1. MarkyMark87

    Final Call For Help...

    ...So I've asked a few questions, started a thread about getting new headphones and I think I'm all over the place :(  After ALOT of searching, I think I figured out there is no PERFECT headphone for me, so instead of paying full price for something that doesn't completely meet my needs, I have...
  2. BluFalcon

    Monster Tron T1

    Looks cool.  High MSRP.  Marketed for the HT and gaming market.       Daft Punk Edition  
  3. buffalowings

    stereo singapore

    hey guys, is stereo singapore an authorized monster cable dealer?   James
  4. Vlooienuker

    Can Monsters Gel Tips fit the RE0's?

    Hi I was just wondering if the monster gel tips can fit the RE0's and if they can can you just tell me please?                                      Thanks in advanced    
  5. robertspinner

    Question: Is Monster earphones made in CHINA?

    On the bay, a Chinese seller states they took them out from the Monster factory (in China???) and sell them at very low prices, can I trust it?   Link:   The seller claims,   ' Q1:Where are your headphones from...
  6. buffalowings

    monster cordless headphones

    I remember a fellow head-fier that attached a sansa fuze to his ath-m50...oh monster...the justbeats and now...this  I don't know what looks more retro...the portapros or these
  7. swbf2cheater

    Monster releases "Audiophile" Earbud Headphones - Gasp!   just thought i would post this for anyone interested in monsters new lineup. 
  8. RPB1975

    Monster vs Sennies vs Westone

    Hi!  I am new to these forums as a poster, but I have been a lurker for a while.  I tend to research a lot before dedicating to a particular purchase, and I have found that I make better decisions by doing just that.  However, I am stuck between five main sets of IEMS, and I really could use...
  9. rsn90

    Beats Pro - Worth it for 50% off?

    I'm looking to get some new headphones, and I just found out that because of a deal that my company has with Monster, I get them 50% off. In other words, I could get the Beats Pro for $225.   I definitely wouldn't spend $450 on them... but $225 seems reasonable. I know the Beats get a lot of...
  10. buffalowings

    monster customer support

    Here's the story, I bought a pair of monster pro turbine coppers about a month and a half ago and when I opened to package, the semi gloss finish was chipping/cracking on many of the foam eartips and many of the super tips were slightly deformed as well. I sent monster cable a email informing...
  11. Rufus_Truthfist

    $50 bass monsters

    I wanted to know what is a good bass monster for cheap but also has decent mids and highs, any suggestions?
  12. therock003

    Need help looking for new earphones.

    I need to get a new set of earphones for use with my archos pmp watching movies and ipod for music. They neednt be so high-end and expensive as i have shure 530 for that.   A)What i need is for them to be comfortable, and fit easy (something that is of a nuisance to the shure, as they need...
  13. EYEdROP

    Best Buy, Walmart employees:

    What is behind the demo stations for Bose, Sony XB, and Monster? What is powering these phones, what is the source? What kinds of things do they do to "enhance" the demo?  
  14. hqmusik10

    best pair of cans for the budget of $350 for a 17yr old

    hey guys my name is sai and i am 17 years old. im looking for a pair of cans that range within the price range of $300-350.   im not an audiophile but i need headphones with maximum sound quality and extreme comfort. i am not willing to spend money on a tube amplifier and what not. all i...
  15. vvilliamm

    Monster Turbine Pro Copper Missing bass? and other questions

    I recently purchased the monster turbine pro coppers and im using the foam super tips that came with it.. i believe im using the smallest ones the grey ones. Anyway i was looking for some tips and alot of people are recommending the tx-100 but when i went on comply's website it directs me to the...
  16. leqin

    Monster SuperTips in the UK

    Anybody managed to find these in the UK. I've been reading good things about them and fancied trying some to see how they go, but hasn't got them and even though has got them apparently they contain technology that could bring the USA to its knees... so to compensate you...
  17. shigzeo

    [Review] Monster Supertips - Foam hybrid masterpieces

    Here is the full Monster Supertips review with piccies I've tried every foam under the sun for a variety of reasons: primarily because my sensitive ears prefer soft, plush, and luxurious. Secondly, some foams have less an effect on music. My favourites outside of Monster's Supertips are the...
  18. buffalowings

    soulja boy...drives me nuts

    out of my boredom, I decided to look (hear) more of soulja boys "beats" and in multiple videos, he or one of his "homies" are wearing dr dre beats...why couldn't they wear..hmmm for example grados? they look just as refined and sophisticated? or maybe a pair of M50's, why beats? WHY?  sorry done...
  19. RPGWiZaRD

    Robyn pop artist is a basshead... proof in video :p

    I just happened to check out the new video by Robyn - Hang with me and quickly noticed the quite big collection of headphones in the video and I'm sure pretty much all of you will recognise them.   Robyn is a famous artist from Sweden that became artist at quite young age (more recognised...
  20. lebomb

    Ludacris SOUL.............the new Monster Beats!!!

    Ok..........I guess headphones/IEMs are the thing for musicians to do now.       *rolls eyes*
  21. captian73

    Possible fake Ultrasone Proline 900, AKG K702, Monster beats *** they're fake!!**

    i'v spotted a seller on ebay selling Ultrasone Proline 900's for £208. usually they go for around £280+ Ultrasone PRO 900 Closed-Back Professional Headphones | SALE Now On! What alarms me is that the AKG K702's are going for £149, when i know they go for around the 250 mark. the Audio...
  22. HeadQuest

    Monster Cyborg? Next Monster's headphones?

    Hi head-fiers,   I was doing some web-searches about a R'n'B artist and landed in a chinese R'n'B forum. In its "general chat" forum i stumble upon a thread that included the image below. Besides saying that some units maybe leaked in the grey market, there wasn't more information about...
  23. Big Kev

    A "Non-Audiophile" Review Of The Monster Turbine Pro Coppers

    Well I have now received my free set of Monster Turbine Pro Copper’s, many thanks to SoundMatters12 and Monster, I feel very, very lucky indeed. This review is totally unbiased, I’ve not been asked to be complimentary in anyway whatsoever, but post my review on, and...
  24. rbarrell

    IEM isolation vs. active noise cancelling?

    I recently bought a pair of Sony MDR NC-60s but am disappointed in the sound quality and feedback from the NC. I am considering buying a pair of Soundmagic PL50s instead - how might the isolation compare to the Sony's NC for taking the underground to and from work?
  25. Dobber65

    Monster Turbine Pro Anyone?

    There hasn’t been much discussion or reviews of the Monster Turbine Pro, so I thought I would start one here. There is a thread on the MOT forums, but no review so far. Background I have been into headphones for well over 20 years, starting with low-end Sennheisers then moving into Stax...