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  1. I

    Reshelling Blon Bl03 to fix driver flex? Any advice appreciated

    My Bl03 has a driver flex and I think it's because of the vent being blocked by my ear. Some say it's the death of an IEM. :( If it is indeed so, I have low hopes for it being replaced so I'm looking ahead now for possible fixes. One of it is to reshell the drivers into a more agreeable...
  2. ScrewB

    Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro Driver swap (requesting help)

    I accidently blew the drivers out of my DT 1990 Pro and they are out of warranty so i decided to fix it myself (and make it better maybe?). This will be my first major headphone project so i will be needing help along the way. First things first Selecting the driver: I am looking to get a...
  3. B

    Modification Recommendations for Logitech's Z-5500 (shooting for it's maximum potentially)

    Yesterday I picked up1 sets of Logitech's Z-5500. They're used but in excellent condition. I've heard so much hype about these over the years it was finally time to see for myself. I'd like to ask the experts out there what DIY mods I could do to this system to take it to it's maximum...
  4. BrowChan

    Help with TH-X00

    I want to get the cable modded so that it can be removable. Can someone do this? I don’t have the equipments and I prefer someone with expertise on this handle it.
  5. ElectricKaibutu

    New driver? Mods? How to make these cans sound less muddy

    I looked all over for on ear closed back headphones that had a list of features I wanted (one sided cable that's detachable, foldable, good build quality, comfortable, won't break the bank) and found my options were very limited. I ended up getting a like new pair of Urbanears Plattan 2s for...
  6. B


    Hey guys, obviously I'm new here, but i was looking to get my first "audio setup" as far as a pair of over $150 headphones, and also my first amp and dac. I've already done my research and decided on a Fiio k3 (sorry if some of the names i list are off, I'm going off memory) for the amp/dac...
  7. cityle

    Mod ATH-IM02 to MMCX or get new IEMs?

    Hello everybody, Currently my on-the-go setup is the ATH-CKR7TW that I don't like too much because of the lack of shine with female vocal. While I'm trying to sell them, I'm looking for my next wireless setup. I used to have a modded Sony h.ear-in collar with ath-im connectors that worked...
  8. RenZixx

    V-Moda LP Left Slider Cracked

    Hey! Let me just start of by saying that the slider still works no doubt but its more loose and the crack annoys me Any thoughts and idea's?:L3000:
  9. B

    Mods for the Sennheiser HD558

    I performed the Foam mod on my HD558s that I recently bought, and I loved them afterwards. I was wondering if there were any other modifications for the HD558s, I wasn't able to find any with a google search.