sounding, but it was basically a perfect sound. Its the best headphone amp I've thus far owned. I would keep it, but decided to go integrated cause I wanna get...
  4. erik701

    [SOLD] SimAudio Moon 430HA with SR Blue Fuses upgrade

    I'm selling my Moon 430HA with 2x Synergistic Research Blue fuses installed (2 x 140€), latest and greatest fuse from Synergistic Research. Moon 430HA has fully balanced design.One of the most universal, neutral sounding solid state amps on the market. It's very powerful (up to 8 Watts to 50Ω)...
  5. T

    [SOLD] MrSpeakers Alpha Prime

    Hey y'all - looking for a quick sale. Gently used pair of AP that were converted from the Alpha Dogs a while ago (early '17 if I remember correctly). Tiny scuff on one ear cup; other than that it's mint condition. Pads and original cable are in great shape and the certificate of authenticity...
  6. MikeRight


    I have decided to sell my main HiFi equipment. + All the elements are better than MINT (10/10) + All the original boxes, accessories & certificates. + First owner in all cases. + No pet and no smoking environments. Individual prices, details and pictures below. Contact me for special prices if...
  7. comzee

    Focal Utopia + Black Dragon balanced cable (SOLD)

    Selling a 9.5/10 condition Focal Utopia. The only reason I avoid to say 10/10, is it's not straight off the factory floor. Zero wear, pads are basically unused. Comes with original box + accessories (6.3mm cable) Also comes with Black Dragon balanced cable, which cost $415 I'm asking $2400...
  8. MikeRight


  9. Lan647

    WTB: Focal Utopia replacement cable 3,5mm

    Hi all! I’m looking for a Focal Utopia aftermarket cable, Moon Audio or similar. Preferably 4 to 5 feet long with a 3,5mm mini plug at the end. Please contact me should you have one for sale. Kind regards, Björn
  10. westermac

    *SOLD* 10ft Blue Dragon for HD800 - 4-pin XLR

    Nice cable, don't need it. In good shape, not sure what version as I can't find the bag w/certificate right now. Price includes fees and priority shipping to CONUS.
  11. theUKMrT


  12. xxx1313

    SOLD: Moon Audio Black Dragon V2 Premium cable for Focal Utopia (XLR 4-pin)

    SOLD Up for sale is my Moon Audio Black Dragon Premium V2 balanced cable for Focal Utopia with Furutech 4-pin XLR connector. Length is 3m (10 feet). It is in very good condition (see photos attached). I am selling this cable only because I bought another Black Dragon cable with 2.5mm TRRS...
  13. xxx1313

    deleted (wrong Forum, sorry)

    deleted (wrong forum, sorry)
  14. erik701

    Simaudio Moon 430HA + WireWorld Eclipse 6 Platinum XLR + WireWorld Stratus 7 EU

    I'm selling my 7 months old Simaudio Moon 430HA amplifier without DAC, WireWorld Eclipse 6 Platinum 0,5m XLR cable and WireWolrd Stratus 7 1,5m EU power cable. Just add your DAC and you have rig of your dreams. Moon 430HA: - 7 months old, bought within EU, still under warranty. - full black...