1. Dzjudz

    REVIEW: Corda Cantate. Includes lots of pictures

    I ordered my Cantate Tuesday evening, Dr. Meier mailed it Wednesday, and it arrived this morning (Friday)! I'm one happy customer. This is a marvellous piece of work. It looks great. Of course, in the spirit of head-fi tradition, I took unboxing pictures for the lot of you to salivate over...
  2. Skylab

    Review: Entire Meier Audio Headphone Amp Line Compared

    I own the Meier Opera, Aria, and Move. I asked Jan Meier if he would be willing to send me a Cantate to compare to the Aria. He volunteered to also loan me an Arietta so that I could do a comprehensive review of his entire product line, of course I agreed. This is a very complex review to set...
  3. spickerish

    HD800 in my setup, upgrade over HD600?

    Helllo guys,   Currently my setup is this: PC--> Corda Cantate DAC/amp --> Sennheiser HD600 w. Cardas.   How much would I gain from a Sennheiser HD800, considering the Cantate isn't quite such a high-end DAC/Amp.   To which extent would the HD800 be an upgrade over the HD600 in my...
  4. spickerish

    Dockconnector-to-rca cable, bypass iPod DAC?

    Quick question guys. If you use a dockconnector-to-rca cable and connect it to a dac/amp, in my case a Corda Cantate, does the audio signal bypass the iPod's internal DAC?
  5. spickerish

    Corda Cantate modern equivalent

    It's been a while since I last posted here, but the upgrade bug has been trying to bite me as of late.   Currently I own a Meier Audio Corda Cantate and I am wondering how it stacks up with Corda's current line-up, being the Rock, Jazz and Classic.   I am aware that the Corda has a...
  6. tkimages

    Shure E2C replacements

    Hi, I've been using the E2Cs for a while to listen to lossless files on an ipod. With a little EQ adjustment I like the tonal balance, but I've recently found that I can't wear in-ear 'phones without some discomfort, and I prefer a little interaction with my environment. Also, the top end of the...
  7. nalth

    Usb amp/dac for HD-25-1 II (for under $150 or so)

    Hi,   while I understand that similar questions might have been asked before, I need help with my specific situation. Right now I'm running my cable-modded HD-25-1 II's directly from my computer (built in Realtek HD Audio). As this is my work computer I cannot install a soundcard but I still...
  8. J0nny

    Best Headphones for £500?

    So basically my birthday is coming up and I have about £500, possibly more, to spend on a new pair of cans. I'm looking for a nice upgrade to my Sennheiser HD 598s. I listen to a wide range of music from instrumental rock to metal to blues, acoustic and more recently some psytrance and...
  9. oldson

    Meier Concerto?

    anyone got any info on this upcoming amp??
  10. cider glider

    Amp for K701

    I have a pair of K701s that I currently power with an Earmax Pro.   Has anyone compared the Earmax Pro with the Earmax Silver Edition in the context of K701s? The Brocksieper website suggests that the Eamax SE would be better suited to the K701's lowish impedance.   Or should I consider...
  11. cifani090

    No More Meier Audio Cantate.2 Amps

    I was reading the Meier Audio website and im looking to buy the Meier Cantate for a pair of Denon AH-D5000 headphones and it says "These are the last CANTATE.2 amplifiers produced!!!!!!!!!"
  12. Bastido

    How does Corda Swing compare to Corda Cantate.2?

    I see they both have max output of 250ma and I don't really need USB DAC included so how do these two compare sound quality wise?
  13. cifani090

    WTB: Audio Gd Fun OR Meier Cantate

    Looking to buy either an Audio Gd Fun or a Meier Cantate amp. I think they will sound good with the Denon's AH-5000. Please voice your opinion if you think other wise?
  14. mythless

    Help with Amp Recommendation

    Hey Guys,   Don't know if I should be posting the Computer Thread, but I am looking for a good, decently powerful, somewhat compact and budget minded amp (~$150CAD) to be hooked up to my computer through my sound card.  New or used, I'm fine with either.  I'm new to the whole non-portable...
  15. audio-hunter

    Burson HA160 / Meier corda concerto / Graham slee SRG II / Lehman BCL / Beta22 2or3 Channel???

    Hi guys..   need some suggestion (+/-) about an under $1000 single ended amp...   Which is have the most detailed and transparent sounding, and best match for HD650.. Burson HA160 / Meier corda concerto / Graham slee SRG II / Lehman BCL / Beta22 2or3 Channel???       Thanks,
  16. Meier Audio Corda Cantate 2

    Meier Audio Corda Cantate 2

    The CANTATE.2 uses the concept of active balanced headphone ground to minimize to total sum of the potentials of the headphone wires. This concept strongly minimizes the energies stored and released in the electrical fields inside the dielectricum (the insulation) of the wire when an...