1. parnold

    Monoprice just came out with 5" & 3" Studio Monitors @ $165 & $75

    5"   3"   The 5" Looks like it has the same parts as a M-Audio BX-5...
  2. IdealMaxima

    MHP-839 (Kicker HP541) ear pad replacement?

    Hi, I've lurked these forums a few times, and actually ended up getting these headphones a few months back before they ran out of stock on Monoprice purely because of how awesome the reviews and experiences I read about on these forums seemed. After months of use, I've found the earpads that...
  3. eatfoodnow

    Just got a pair of Monoprice 839

    I just got a pair of Monoprice 839, and I'm really enjoying the sound so far (as well as the detachable cable, which is mainly why I got them since all previous headphones I've owned short at the jack). However, I'm having some comfort issues with them. The pads don't leave enough space for my...
  4. sirylj

    Monoprice MHP-839 Full Review and Pics (v.2)

    This is my second version of my review for the Monoprice MHP-839 headphones, after listening to them for a while and going through their customer service a bit. (Insert picture is finally working).       I won't describe stuff like bass or highs too much as I wouldn't be giving an...
  5. sigmac123

    Superlux HD 681 vs monoprice 839

    Hi, I mostly listen to classical music and do a lot of gaming thanks :)
  6. sigmac123

    Looking for phones for under $50

    Hi, I mostly listen to classical music and do a lot of gaming id prefer if they were under $40 Thanks :)
  7. BZ102

    What's The Perfect Headphones For Me

    hi everyone i was wondering if anyone can help me here i have the panasonic rp-htf600 i love them but only problem is the isolation is sucks pretty bad so im looking for a pair of headphones that are closed back that have great bass good sound quality good isolation and optional but would love...
  8. mclldavidson

    My HARX700's tore up, need a recomendation

    My 700's tore up and I am very pleased with them.  Before I buy these do you have any others you could recommend that are similarly priced?  I have had the Panasonic 600's and like those but want to try something different, I am tempted to get the monoprice headphones.  No ear buds
  9. EpicPie

    Monoprice Hi-Fi DJ Style Headphone Review

    You can pickup these headphones here: Packaging: Packaging for the headphones was very...
  10. ksimm033

    DT 770 PRO (250 OHM) vs. ATHM50S vs. SRH840 vs. MHP-839

    Which would be better for mainstream R&B, Hip-Hop, Country (top three genre's but listen to everything from time to time) and movies; Also driven by iPhone/EVO (would buy FiiO e11 if needed), using MP3 files (I'm deployed so really my only option):   DT 770 PRO (250 OHM) - $190 ATHM50S -...
  11. Monoprice MHP-839

    Monoprice MHP-839

    Rebranded Kicker HP541, but these are $20 instead of $50.