1. TheMaestro335

    Little Dot Mk V vs Matrix M-stage?

    Hello All, I have been surfing the threads looking for a comparison between the LD MK V, and the Matrix M-stage SS amps (no luck) . Any opinions???
  2. Bigrock2150

    Need recommendations for amp & dac for around $400

    Decided to go with the Maverick D1   I just purchased the Fostex T50rp and realized that I'm finally going to be forced into getting an amp.   It would be nice if the Amp/Dac worked well with all of my headphones that I currently own (all headphones are in my sig. but the most important...
  3. dudefromearth

    how does the Nuforce uDac do with driving Sennheiser HD800's phones?

    I am listening to them at the moment, but will be getting the Matrix M stage when it arrives and want to know what the difference will be. According to the nuforce udac website the udac can only output 16ohm, while the Sennheiser needs 300ohms? Will the difference be vast?
  4. dudefromearth

    do amps need burn in time?

    I got a Matrix M-Stage yesterday. Will it take time to reach it's best level of detail? (BTW, it is linked with HD800s)
  5. snaps11

    HD650 AMP

    Hello, Im going to get a pair of hd650s whats the best combo?  Was looking at the headroom micro desktop amp and was going to get the micro dac eventually to go with it.  Is this good or is there a better choice for the same price?  Thanks   Edit:   Budget $400 for amp only
  6. AudioDelite

    [Help] Getting a desktop rig, need a little help!

    Hey guys, just need a little bit of your time =)   I'm going to get a desktop rig for the first time, and I think I got it down, but I want to clarify with the experts first before I make the actual purchases.   My desktop rig would be: MacBookPro > mini toslink - toslink optical cable...
  7. dudefromearth

    does soundstage become broader as your headphones burn in?

    Bought a pair of Sennheiser HD800's, and have been playing them and the soundstage definitely seems to be widening.   The Matrix M-Stage is yet to arrive mind you.
  8. BmWr75

    SS amp for Beyer DT770 and DT880 600 ohm phones?

    Am currently running these high impedance phones off a Ming Da tube amp.  Would like to try a solid state amp just to contrast and compare the sound signatures.  Would a Matrix M-stage be a good match?  Any other SS amp recommendations.  Budget is <$500. out there????
  9. rinthe

    AMP and DAC for AKG K701

    Hey guys, new here   I recently got a pair of AKG K701 from a headfier here. I have not received it yet but I have a few questions.   1. I will be using these with my computer mainly. My computer does not have a sound card. Do I need a DAC to drive these?   2. There are many DAC/AMP...
  10. shrekito

    Comparative Review - coming

    I have the following amps/dacs   Shanling PH100 Matrix M-stage Matrix i-mini Aune Yulong DAH-1 Mark Beresford 7510 mk6/4 Edifier Marantz PM17 Ki Sig   Dacs   Xindak dac 5 Cambridge DacMagic Azur (latest version) Keces 131.1 Cambridge original dacmagic  ...
  11. francisdemarte

    The "Lovely Cube" Headphone Amp (Lehmann Black Cube Linear Clone)

    Someone was kind enough to provide a link to this amp on ebay in the Matrix M-Stage thread. I thought I would be a great amp around 1/2 the price of the M-Stage and an easy DIY project to pass the time.     EDIT 04/13/2011: You can now buy the Lovely Cube Premium fully assembled...
  12. Clusterfunk

    Amp Suggestions For My Setup (HD650)

    I have been cruising the forums for a few days, but I am still left with a few questions I hope some of you guys can answer.   I have the Sennheiser HD595 headphones right now, but I am looking to upgrade to the HD650 (unless someone has a suggestion in that price range). I have heard that I...
  13. project86

    Review: Fournier HTA-1 hybrid tube amp.... excellent budget amp!

    INTRO When I did my review of the amazing Matrix M-Stage amp, I mentioned that I was not really a tube fan. More specifically, I had enjoyed tube amps for short periods of time but generally tire of them after a short while. The only exception to this has been the wonderful DarkVoice 337SE...
  14. boclcown

    Matrix M-Stage, LD MkIII, Maverick D1 -> DT880

    I'm in the market for an amp and dac. I'm planning on getting a pair of dt880's, and I know that I will need an amp that can drive them.   I'm in love with the Matrix M-Stage from what I have read. It seems to be a clone of an $800+ amp that pairs well with the dt880 (can anyone confirm...
  15. Jonasklam

    Matrix M-Stage or Heed CanAmp?

    Ok! So this is pretty simple (or maybe not?) but I need help to decide.   I'm torn between the m-stage and the heed - I have a pair of k701 cans and I use them for both listining to music and music production. Soo, being able to hear every single sound and detail has highest priority!  ...
  16. Stylus_K

    Hotaudio Extasy Dac + ERGO AMP1 + K701 ==> New amp needed?

    G'day all!   I've been running this setup for quite a while now. When I bought the amp there wasn't much else around (in Oz).   Do you think something like a Matrix-M Stage or Burson HA-160 would be a step up? Or should I follow the stampede to a Heed Canamp?   I've had a hard...
  17. Stylus_K

    ##please disregard

    I swear I just posted this then *poof* it disappeared... Anyway, I've been running this setup for quite a few years now (minus the dac which is new)   I've seen very few comparisons with the ERGO Amp1. Would it be a major step up to go to a Matrix M-stage or Burson HA-160? or should I...
  18. Velsu

    Time for an upgrade - which headphone amp?

    Heya,   At the moment im using Titanium HD + Beyerdynamic DT 990 250 ohm (premium's) setup. I must say its great and im amazed that this sound card can drive them so well without any help. But 1 year passed and i feel i want more, i want to make another step forward and its time for...