1. googleli

    I agree!!!

    Took this photo at the Hong Kong AV show today. I agree with this statement - so I have decided not to even try any of the Dr. Dre's even though they are right there. Sorry Dr. Dre.      
  2. udeupa

    FS: Monster Power Beats

      Monster Power Beats Red In Retail Box.    The condition is like new, everything included. Tube amp burned in for about 100 hours, sound is much better than new pair.  Only use very few times for review purpose. Need to let go because I need money for new camera lens.   ...
  3. kurosagi01

    Beats by dr.dre tour real or fake

    Hello i have recently purchased a pair of Beats by dr.dre earphones off ebay(yeah...) and the person sold it saying its real because its got the serial number.   I have received it today and it came in the "fake" box and i have seen many videos people saying dr.dre face is faded,there be...
  4. sfoxy

    Monster Cable UK Warranty...?

    So I have a pair of MTPG and the left earpiece stopped functioning. I remember reading somewhere in the head-fi forums that there's a Monster Cable UK rep around here. Or was I hallucinating...? I tried to do a search but there's too many irrelevant threads for me to trawl through. May someone...

    Miles Davis Beats

  6. Gilly87

    Monster Cable Beats by Dre: Tour

    In case anyone was wondering, I just did a side-by-side comparison of the Tours (fully burned in, owned by a fellow employee for months) ($149.99 at radioshack) with the RadioShack-owned brand Auvio's Element buds (straight out of the box, delivered yesterday from the manufacturing...
  7. masuuuuud

    Bose/Monster Earphones?

    Hi guys i'm new here.   I have around £200 to spend on a pair of earphones. However, I don't know whether to buy the Monster Turbines (The standard edition) or the Bose IE2's. I listen to alot of rap/hiphop if that helps. Im generally looking to see which has better sound/durability and...
  8. n4v1n

    Issue with Monster Inspirations

    Hey all! This maybe more for the people who own these but any insight would be appreciated. I have a pair of the active noise cancelling monster inspirations. The Problem is that on the right ear I can hear something rattling when I shake the headphones. It can't be heard when loud music is...
  9. stef92

    monster pro very cheap question?

    Just found a website selling monster turbine pro coppers at £33, $50 per pair, you have to order three pairs???  I`m very unsure about this site and will probably steer well clear, usually these things are to good to be true, just wondered if any other headfiers had come across this and know of...
  10. jtack

    Monster MD Fit Questions

    I am having fitting issues with my Monster MD. I am using the smaller white tips and get a really good seal when I do as suggested on their website and open my mouth when inserting. The problem is that that sound varies when I move around. It is like my ear canal moves when I lay down, walk...
  11. turk

    The best headphones out there! Beats or what?

    OK so here is the problem. I am thinking about getting myself a good pair of headphones. SOUND QUALITY is key. Looks are preferable as well. Im leaning pretty far twoards a pair of Dr. Dre Beats because of the quality and the great bass. I mainly listen to songs with base but i do listen to...
  12. estreeter

    Which do you loathe more - Skullcandy or Monster ?

    OK, so Monster have proved that they can make an IEM worth something approaching the asking price, but in general they have been guilty of releasing headphone versions of their cables - overhyped and massively overpriced. What is interesting from a Head-Fi POV is that we dont see as much...
  13. shrimants

    Recommendation for my GF

    I let my gf listen to my Monster Turbines (standard model, not gold or copper). She was blown away by the sound and now wants to invest in the same ones, if not similar ones. Her budget is 75 bucks tops (she has no income, only student loans). What would a good choice be for her to get all the...
  14. jant71

    What's New From DUNU?

      Dunu is a Chinese earphone brand. They have had some notoriety even outside of China with their Itube armature earphones. Starsonic is the OEM for Dunu. I previously bought the Starsonic HDDS earphones to try out. I was recently contacted by Starsonic to try out and evaluate some of their...
  15. larrybird

    Monster beats for woman ??

    hi i like to give a nice birthday gift to my gf this year her birthday is in a few weeks time i was thinking about a headphone from monster beats, Wich model do you think are more suitable for a lady??   Thank you
  16. hnic247

    Monster Beats Getting No Power..Disassembled..HELP!

    Ok long story short.I dropped my headphones and now theres no power (red light not coming on) i opened them up and a cord in the left ear was disconnected or torn (pictured below) question is how do i get power back into these things..where do i connect the loose cables pictured below...
  17. jude

    Interview with Noel Lee, "Head Monster" of Monster Products - Head-Fi TV

    NOTE:  If you can't see the embedded video above, please CLICK HERE to see the video.     In this episode, Jude sits down with the "Head Monster", Noel Lee, at Monster Headquarters to talk about the Diamond Tears Edge, the Inspiration, and Monster in the "post-Beats" era.    ...
  18. DigitalUser

    SW-Xcape recommended ear tips

    Been using these for about two weeks now and they sound great I want to try different tips to hear the difference. What are some good tips to use for the xcapes i hve heard that the Monster SuperTips, Shure E2c and shure/comply foams are good but are there any other good ones. I can get the...
  19. sinphase

    Monster headphones?

    Hi,    I'm still pretty much a noob when it comes to headphones, the best pair I've have so far is a pair of shure se210 earbuds. I want to buy some headphones, that cover the ears so they can double as earmuffs during the winter. I really like the monster beats (not the solos) I like the...
  20. drawde

    Monster Supertips For Sale

    I just needed the small size out of the set. The rest are available.
  21. jasperhiga

    How many hz do the ibeats by monster have?

    the questions says it. and i listen to rap and hip hop so what other headphones would u recommend in the 70-50 dollar zone
  22. RecklessFable

    A newbie learns about fit (Monster Supertips, Klipsch S4, Shure e2c and Sennheiser PX-100 content)

    This is a story of my noobish stumblings through the world of better sound, fitment and headphones in general.   Once upon a time, I bought a Creative Zen MicroPhoto 8GB and realized my stock buds sucked.  I read review upon review and decided I should buy the Sennheiser PX-100 headphones...
  23. kirstenaline

    Need Help - Looking for beginner portable headphones for a gift! - no amp, no IEMs

    Hi Everyone,   I can't tell you how helpful this forum is. Overwhelming a bit? Sure . But helpful, yes!   I am in the process of finding a good portable headphone for my boyfriend. He is a huge audio lover and is in the very beginning stages of creating a great home audio environment to...
  24. ace5000

    Monster sound with better isolation?

    Hello all,   I have the Monster Turbine Original and like the sound for fore price. But, the isolation could be a lot better.   Is there anything else out there that has a warm, dynamic sound with better/good isolation for around $100 or less?    Thanks.
  25. XxRENDYxX

    Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Red - Fake or Real?

    Hello. I want to buy this item from eBay, but I don't know, if this headphones are Fake. Please help me. Thank You...