1. sgupt

    Meier Audio Corda Headfive amplifier

    Bought this in 09 I believe from a member here.  It's got at least 4000 hours of play time, as I used it with my Beyer DT880s a helluvalot haha.  I'm sad to be parting with it (especially love the cross-feed feature!), but I'm moving around a lot so I need a more portable setup (now using an...
  2. urbanhusky

    Searching for a blend of Sennheiser HD 25 and AKG k701

    Hi,   I prefer to listen to a varied field of genres, but my primary focus is on electronic music. I store all my music in lossless formats and use an ASUS Xonar Essence One DAC for playback. I'm now looking for a pair of headphones to supplement the detailed sound of the DAC since my...
  3. ferrari993000

    headphone amp crossfeed circuit

    hey, does anyone know of a good crossfeed circuit for amps with an on/off switch. Thanks. Any help is appreciated
  4. Tsuioku

    Cheap amps that can drive AKG K701

    I know this is blasphemy but can't really afford much at the moment. I promise that I will get something more worthy once I get my career going (ie just graduated with no job and got tons of student loans to pay back) Back on topic, trying to see what's available in the used market for ~100...
  5. S

    Meier Audio Corda Head-Five Picture Thread

    Just came home from Photo and I see this dropped on the porch. Oh BOY!! Fresh from Germany . Cut open the bottom instead of the top since you have to take out the invoice anyway. Nice carry bag. No problems with jack spacing at all. The matching...
  6. mlebler

    I want to upgrade from a Meier CORDA HEADFIVE.....SUGGESTIONS?

    I'm relatively new to the headphone game. My current setup is a pair of 2005 DT880's powered by a Meier CORDA HEADFIVE amp. I want to expand my horizons a little more and was thinking about buying a pair of Denon D5000's and a new amp. I have my heart pretty set on the Denon's but I'm a bit...
  7. boozcool

    Voltage question

    Can someone shed some light on possible issues that could happen if someone used an amp (Corda Headfive) that was set at 240V in a country that uses 110V (Japan) Wouldn't it potentially be worse to use an amp set at 120V in a country that uses 240V (overvoltage)? Cheers!
  8. senns&nonsense

    Amping the 600 ohm Beyers.....

    A couple questions for the owners of the 600 ohm Beyers. I will be getting the 880s, but the advice of 990 owners is similarly welcome. - What is the single best combination you have heard in terms of driving your hungry Beyers? - Are any of the well-respected portables (i.e. RSA Hornet or...
  9. Meier Audio CORDA HEADFIVE

    Meier Audio CORDA HEADFIVE

    Special edition amplifier for the Head-Fi community.