1. mattsenna

    Headphone amp?

    Hi, I've been reading around, and I thought this'd be the place to ask... I recently got a pair of headphones, and I was wondering if I would hear  any difference in SQ if I plugged them into a home theatre receiver. The receiver is a Denon AVR 788. Now, I know I'm gonna get flamed for...
  2. astroid

    Sennheiser HD439 review

    Hello fellow can fans, got these couple of weeks ago and feel ready to give some impressions.   I have been comparing them to my ES55's , Beats Studio's and HD600.   BUILD QUALITY   Good, feel very light but solid, cables are not too thin and the connection to the headphone is...
  3. PinoyPogiman

    Constructive "Anti-Beats" headphone discussion

    i can understand how many people dislike and Even Hate Beats headphones by Dr.Dre and Monster.   i too have gone a phase where i really wanted to show how much i hated Beats headphones. but really we should all understand that no headphone is too perfect... jk.     i still DONT like...
  4. Camjon

    Looking for some help on what to get.

    I am new to the whole headphone game. I came across this site last week and have been looking since. I have been to BB and heard the Studios. I like the base. So since I have heard different things about them I asked my friend if he knew anything as good or better for $300. He said look at...
  5. magc45

    Replace beats studio with IEM

    I want to buy an IEM that has the same or better quality as my Beats studio without carrying around an amp for my iPhone, is it possible given the limitations of the iPhone? 
  6. sneaglebob

    Any headphones,IEMS, that are much better than beats studio?

    Yes I am a basshead and when i got my beats by dr dre studio for christmas i really liked it. but i noticed that on some songs that the headphones sounded harsh and unclear. although i still really love them, I was wondering if there is something much better than Beats studio by clarity and how...
  7. hmorneau

    Dre Beats Studio to DT 880, now need an amp

    Hi,   During the boxing day, I got a pair of Dre Beats "Studio" for 229$. After few minutes of listening, I was not pleased with the sound, got a full refund today.   Decided to get a pair of DT 880 (not the newest one, I got a used pair for less then $200). They are the 250ohm version...
  8. GigaFi

    I sold my pair of Beats Studio.

    Can't think of a better first post than to say I just sold my pair of Beats Studios and have a pair of Sennheiser 558s incoming :)   With that being said, I am a newb to Hi Fi audio (in fact, I don't think the 558s even qualify, do they?) and have a few questions:     1. Will I see a...
  9. Paralytic

    I want to try Grado SR-80i but...

    So I'm not an audiophile...yet. As I haven't tried "high-end" phones much, I only use Generic ones. I've tried Studio Beats though, and I like the bass but it got ****ty reviews here so I was opting for Grado SR-60i because people said it was good for starters but I've changed my mind, I want...
  10. TamNz

    Need advice for Ultrasone PRO900 :)

    Hi guys   Im now using Beats by dre studio but for me it is still not enough bass for me   so im planing to buy Ultrasone PRO900 but i m not sure if it has more bass than Beats by Dre studio or not         Thanks ;)))  
  11. The Known

    Beats Dr Dre Studio - Bose QuietComfort 15 or ...?

    I'm new to this forum and I love it already. I hope you guys can give me some suggestion.   I want to buy an headphone, it doesn't have to be  a noise cancelling one. It is all about the sound for me.   I listened to the Bose Quietcomfort 15 and they were awesome in sound quality. The...
  12. Chrisssssssss

    Hey I need a suggestion for a replacement of my Sony MDR -V900's for primarily DJ use...

    Hey all,   My place was broken into a few days ago and some crackheads stole my DJ stuff along with my beloved Sony V900's. I am looking for some suggestions on a good replacement. These things have been my babies for the last like 15 years and I need some suggestions for a comparable or...
  13. FasterX

    Holy sweet mother of Denon AH-D2000s, Batman.

    Just got them and wow...   Just wow.   Compared to the Beats Studio I've been using, all I can say is that I'm hearing brand new things. The highs are so sharp it almost hurts. Not to mention the bass of these headphones are just crazy. Not to mention my great-aunt (passed grandmothers...
  14. Boombastic88

    Beats Studio Review

    So I found out a kid at my school owned the Beats by Dre Studio headphones. I had tried them at Best Buy with the Black Eyed Peas test song and didn't like them but I asked him to bring them in so I could try them with my own music. I didn't get much time with the Studios and it was at lunch but...
  15. FasterX

    So what am I in for?

    Just ordered a pair of Denon D2000s, I was wonder... what am I in for with these? I currently use Beats Studio (I know, they were a gift) and to me they sound good. But that is because I've never heard real audiophile headphones. I am also interested in the T50RPs at stock.    
  16. bigboz2

    hi there i was looking to buy these dr.dre beats - are these real   I was looking for a good set of headphones for university and love the looks of the dr dre beat headphones. I have heard there a lot of fakes around though so Im not sure =/
  17. Stlee209

    Beats by Dr. Dre Studio or Sennheiser HD 25 ?

    Now, I narrowed it down to Beats Studio and Sennheiser HD 25 ... I think they are the best for my budget, but I still can't decide between them ... I hope I get  more reponses ...  I listen my music from my Android phone ... For Genre I listen to almost every kind ... I'm going to use...
  18. Klaista2k

    Beats Studio for $194

    This is the site    Do you think this site is legit?   Also for that price are the beats studio's a good buy?
  19. Subliminal

    Beats Pro vs ATH-M50 Review

    I joined the forum so I could share my experience with the Beats by dr.dre Pro and the Audio-Technica ATH-M50's.   Beats by dr.dre pro - (cost me £280 but RRP is £350)       Audio-Technica ATH-M50- (cost me £70 but RRP is £130+)       I have owned the Beats Pro's for...
  20. FasterX

    HD650s without an amp

    I have 300 dollars which I can stretch to 350 to get HD650s.   BUT, I do not have any money so for about a month or so, I will have to use the HD650s without an amp. Once I get the money, Ill get the E7/E9 amp/dac combo.   Would the HD650 + no amp sound better than the Beats Studios that...
  21. Jbdawson

    XB700/XB500/Dre Beats Studio owners some questions

    Hi guys, new here and about to purchase a set of cans. I admit im looking for some headphones that will blow my head off with bass. I am not looking for an accurate sound. Also ill be listening to about 75% Rap music so these and the XB500 models seem to fit the bill. I've read over the XB500 vs...
  22. TheChronic

    Beats by Dre

    What is your opinion of people wearing beats headphones wherever they go and thinking they look cool?   I laugh so hard on the inside knowing that even my $100 V Moda headphones are so much better.
  23. googleli

    HTC bought BEATS

    Woohoo! Would they finally make some listenable headphones?                  
  24. Regality

    How do I get most out of my Sennheiser HD 600s? I'm a noob HELP!

    I don't have them yet so maybe you can steer me in a better direction. From what I've learned, thy can't reach potential without an amp. I'll mostly be using them for music on my iPhone 4 and iMac that I will be buying in the near future. I do like rap and dubstep (as well as...
  25. Arvan

    HTC and Beats by Dre! Now the world really gets a chance to buy overpriced crap which suppose to be "world class"

    I read this news today on various gadget blogs/websites...I wounder how this will turn out?   I don´t like beats. And the worst part of me is that i cant stop telling people why they are so overprices and so on bla bla bla..   People just don´t care, and that´t fine if they want to...