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    My freshly finished SSMH on it's first test drive. The pot, knob and output jack were salvaged from a vintage stereo. There's bad scratching sound from the pot, I'll have to find a better one.
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    [No title]

    Line in is wired using braided solid core copper. Physical power rails using 18 AWG solid copper. The 4 power decoupling capacitors are Nichicon ES MUSE.
  3. drabina

    Need budget DAP that will play nice with Starving Student amp

    I am currently building SSMH (Starving Student Millett Hybrid) amplifier and need a portable source that will be a good match for it. This will be for a bedroom headphone system but space is limited that's why I can't go with a desktop source like CD player or a turntable. HTPC is also out of...
  4. cetoole

    New Millett Hybrid Maxed Amp

    Just thought I would post a quick pic of the reason I am still up tonight. Just having real trouble turning Opeth's Deliverance CD off. Had a bit of trouble with way too much gain and getting the volume knob too high with my KSC75's earlier tonight, and even with my HD580s, I cant even make it a...
  5. willcarroll

    Tube Standby/Preheat for SS Millett Hybrid

    I was thinking about a way to decrease the chance of cathode stripping on my "starving student" amp by adding in a standby mode. I was considering doing this by powering the heaters at 50% nominal voltage from the 48 volt supply with a voltage divider from the supply. Is there any reason I...
  6. missleman101

    Millet starving student hybrid amp/Fiio e9 questions

    so recently i bought a a starving student hybrid amp and just had some questions about it.    1. does anyone have any official tech specs, more specifically, the headphone ohm range that it can drive?   2. also have a Fiio E9 / E7 combo. If i use this as a pre-amp to the starving...
  7. Millett Starving Student Hybrid Amp

    Millett Starving Student Hybrid Amp

    The "Starving Student" hybrid headphone amp is the result of my effort to design the simplest, cheapest tube hybrid headphone amplifier possible. Think "Millet hybrid" on a starving student budget.