1. satshanti

    REVIEW: Cool colorful genuine leather earpads for AKG K240 et al

    To wet your appetite and as an incentive for you to keep reading, some pictures first: Philips N6330 with orange pads: MB Quart Phone 70 with blue pads: Don't they look good? These are pads with an elastic ring, and according to the seller, suitable for AKG K240, K241, K250...
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  5. JGOelfke

    MB Quart QP400 just showed up...initial impressions

    My new set of QP400s showed up in the mail yesterday. For those of you who don't know, MB Quart was a German company who was closed down and moved to Japan a couple of years ago. Engineers started a new company named German Maestro which is now the equivalent of the original MB Quart headphone...
  6. naughty#9

    mb quart qp 400

    has anyone heard these or know anything about them? Closed, Dynamic Acoustic Principle Circumaural Design Principle 14-24k Hz Frequency Response 2 x 300 Ohms Nominal Impedance > 93 dB Sound Pressure Level Continuous power rating - 100 mW Average pressure on ears ~ 3 N...
  7. zowie

    MB Quart QP 160 Impressions

    I bought this from Bonanza Electronics for $19 plus marked-up shipping. They're on ebay and also have a website. They come with a short portable-length cable, and a very long extension cable with a dual channel in-line passive volume/balance control. This long cable is apparently intended for...
  8. Boston

    German Maestro really = MB Quart?

    Anyone have experience with this? Are the German Maestro 450's really the same as the MB Quart 450's ??? thanks!
  9. rusitnpiece

    Any MB Quart QP 805 HS Bass Mods?

    Im quite impressed with the sound of the MB Quart QP 805 HS for the £20 that i paid for them. What a bargain.    Does anyone know of any Mods to improve the bass? It just doesn't go quite low enough for my liking.
  10. Faust2D

    MB Quart Phones 85

    I am trying to find any information about MB Quart Phones 85. If you have them or had a chance to listen to them please let me know what you think. Please provide comparisons to Sennheiser HD600/650 or Audio Technica A900/W1000 since these are the headphones I am mostly familiar with.