1. megh55555

    Hunting for a good Hifi Amp with a great sounding headphones out socket ??

    Hi   Recently bought Hifiman HE-400 headphones and they are a joy to listen to. I play all my music from the laptop drive connected to a decent dac  via async usb [v-dac+ v-psu]  which is fed to Cambridge Audio 650A Amp   I have noticed that the fullness and quality I get from my...
  2. hikaru12

    $500 bedroom setup suggestions

    Hello all:   I'm planning on building a HTPC which will stream all my movies and music to my 40" TV in my bedroom. The TV is on a TV stand on my bureau with just enough space for some bookshelf speakers. The bureau is located just a few feet away from my bed. Thus, I was looking for some good...
  3. nugget2013

    Is it worth buying seperate audio components for a hi-fi system?

    hello all, I want a good hi-fi system for my future flat and am it worth buying a set from sony for example for £175. (my max budget is £300) or buying the 2+ speakers separate and then the amplifier? i'm sure it's called an amplifier..or is it called a receiver? im a noob at...
  4. lumzi23

    Help me choose between Audioengine A5+ and Monitor Audio Bronze BX2

    I was dead set on the Audioengine a5+ for my PC. It has great reviews from sites and is not too expensive. However, I just recently (like today) heard of the Audio Monitor Bronze BX2. It sounds like a great set of speakers (though the sub from the same like is kind of crazy expensive). The a5+...
  5. Nod2mybeats

    Receiver reccomendations for Monitor Audio Bronze BX2

    I'm pretty sure I'm going to purchase these:   MONITOR AUDIO BRONZE BX2     I listened to them in person today and was blown away. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get them, but now I need to decide on a proper receiver to drive them with. I want to get the most out of my speakers...
  6. kesslerjesus

    Anyone out there using studio monitors as desktop speakers?

    I recently put up some of my monitors for sale and couldn't help but notice, while going through some posts here, that studio monitor names usually don't come up as suggestions for people seeking desktop speakers for their homes.   It's actually pretty surprising since most 3" - 5" or 6"...
  7. FLCL

    Recommended bookshelf speakers?

    I'm trying to find out some good bookshelf speakers and a sub to pair them with so I can try to narrow down my search a bit more. I'm primarily going to be using these for movies and music. A good amount of techno so tight bass with some punch is what I'm after, but I'm not a real "bass head" or...
  8. Monitor Audio BX2

    Monitor Audio BX2

    These Monitor Audio speakers are dressed to impress, boasting an attractive finish and feel that's seldom found at this price. The magnetic grilles are a neat touch, but don't really do this speaker justice. Peel them away and the BX2s clean-cut design is revealed in all its glory.