1. stone86

    I'm New

    Hi, Just come across this forum after purchasing a NW-WM1A. So much information to process! I also have a pair of MDR-Z7's, working my way through the mod page on here. I loaded custom firmware (midnight) on the NW-WM1A from Mr Walkman what a difference! Cheers
  2. R

    Dare to DAP?

    Alright so I am new to head-fi as well as high end audio in general. I recently purchased the sony mdr-z7m2 headphones which sound great when connected to my oppo ha-2se dac/amp. However I am really looking at a good dap such as the sony wm1a because I want the portability of a single device...
  3. Tostitostelli

    Connecting Sony MDR Z7 to dac/amp

    Hello there :) So im thinking of buying a pair of Sony MDR Z7 headphones, but i will need to use them with my dac/amp the JDS Element. Which takes 1/4'' jack. I don't know how to get from the 2x 3,5mm cables(balanced?) that come with the headphone to a 1/4'' jack that i can actually plug in. So...
  4. kzzstzst

    Mods for AKG K701 with Kimber Kable balanced

    Mods for AKG K701 with Kimber Kable balanced Right side org photo Right side changed. Compare the thickness difference between org line and kimber cable 3Hz sony mdr-x10 All cable had changed to kimber kable If you want to know the real performance of K701 ...
  5. B

    How big an upgrade can I expect from Sony MDR-Z7 to the MDR-Z1R?

    How big an upgrade in terms of sound quality can I expect from Sony MDR-Z7 to the MDR-Z1R? I also have the Z7 and am thinking about upgrading to a Z1R (I will be running both out of a 4.4 balanced Sony amp - TA-ZH1ES). Alternatively, I can get the Fostex TH900 Mk 2 (or even save up for a pair of...