1. openfly

    Grado SR-325 Custom Build ( w/ freq response change? )

    Finished product detachable cable mod ( pretty much the only stock part left on these is the drivers from the SR-325s. I did some baseline measurements of the original 325 pair using grado style foam pads and a post mod test with the same pads. I noted a distinct shift in frequency response...
  2. SoundDouble

    Sennheiser RS110 Mod

    Hey Guys. This is actually my first mod to a speaker. I've actually installed many car setups and gone thru iem/hp purchases but never built a speaker or modified them. So... I was cleaning out some old stuff and came across my old RF-wireless Sennheiser rs110. Seeing as I haven't used them in...
  3. RenZixx

    V-Moda LP Left Slider Cracked

    Hey! Let me just start of by saying that the slider still works no doubt but its more loose and the crack annoys me Any thoughts and idea's?:L3000:
  4. dev0lver

    Beyerdynamic DT series Comfort strap mod and DT770 sound mod

    ok, so, someone will call me crazy for doing this to beyers, but i wanted to try it for quite some time now i bought my DT770 80ohm last year in January for my birthday, and they are my first serious headphones love them, from the sound to the comfort, but soon after buying them, i got eager to...