1. SirBenn21

    Would a Meier Corda Prehead MK2 SE drive a HE-6?

    Just wondering if someone out there has any idea if the Meier Corda Prehead MK2 SE could drive a HE-6?   Thanks
  2. 65535

    Corda HA-2 Mkll

    Never heard much about this amp before, decided on a whim it offered what I wanted and added it onto my order with Todd.   It came in today with a Slim and an LOD (which doesn't work with my iPhone, and couldn't be easily adapted so I got an iPod too.) for my iPod.   I'll throw up a...
  3. MetalElvis

    Differences between Denons (D2000, D5000, D7000)

    What are the differences between these headphones? Besides the price of course.   And is the D7000 discontinued? Hard to find them in any shops. D5000 seems to be everywhere.
  4. lewdog

    0 or 120 ohm output?

    What do you guys use (for those of you who have a choice or preference) in terms of output impedance for your phones and for what phones? I have a corda ha2 mkii with the 0 and 120 ohm outputs. I think I prefer the 0 ohm output with both my sa5ks and my sr125s. Is there an impedance that is kind...
  5. Meier Corda HA-2 MK-II SE

    Meier Corda HA-2 MK-II SE

    Desktop amp, special edition