1. jambaj0e

    Have Chord Mojo paired w/ Fostex TH-X00 @ home. Keep or change to Massdrop Liquid Carbon X or something else?

    So I currently have a Chord Mojo driving the Fostex TH-X00. One thing I notice that that while it drives it nicely, compared to my previous Xduoo xd-05 DAC, I feel the Mojo lacks a bit on the thumping bass end. So the question is this. Should I change to this Liquid Carbon X SDAC and sell my...
  2. Focux

    Alternatives to THX AAA789

    Looking at Schiit's line-up (Magni - Valhalla), intend to use Mojo as DAC alternatively, if say the Jotunheim (or another model) has a better DAC, i'm open to that option too cans i'd like to drive are 650, LCD series , HD800S thanks all =)
  3. Pablosammy

    Chord Mojo for sale

    Hi all, I have one lightly used Chord Mojo for sale. I'm based in the UK but am willing to ship anywhere if you're willing to cover postage. It's in excellent condition - some very minor marks commensurate with use (no scuffs or scratches), but pretty immaculate. It's fully boxed, and I'll...
  4. A

    Portable Player or Chord Mojo

    Dear all I'm a TIDAL member since almost 2 month. Using my Samsung Note9 to listen my favorite songs etc. Now, since the Master and Hifi tracks are around I would really like to "listen" to the better quality. At home I'm using Roon with Tidal and a SOtM sms-200 Neo to stream Master and Hifi...
  5. Soundwave76

    SOLD - Chord Mojo

    SOLD !! - - - Less than a year old, in perfect condition, box etc all included. Location Helsinki, Finland. Asking 330€. PM me for details and pics.
  6. Rebelranger

    SOLD Chord Mojo+Acc Pack+Case Ex Condition

    SOLD -- Selling my Chord Mojo and Chord Leather Case along with the Accessory Pack. Everything is in Excellent Condition. The Accessory Pack has an apple lightning to USB cable and not the micro USB to Female USB (android). I will pay Shipping Cost (with Insurance) and PayPal fees for USA buyer...
  7. jwbrent

    SOLD: Chord Mojo - Battery 90% - Excellent Condition

    I purchased this Chord Mojo brand new 2 years ago from Fat Wyre, an authorized dealer. It is in perfect working condition, and I would rate the cosmetic condition 9/10. Included is everything that came with it plus 2 high quality rubber straps for stacking. My primary use for the Mojo was...
  8. billqs

    FS: Chord Mojo SOLD

    SOLD!!! Up for sale is my Chord Mojo. It sounds wonderful, but I've upgraded to an RME ADI 2 DAC so I need to liquidate other equipment. It comes in the original white box. And it looks good with no obvious blemishes. Has that very pleasing Chord sound at a great introductory price which has...
  9. edvardd

    Wanted DX 200 / DX 150 _VS_ Mojo / Mobius / Fidelio X1 (+money)

    As the title states, I have Chord Mojo, Audeze Mobius and Philips Fidelio X1 with an upgraded cable to trade. I am interested in Ibasso DX200 or DX150 or any other other DAP in that range, but it has to play tidal and be available for trade. Money could be added in some cases, come with suggestions.
  10. jsplice

    Chord Mojo

    For sale is my Chord Mojo. This unit was purchased from Moon Audio on Oct 30, 2017. I am the original and only owner. I am selling because a few months ago I purchased an iFi iDSD Black, and have not been using the Mojo at all. Sale will include the original box and the original micro USB...
  11. Benz-Fi

    FS: Chord Mojo + Poly with Chord Case - SOLD

    Up for sale is my 6 month old Mojo/Poly combo with original Chord case. This combo has had very little use, babied when used and never over charged. Works flawlessly with my iPad, Samsung Note 9 and the GoFigure app. Most of my listening is done on Tidal at work these days so I don't get to use...
  12. jamisonmp

    Chord Mojo - Sold

    Chord Mojo - $350 Barely used Chord Mojo in mint condition. Box and USB cable included. Battery still functioning like new. OTHER ITEMS FS on Head-Fi
  13. jamisonmp

    Mr. Speaker Aeon Flow Closed and Campfire Nova - CLOSED

    Here’s some winter cleaning stuff that’s been sitting on my shelf getting no use for awhile. I’m going through a wireless phase and don’t really use any of this stuff anymore. PICTURES SOLD Aeon Flow Closed - $600 Purchased in February from the classifieds. Awesome condition. Includes...
  14. cathee

    [$OLD]: LNIB Chord MOJO + compact iPhone Lightning Cable

    PRE-Spring Cleaning Sale! Pristine condition Chord MOJO I purchased late 2017. I've used it mostly in combination with my iPhone and it works beautifully. Included with the sale is a compact Lightning to micro USB cable from Penon Audio (pictured below) that is made with an authentic Apple CCK...
  15. junkimchi

    SOLD Chord Mojo

    Chord Mojo for sale. In very good condition no scratches on the casing. One of the headphone ports is a bit finicky but other one works perfectly. Have original box also. Shipping to CONUS preferred.

    SOLD: Chord Mojo

    SOLD I purchased directly from Audio 46 in NYC about 2 years ago. I bought a Sony DAP last year and haven't used this since, so it's going up for sale. Unit is in excellent condition -- see photos for details. Sale includes: Chord Mojo Original box and packaging The unit takes a standard...
  17. ManiacSmile

    SOLD Chord Mojo - New (unopened) $440

    Up for sale is new/unopened Chord Mojo - bought a 2nd unit for my wife, who ended up not using it and its still sitting in the box. Thanks for looking!
  18. ninjasquirrel

    WTS: iFi xDSD with all included accessories

    the xDSD is in like new condition with little signs of wear. the xDSD was purchased a month ago and never left the house. There is nothing wrong with the amp/dac itself, however, I just lost interest in its use case. I am looking for 300 USD shipped from California.
  19. The Judge

    *SOLD*Chord Mojo

    *SOLD*Selling my chord mojo :disappointed:. I've had it for over a year but it still works great. There are a few scuff marks on one side of it (pictured below). Comes with OG box. I'll cover pay pal and shipping.
  20. bocur

    Fs: Chord Mojo | A&K AK120 | Benchmark DAC1

    Hi all I am planning to sell my stuffs for upgrade. All of these are shown as pictures and technically fully working. - Chord Mojo - Original box is lost, It has very good battery life, rarely used. - 350 Euro - A&K AK120 - Original box is lost, Good battery life, normally used. - 300 Euro...
  21. stevenator

    [SOLD] Chord Mojo

    For sale here is my Chord Mojo DAC/Amp. I used this as part of my portable setup (see for the other half). The unit wasn't used frequently or long enough for me to notice any battery degradation. The price includes payment...
  22. stevenator

    [SOLD] Fiio X3 2nd Gen (Model FX3221)

    For sale here is my FIIO X3 2nd Gen. It was part of my travel setup for a few years and received intermittent use at best. The price includes payment by PayPal and CONUS shipping. I do not have the original packaging, but will pack it securely. The unit is in 100% working order and in good used...
  23. Mediahound

    SOLD: Chord Mojo In Box

    Up for sale is the amazing little Chord Mojo portable headphone amp and DAC with original box, packaging and USB cable. Everything is in like new condition. Credit cards accepted with NO additional fee! I'll email you an invoice to pay securely online using any credit or debit card via...
  24. C

    FS: Chord Mojo

    Hi guys, Looking to consolidate my equipment so I'd like to sell my Chord Mojo. The device functions perfectly but has taken some scratches/cosmetic wear. This picture really shows the worst of it since it's reflecting in bright sunlight. I would like to sell it as is, no box/papers/cables...
  25. NaiveSound

    Sold. Chord mojo! With case!

    Selling a mint condition chord mojo, got it directly from Chord, comes with a free miter case. Everything works, battery is outstanding, haven't used it much lately. 315$ takes it. Warranty available I ship signature required, fast and free to you!