meet up
  1. sergibarroso

    Head-fi meet in Munich (Germany)

    Hi folks, I've seen a previous post from @Sma0815 and a few other folks for a meetup in Munich. I'm not sure if anyone is interested, but I was thinking that it would be great to meet with other head-fis from around and meet at a biergarten. So, if anyone is interested, please, reply to this...
  2. bgpolyhistor

    Louisville Meet

    I was just trying to gauge interest for meeting up in Louisville. Really no shops for high end portable audio, it would be nice to hear some different gear and meet other community members. Anyone interested?
  3. richoval

    Swiss Head-Fi'ers

    Hi guys, I'm looking for people living in Switzerland who are interested in a meet up to be able to check out each others gear. I for example am looking for audio 64 or empire ears iems. These are usually very expensive and there is no shop around here to test them. I'd love to try them out...
  4. DecentLevi

    Seattle Head-Fi meet Saturday January 25th - ORIGINAL for this date

    Greetings fellow Seattle area hi-fi audio hobbyists! Let's ring in the new year in style with a new concept meet at a cafe venue. After 3 highly successful meets in the S.F. Bay Area I thought I'd set up a headphone meet at a cool venue in my hometown. I've visited and confirmed they have 2...