1. alankabalan

    Open-box Monster Turbine Pro Coppers from, Still Shrinkwrapped??

    Hey guys,    I recently purchased an open-box Monster Turbine Pro Copper from, and it just arrived today!   However, it looks like it's BRAND NEW!!    Here are some pictures I took:     I called Onecall today to ask about the condition of their Open-box items...
  2. Chinadoll10

    Battle Royal, Expert Advice Needed

    Hi guys, and girls if theres any out there, im new here so please be nice. im in the market for some headphones but i cant decide since i have no idea how most of the headphones im considering sound. the headphones im considering are:   1. Solo HDs by Monster (RED) 2. Phiaton MS 300s 3...
  3. FlexPen76

    Buying Monster Supertips in UK / Europe

    Anyone know of any stockists in the UK or Europe that I can buy Monster Supertips from? I got my MTPC from advancedmp3 in Edinburgh but they don't sell replacement tips, and neither do any of the other usual decent online places that I can think of. I don't want to go the BundleBox or similar...
  4. bertopl

    monster turbine coppers an upgrade over triplefi's?

    hey folks,   so I snapped the cable on my triplefi's which I've been really happy with. UE is out of stock on the vi cables which I've really come to appreciate to answer calls and control the ipod / slacker radio on my iphone. I have a new cable on order but don't know when UE will get...
  5. d.n.d.

    Review: Monster Turbine Pro Copper edition

    First off, I want to say thanks to everyone at Monster for the opportunity to review these earphones. They were provided for free for review purposes. A special thanks goes to Gernard whom I met at Canjam 2010, and Aaron as well for making this possible.   This is my first review, so please...
  6. abeeb

    Monster Turbine

    Iv heard good review about these headphones and found them quite cheap in some official shops. Which ones would you advise getting: Pro Copper Pro Gold High Performance (grey)   Or the mobile jamz ones.   Or would you not recomend this make at all, my interests in music are hip...
  7. anirudh0802

    One less Costomer for Dr. Dre & Monster

    Hello All!   I walked into a Best Buy recently looking for some headphones that I will buy some some of my hard earned interning cash. I know that the Monster brand is not good. The thing is that they sounded really rich in bass which I am a sucker for.   So I am a college student...
  8. pmartel

    Thank you to Monster Audio

    I just want to thank Monster Audio for great service.   Having reviewed the Copper Pro Turbines, I was surprized and upset to find that the audio had dropped to about 20% on the right channel just after the review.   A quick e-mail to Monster advising of the problem stated to return them...
  9. cohiba44

    Monster Beats Tour, Monster Turbine, or Klipsch S4??

    Hi, My V-Moda Vibe Duo's died awhile back and am looking to get something to replace them. I didn't really like these as I felt the bass overpowered the sound of the music. I like hip hop and R&B, so I don't mind bass, but the overall sound of these didn't sound clear at all, imo. My old Sony...
  10. Gordesky1

    sony mdr x500 vs Monster - Beats by Dr.Dre whats better?

    Theres a deal for the beats by dr dre on newegg for 350$ but you get a zune hd 16gb free, at first i thought it was a good deal sense i do need a new mp3 player sense my old 30gb first gen zune hdd died, And my ipod touch 2g battery is on its way out.   Than for around the same price i can...
  11. pmartel

    Monster Supertips Challenge

    Hi All;   Just to inform you that Monster Audio is doing a 'Supertips Challenge'   They will be giving away 100 sets of 'Supertips'   As with the 'Copper Turbines' They are asking for a totally unbiased and honest review.   Here's the link to enter;  ...
  12. Lorfa

    Looking for: Closed headphones between $100-$200 USD

    I've probably owned 10 or 11 different headphones in my life, and none of them have been that great. I don't think I ever spent more than maybe $ 50 though. I'd like to 'up the ante' and try to get something of much greater quality.   I am not planning on using them with an amp, on an ipod...
  13. Beyerfan70

    Monster pro copper is one side supposed to be longer than the other?

    I'm in the uk and received my coppers today and although the box was sealed i was missing a few bits inside (some tips, holder, cloth etc) which i was a bit peeved about but more importantly when i was putting them away in their pouch earlier this evening i noticed the right side wire is longer...
  14. Big Kev

    Any UK Head-fiers Want To Try Out The Monster Turbine Pro Coppers?

    I was extremely lucky and was given a set of Monster Turbine Pro Coppers from Monster/Soundmatters14, many thanks again, and all I had to do was post a review, which I did a few weeks ago.   I feel I should spread the good word around and am willing to loan these out to any UK members, with...
  15. shiroemon

    Monster jamz or Head-direct RE0?

    Hi everyone, I'm new in this forum... So greetings to you all :) Now lets get into business..   I'm considering on buying one of these two IEM (Monster jamz, Head-Direct RE0). The price difference is not that much.. I've been reading that Head-Direct RE0 has a superb quality of details but...
  16. Anaxilus

    New Monsters?!

                Clarity HD Modular In-Ear Headphones: "Hear Everything" in the Music! The stylish new Monster Clarity HD In-Ear headphones, available in both black/red and chrome/red versions, with a high-quality finish and solid-metal construction, fulfill the Clarity HD family's...
  17. pmartel

    Some thoughts on Post Review period of the Monster Copper Pro Turbine Headphones

    Just thought I'd make a brief posting of how the Monsters sound AFTER the review and break in.   The honeymoon continues   As expected, smooth, sweet, dynamic and neutral.   I had to make one change as the original mini cable supplied with my PAV2 died due to all the abuse it went...
  18. Jeff K

    New Comply™ Foam Tips compatibility update!

    Hello Head-Fi'ers, We have recently tested and approved new earphone models for compatibility with our Comply™ Foam Tips. The newly approved models are: Creative EP-830: T-400 Monster Beats: T-500 Monster Turbine: T-400 Scosche IDR600: T-400 V-moda Sport Series: T-400 V-moda Vibe...
  19. matto

    HELP: Custom 3's, Super Fi 5 EB, Monster Turbine, JVC FX 500, Shure SE420 or ?

    Hi, after months of looking around for new iem's I've narrowed the list down.   I'm no audiophile but the feeling I get from listening to great music is undescribable, and the feeling i get from listening to poo sounding music just pisses the hell out of me.   This is the first time I'm...
  20. d0nk

    Are Monster SuperTips available for individual purchase without headphones?

    I purchased a pair of Monster Miles Davis Tribute headphones which came with only the white supertips. Was wondering if anyone knew where (if) I could purchase the SuperTips in black?
  21. Sumflow

    Poll: How do you wear yours?

    Some of the manufactures may not be aware of how we use their products in real life.  At least one has gone so far as to say they were not designed to be worn in front.  Quote: What do you say? How do you usually wear your monitors?    
  22. cjkb90

    IE8 vs. Monster Turbine Pro Copper/Gold/MD for "Techno"

    Hey everyone, first of all, even though its my first post I'm by no means new to Head Fi. I've been reading reviews and threads here for about a year, but I never got an account out of fear I might end up never being satisfied and spending thousands on audio (a situation I'm sure many of you...
  23. SchneiderStudios

    Thinking of getting the beats by dre

    Well im into getting my first pair of headphones and im still looking for some good ones with great strong bass and good build quality, also that they wont be too big. i was thinking of the Monster beats, but i have not seen anyone here talking about them why is that?are they worth it...
  24. covertspy

    monster turbines (not Pro) durable??

    hi, just wanna ask whether the monster turbines are durable? as in im most afraid of the wires fraying/breaking or earphones themselves dying after a short while...cuz the turbines dont seem to have much, if not none, strain-relief components on them. heh im looking for durable earphones tat...