1. RAZRr1275

    What are the differences between the Ming DA MC66-AE and MC84-C07 amplifers?

    I can't find a thread that compares both. Thanks
  2. sphinxvc

    WTB: Ming Da MC 84 C07

    PM me if you have one for sale, need it shipped to NYC.     I prefer the Woo.    
  3. sphinxvc

    WTB: Ming Da MC 84 C07 tube amp

    PM me if you have one for sale.  
  4. shanep91

    FS: Ming Da MC 84C07 (EU)

    For sale, brand new Ming Da MC 84C07, all accessories included   In box and never used other than to check it is functioning   Selling to fund other purchases   Price in Euros, includes shipping to Ireland, UK Thank you for looking
  5. niranhopper

    Pacific Valve Ming Da MC 84C07 (with upgraded tubes)

                    For sale is Pacific Valve Ming Da MC 84C07 amplifier.  I bought them for my K1000 but it is upgrade time and time to push the limits of the K1000.    Included are the stock chinese tubes and the following upgrade tubes (the upgrades alone costed me 50 GBP)  ...
  6. Linyanti

    need assistance replacing 1/4 inch headphone jack in MingDa MC84-C

    I have had this nice headphone amplifier for a couple of years. Over time the headphone jack has become touchier.   I use a 3 mm headphone plug and put this into a 3mm to 1/4 inch stereo plug adapter. I have to fine tune it to get good stereo sound out of it. I have used both the 3 mm...
  7. VictorA

    Pacific Valve Ming Da MC 84C07 /w Upgraded Tubes

    -SOLD- is Pacific Valve Ming Da MC 84C07 amplifier.  I bought it from a member here on head-fi and have been happily using it for about 5 months now with sennheiser HD-650's, the reason im selling it is because i simply dont need it anymore.    Included are the stock chinese tubes and the...
  8. fdbf

    FS: Ming da M84 C07

    In EU area (I live in Italy) I'm selling this wonderful tube amp cause I am moving to the states for work. Check the forum for review and opinions. Excellent conditions. Original tubes. Check ebay nickname fabioud for feedback. Selling it in other places, too.    
  9. Linyanti

    Ming DA MC 84C07 had a right/left channel disconnect problem that may actually be the "Earphone/Speaker" switch on the side of it.

    I use lots of gaming and other headphones with this amp. They usually have 3.5 mm plugs so I use adapters. I also got different adapters with different impedances to change the sound.   My issue is that sometimes the headphone 3.5 mm plug had to be put in just perfectly or I would hear only...
  10. Peter_S

    Ming Da MC 84C07

    Pacific Valve Ming Da MC 84C07 valve amplifier for headphones and higher sensitivity speakers (switchable with HP out and speaker terminals).  Two inputs (RCA and 1/8", switchable).  Uses EL84 and 12AX7 tubes, along with optional cateye tube.  Hefty amp, nice tranformer.  Nice looking, a few...
  11. micmacmo

    New info: Musical Paradise MP-301 MK2

    I've been corresponding with Garry at Musical Paradise and he shared some information on the upcoming update of the MP-301. He said it would be okay if I posted this information here. I thought it might be of general interest, given the good reception the original MP-301 tube amp received.   ...
  12. Ironx

    Custom AH-2000s $400 or less tube amp match

    Hey everyone,   Long time lurker, first time poster. Just started investing some money into upgrading my Dennon AH-2000s, and want to pair them up with a nice amp to round out the upgrades.   I have been doing some research, but haven't found anything that is really sticking out to me...
  13. Peter_S

    Ming Da MC 84C07 Power Question - 220/10 - Please Help

    Hello to any of you current or former 84C07 users.   I just bought an 84C07 used here on Head-Fi, and one thing is perplexing me.  The power specifications on the back say 220V/50Hz - in two locations - once on the transformer and once above the IEC socket.  The photo on the Pacific Valve...
  14. mhcarlos

    Ming DA MC 84C07 tube recommendations

    Long story short, I've been listening with the K701 (and sometimes the Grado SR225, ER-4P and M50s) and right now, I actually prefer the M-Stage over the Ming Da.   Should I just return or sell the Ming Da or should I try to tube-roll? I'm using JJ Tesla EL84's right now (freebie from...
  15. jpstereo

    More choices ...when will it end! Pacific Valve Ming DA MC 84C07

    More tubed goodies: Pacific Valve Ming DA MC 84C07
  16. mhcarlos

    Ming Da MC 84C07 - need help...

    It's my second day with the Ming Da MC 84C07 to drive my K701s (also relatively new, but burned-in for over 120 hours).   The first afternoon of listening when I just unpacked the Ming Da, warmed it up and simply connected my iPod (5th generation) via the Cardas mini-to-mini that I was using...
  17. jjamo

    SOLD! Ming DA MC84 C07 Like New Condition + Original & Extra Tubes included - Shipping to CONUS included.

    Price reduced again. Like New condition Ming Da MC84-C07 Tube Amp I have the original tubes that came with the amp and including tubes below (cost about $150) All in good working condition. Very sweet sounding amp. Trying to move to WA2 :)   Skylab reviewed this amp ranked in the top...
  18. Ming Da MC 84C07

    Ming Da MC 84C07

    The sound is open wide and dynamic. The dynamics play a big role in this amps ability to deliver the sense of a “live” performance through a set of headphones. When used with MP3, the EL84 tubes take away some of the stale transistor hardness so common in MP3 and add dynamics back to the sound...