mint condition
  1. lramirez1959

    SOLD Reduced Price Focal Clear Mint

    FS: Focal Clear in mint condition In original box, all accessories included Includes shipping to CONUS paypal fee on buyer Rest of the world shipping available, extra shipping cost depending on location No trades please Please PM
  2. lithiumnk

    IFI mercury cable 3.0 (0.5m)

    Selling IFI Mercury cable 3.0. (0.5m) Perfect cable for all the ifi dac/amp/ micro iusb3.0 users. Mint condition. Original box and accessories available. Selling because i have moved to i2s. Price includes shipping. Buyer pays PayPal. PM for any other queries.
  3. nunovpc

    WTB Audeze LCD-4

    Looking for an LCD4 with warranty left. I can go up to 2150 USD or 1950 euros for a good unit. Please send me PM. Thanks to all of u
  4. Butter123

    [WTT}: Mint Bose QC35 for a Sennieser Momentum 2.0 Active Noise Canceling

    I have a barely used, max 10 hours of Bose QC 35 in black. The noise canceling and the comport is unbeatable. The item comes with carrying case, airplane adapter, 2.5 to 3.5 cable, two micro usb charger. The pads are almost brand new, probably been used for only 10 hours. Let me know if you...
  5. Viper Necklampy

    (Sold) THX AAA 789 (EU) Mint

    Selling mint condition THX AAA 789, received by MassDrop 3 months ago, by April batch. Price is 499€, I'll cover Shipping and PayPal fee.
  6. lramirez1959

    SOLD Focal Clear mint condition

    SOLD !!! The Most Excellent Focal Clear Mint condition, less than 20 hours use Original Box and accessories Includes extra cable, BTG Audio 2.5mm balanced
  7. lramirez1959

    SOLD: Reduced Price Questyle QP2R Gold. Mint condition

    SOLD Questyle QP2R Gold LIke new, barely used, mint condition Includes Brown Myter case, beautiful Incudes 200GB memory card Paypal gift or add paypal fee to the sales price Ships in 1 week No trades, thanks
  8. Hay2104

    SOLD: Sennheiser Hd 600

    In Box Mint Condition Sennheiser HD 600 (No signs of wear). Comes with original packaging. All cables are in new condition. Comes with: - Hd 600 headphones. - original Hd 600 Sennheiser 1/4 cable. (3m) - 650 Sennheiser 1/4 cable(3m) - Custom 4 pin xlr cable with neutrik connectors. (2m) - Wood...
  9. Hay2104

    OPPO Pm3 [Query for Potential Buyers]

    I currently have a near mint condition Oppo pm 3. Since it is a now rare item, I’m going to see if anyone here would be willing to buy them at my asking price. They come with: - Oppo pm 3 headphone (black) - original denim Oppo Case - original short 3.5mm cable - original OFC 3.5mm with 1/4...
  10. louderup

    [WTS] Neumann NDH 20 (near-mint) - SOLD

    Imgur album with many more pics: I purchased these on March 27th from Vintage King. They are in near-mint condition. They come with everything: Headphones, both cables (coiled and straight), pamphlets, and box. (stand not included) **I do not recommend these for...
  11. Hay2104

    Sony Mdrz7 (Like New) [SOLD]

    Like New Sony Mdrz7. Less than 1 hour of use. Stored exclusively on headphone stand. Absolutely no signs of wear on headband, cups, cables, connectors, etc. Comes with - original Sony single ended cable - original dual Sony 3.5mm balanced cable. Shipping and fees included in price with UPS...
  12. lramirez1959

    [SOLD] The Legendary Violectric V200 barely used - No DAC

    The legendary V200 In perfect condition, no more than 10 times used Spare back shoes Will go for a tube high end option No trades this time thanks Excellent price, includes paypal fee and shipping to CONUS
  13. casper3127

    [SOLD] Mint Condition MrSpeakers Ether Flow C 1.0

    Hi there, on behalf of my good and trustworthy friend Francisco, I'm coming back to you with his MrSpeakers Ether Flow C for sale. He's ready to sell his absolutely mint condition MrSpeakers Ether Flow C 1.0 since he's definitely made up his mind to Utopia and Senn related to closed hp, so...
  14. scott1

    Audioquest Nightwawk

    My Nighthawks are in perfect condition with no scratches or faults anywhere to be seen. I also have the original case, as you can see in the pics. Oh, and they sound awesome too. I just really haven't been doing much at-home listening lately and would rather get them to someone who'd get some...
  15. casper3127

    [SOLD]. Mint Condition Audeze LCDi4 iems

    Hi there, on behalf of my good and trustworthy friend Francisco, I'm coming back to you with his Audeze LCDi4 iems for sale. He's ready to sell his absolutely mint condition Audeze LCDi4s since he's definitely made up his mind and prefers closed headphones for portable use, so he's letting his...
  16. Rish732

    SOLD: Sennheiser HD800 - Excellent condition + litz cable

    Hello all, SOLD I'm selling the beautiful Sennheiser HD800. It's in excellent condition, NO scuffs or paint chips + litz copper cable made by impact audio cables - beautiful cables that tone down sibilance. Your chance to own this mythic pair. I'm selling because I just have too many other...
  17. Sound~Patriot

    [SOLD] Mint Campfire Vega + 2,5 mm bal. upgrade cable for sale !

    SOLD !
  18. Zerousen

    WTS: LZ A5 (Mint condition)