1. QoA Mojito

    QoA Mojito

    Mojito is QOA's mid-range IEM that has 6BA drivers on each side, comprised of 2 Sonion BAs and 4 Knowles BAs. Queen of Audio Mojito Driver configuration: 6BA (2 Sonion + 4 Knowles) Impedance: 23ohm Sensitivity: 118dB/mW Color: Available in Aqua Blue / Amber Orange / Grape Sparkling Wine Cable...
  2. Somefears

    Rose Mojito (SOLD)

    Selling my Rose Mojito's. I ordered them new from Penon Audio, and I've only had them for a couple of weeks with about 10 hours of listening. I'm selling because earbuds aren't very practical in my workplace. Note that it did not come with some of the accessories shown in Penon Audio's posting...