1. the8o88y

    Obtained desired dac/amp/headphone chain, am CLUELESS about sound settings, audio players, bit-perfect playback, etc. Please help!

    I have an Audeze LCD-2.2 that I'm running with a fully balanced Mjolnir/Gungnir stack (usb 2.0), using iTunes, (mostly 256/320 files, a few 96/24) with Windows 7 (AMD/Realtek). As good as the sound is with this setup, I feel like I'm still losing out on significant SQ because I am largely...
  2. DenonBeaver

    EQ Question

    I'm totally a novice to this just as a warning. I'm running a Schiit Bitfrost DAC through my windows 7 pc via usb. I listen to almost 100% of my music through Spotify. I know that messing with EQ's degrades the sound quality but I'm trying figure a way to boost the bass output by a few notches...
  3. starbux48

    Need pci sound card for Windows 7 (not PCI-E)

    Am looking at ASUS Xonar DG Pci sound card, one by Rosewill, and one by Sound Blaster.  Lots of people like the Rosewill and price is low.  Can anyone recommend a decent PCI type card to replace onboard audio.  Playing lossless music into pair of Swan speakers.
  4. daniel0407

    Asynchronous USB Audio Driver

    Hi all,   I have a problem, well.. I had a problem that has been solved, but the solution probably is not optimal, and therefore I would ask you.   My DAC is a Lindemann USB DAC 24/192. The driver for the dac is simply bad. I do not know if it is bad becouse has not been optimize for my...
  5. xnor

    Autohotkey volume script/bar for Vista, 7, 8

    Hey,   here's a simple AutoHotkey volume script: AutoHotkey.ahk Requires Windows Vista, 7 or 8. Install AutoHotkey, place the downloaded ahk file in your Documents folder, run Autohotkey (it hides in the tray and loads Documents\AutoHotkey.ahk automatically).     I wrote this mainly to get...
  6. pb3n

    PC to Receiver surround not working. Rear speakers wont play.

    I have my PC connected to my receiver via HDMI from my gtx 770 video card to my receiver then to my monitor via a hdmi/dvi cable. I configured the speakers in windows 7 for 5.1 surround and when I test the speakers they all play. But whenever I play music, movies, video games, etc., the back...
  7. pkshan

    Windows7 DAW 1.0 (Digital Audio Workstation OS)

    Download:   1.Based on Windows7 Ultimate SP1 x64. 2.Higher sound quality compared to the regular Windows. 3.Visit my blog for more sound optimization details: FAQ: Q:Some Windows Updates failed...
  8. wdahm519

    Problem with ODAC

    Hey guys,   I'm having some trouble with my ODAC. When I plug it in to certain computers or sources, it will work, and with others it refuses to output sound. See examples below:   Windows 7 Desktop (works with other DAC's over same USB port) --> USB Cable --> ODAC = "Windows doesn't...
  9. PaulieB

    NAS for Marantz MCR510 & PS3

    I am looking for recommendations for a NAS to use with my Marantz MCR510 and PS3. What I want to achieve is to access all my media files wirelessly with my iPad, Android phone, laptop (windows 7) and Marantz remote control and play through my MCR510 (audio) and PS3 (video).   Also, do I need...
  10. AndroidVageta

    Prevent Windows from changing audio settings?

    So I have audio going from the HDMI on my video card (HD 7970) and from a USB sound card (Creative X-Fi USB). I use the HDMI to my receiver for surround sound (5.1) and the Creative for my headphones/small speakers. Problem I'm having is that if I switch between them or restart my computer...
  11. Yodeb

    The best equalizer for Windows 7 x64. If is possible, GPL (Free)

    Hello, I seek opinions about what the best equalizer. It would be a plus if it is GPL, free, or Open Source. Thanks.
  12. joker97

    EQing up the bass clips/distorts +++ on my USB/DAC: software or hardware issue?

    Hi. I have 2 laptops one win 7 one win 8 and plugging my Fiio E17 as USB DAC/AMP.   I have played flac on WMP, VLC, Foobar and it sounds fine with no EQ enabled. If i EQ up the bass by anything more than 2dB on any of the programs on every system, the bass will distort really bad.   I have...
  13. Neccros

    Latency Spikes

    I have a HTPC and for sometime I would get pops in audio when playing music or watching a movie.  The video wouldn't stutter but just the audio.   As a first measure I yanked the HD and replaced it with a SSD and a fresh Win7 install and same issue...   Has anyone dealt with this issue...
  14. dan.gheorghe

    Did anybody use JPLAY? Did you hear any difference?

    Hello guys,   A few months ago I tested JPLAY with burson ha-160ds and lcd2. It seemed like it made a big difference. The sound was clearer, more detailed, the bass went deeper.  In the meantime I got the Burson Conductor and did not use it anymore as I thought it might not make a big...
  15. kimvictor

    Review: Mac vs Windows Laptop

    This is my take on a brief review of 13in/11in Macbook air and Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook. Yes. I have three laptops. 2 are my own, and one was given to be by my school(13in air).   My review is going to be based on audio related experience.   General Analysis of OS:   Mac(10.8.x): Simple...
  16. jiiteepee

    EQ31 - 1/3 Oct Graphics Equalizer for Windows

    I made this Graphics Equalizer (GUI) for EqualizerAPO (a system-wide parametric equalizer for Windows 32-bit Vista/7/8) for realtime EQ'ing.       Download -   If you have any suggestions over features, GUI look, etc. ... .   jiitee
  17. Musica Amantem

    Laptop or Desktop?

    Hi all!   Need your assistance in choosing the right path: I'm replacing my trusty Toshiba laptop for a dedicated music server of some kind. I need to choose between a laptop and a desktop, based upon their inherent ability to stream music through USB into an external DAC.   I've being doing...
  18. SolomonPierce

    Installing Burson Conductor SL on Windows 7 x64???

    The instructions are useless... I have been combing the internet trying to get this to work.   I just received my brand new Burson Conductor SL 1793 and I can't get the pc to recognize it.  I have tried TOSLINK as well but it didn't come up with anything under sounds panel.   I've installed...
  19. Assimilator702

    Sinegen download....something that actually works!!!

    Can anyone point me to a reliable and trusted version of Sinegen that actually works and doesn't attempt to install bloatware?   I found a version of 2.5 that XP finds thats a bust.   I found a version of 2.1 and after install I can't find it anywhere on my
  20. LuciferRising

    Best settings for perfect audio quality

    OS is Windows 7. Control Panel -> Sound -> Properties -> Advanced tab   Questions are:   Default format: What should I select here? [ 16/24bit ] [44.1/96kHz]     Shared mode VS Exclusive mode - What should I use?     Resampling will screw my quality, so what do I do in order to get...
  21. Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade

    Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade

    If you're already running XP or Vista, you probably know some of the many benefits of being a Windows user. Now, with the Upgrade Version of the latest Windows edition, you can get current with all the best new and classic features of the world's most popular operating system, all without paying...