1. darkslime

    Headphones with hearing aids

    So I have mild hearing loss and wear behind the ear hearing aids. The majority of over the ear headphones make my hearing aids have feedback, and in the ear headphones I have to take the hearing aids out and worry about losing them.   Does anyone have suggestions of a pair of high end over...
  2. Johnathanta

    Johnathan's thoughts/review on Sony XB500/700/ and Beats Solo HD/Studio

    Over the past three days I've samples all four of these headphones (None of them burnt in however) for about 2-3 hours each. I'm no pro and no audiophile, just giving my opinion to people who are interested in getting any of these cans.   I go by what I hear. This review is ideal for...
  3. theycallmesdz

    New Guy here needs advice

    I am getting a new itouch today and want something more than the ear buds they come with. I have a $200 budget. I listen mainly to 80's music (howard jones, omd, NWA, etc)   What should I buy? i was looking at studio beats by dre......but they arent getting great reviews. My...
  4. jacobap100

    Monster Turbines Pro Gold Vs Beats By Dre Studio

    which one is better For sound bass isolation and clairty
  5. XxRENDYxX

    Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Red - Fake or Real?

    Hello. I want to buy this item from eBay, but I don't know, if this headphones are Fake. Please help me. Thank You...        
  6. milkweg

    Beats by Dr. Dre headphones?

    Most pretentious name for headphones I have ever seen and I don't even know who Dr. Dre is (assumed a rapper) but how do they sound? They are expensive so would expect them to sound good but considering that they are a Monster product maybe not. What's the consensus on these headphones? Beats...
  7. RAMPAGE89


  8. darthdiddy

    Talk me out of The Beats By Dre.

    I am planning on ordering The Beats By Dre tomorrow and I want to be sure that I am making the right $300.00 decision. I have been trying different headphones and I can't seem to come up with a better sounding solution for my needs. The Beats By Dre in my opinion make the music out my D2 come...
  9. GhettoLogistics

    How are the Beats by Dre Studio Headphones at 60% off?

    I know at $300 they are overpriced, but how do they compete in the $120 price range? My employee discount gets me that price, but if I'm going to drop over $100 on headphones anyway, might as well get the best ones I can. Keep in mind the "bass heavy" feature of these headphones is actually...
  10. miketexas

    Studio Beats earcup popped out. Can it be popped back in?

    My son has a new pair of Studio Beats by Dr Dre. A friend sat down on them and the left ear cup popped out. I have tried and it is not a simple "pop" to put it back in. I don't want to crack the headband or tabs on the earcup as he has a custom finish from Colorware on the headphones.   I...
  11. kiev88

    Is there a GOOD pair of headphones that have Beats Dre Studio bass impact?

      Hey everyone.   I am looking for a decent pair of headphones that can challenge the Beats by Dre Studios in bass impact but have better overall quality of sounds. AND, most importantly, not that annoying thing of changing the batteries.... So, no active noise-cancelling. I prefer...
  12. ilovetaylors


    I am leaning towards the denon d1100.....   (light weight, bass is great, close cans, not ugly,)   going to be using it everyday on the train to block out the pan handlers from waking me up....(don't want a woman repellent on my head) , and also going to use it when I plug it up to my...
  13. gongkia2000

    Marshall Headphones / IEMs: Major and Minor

    Hey.   Just want to know, what do you guys think of these products?   I'm currently doing a mass order for them over at hardwarezone, and I myself am planning to get them.   Currently have a set of Monster Beats Studio (I know, don't judge me) and Westone UM2 for headphones and IEMs...
  14. Alikt1

    Akg k271 mkii $150 vs. Beats by Dre Studio $175

    I have an opportunity to buy either the AKG K271 mkii for $150 or the Beats by Dre Studio for $175. Both are "Like New". These would be just for some heavy home listening, non-amped at first. Which would you get?
  15. dawa

    Monster Beats by Dre Studio headphones rigid case

    So, I've been looking for a semi-hard (rigid) small case for transporting my Denon d2ks. I've found a dealer locally that is offering the Monster Beats by Dre Studio headphone case alone. However, they do not list the dimensions so I have no idea if I can use this. I've had a surprisingly hard...
  16. tuckers

    Monster Beats Pro - Quick Listen

    I heard the Monster Beats Pro headphones a couple of times at the AES show this weekend.  First off, let me say that I am not a fan of Monsters headphones both from Monsters business practices and from sound quality.  But I played the Beat Pros from my iPhone and DAMN, they sounded really good...
  17. begformercy

    Looking for headphone recommendations

    Okay so I'm buying a new phone (Samsung Vibrant) and I want to get good headphones for it. I will be using them for music purposes ONLY. What headphones would you guys recommend I buy? Nothing TOO pricey, but I mean I know I have to pay a fair amount to get a  good product, so not looking for...
  18. YakAttack

    Victim of Beats by Dre Hype Machine: Seeking Audio Salvation, please help!!!!

    Hello!  I'm an extreme newbie here, so I ask for your patience and understanding in advance.     I am a closet DJ, using Virtual DJ to mix CDs for my own (and friend's) enjoyment.  I mix mostly trance, dubstep, electro, house, hardstyle, etc.  What I began to notice was that the crappy...
  19. AjRocha

    Headphone Advice QUICK!

    Alright you may have seen me posting on this a lot lately looking for headphones.   What I'm asking for is headphones that work really well with my ipod and iphone that are over the ear and closed back that have really good bass and also sound good for metal and rock that AREN'T GRADO's...
  20. jxs1984

    Loudest sound output? Sennheiser 439 + portable amp or Beats Studio

    Hello,   I was born with mild hearing loss and I was wondering which of these would have the loudest sound output?    Sennheiser 439 + Portable Amp (either fiio e10 or e11) or Beats Studio    I plan to use the headphone for my PC and my phone (usa galaxy s3) I'm open to other...
  21. OmanRap

    best bass headphone under 300$

    AL SALAM ALIKOOOOM,,   Hi >>   UNDER 400$ NOT 300$   I HAVE 400$ i want best and best and best and best headphone   for rap and hip hop ,,   so i want best bass mor bass also with good sound   is there any headphone batter than (dre beats studio) for rap and hip hop...
  22. Tobu99

    Mixmaster mikes vs Beats pro vs soul Sl300 vs beats studio vs beats solo hd vs beats mixr

    Hello Head-fi! I know Beats are not well received here but we all know that they are not as crappy as u say they are. I have this question should i buy the Skullcandy Mixmaster Mike black matte,,Beats Pro white,Beats studio,soul sl300, beats solo hd, beats mixr and beats studio. But generally...
  23. Monster Beats by Dre Studio

    Monster Beats by Dre Studio

    Wonderfulnbspactive noise-cancelling headphonenbspoffering both cutting-edge style and serious sonic substance, Monsternbspengineered many thingsnbspright with Beats by Dr.Dre Studio headphones. Overall isolation from ambient noisenbspremains moderate, but the sound quality inside your...