1. eke2k6

    For Sale: My Failed Hopes (Matrix M-Stage amp + HifiMeDiy Sabre Async DAC)

    Hi all.   My apartment was broken into back in July, and they stole my Senn HD600, along with my Asgard and DAC. I managed to pull these two together as a (great) replacement for that setup, but I can't afford to buy a headphone that will match the splendor of my dearly departed HD600.   The...
  2. blueangel2323

    IC: Matrix M-Stage HPA-1 headphone amplifier

    Interest check for a Matrix M-Stage (silver version) in great condition. I just ordered a Yulong D100 which has a comparable quality amp section, and I don't have any headphones that require the extra power that the M-Stage has, so if anyone is interested please let me know. Thanks. Asking $170...
  3. Suopermanni

    FS: Week Old Matrix M-Stage DAC *SOLD*

    Hello Head-Fi, up for sale today is my recently acquired Matrix M-Stage DAC. I have finished my testing of the unit and I want to now move on to other things. It's a decent budget desktop DAC. I bought it as I wanted to test a theory, being that the same DAC chip can sound different if...
  4. dealsaddict

    Matrix M-stage headphone amp w/ Class A OPA627AP || SOLD

    Hello there,   For sale is a like new matrix m-stage amp. Bought the OPA627AP with Class A Biasing Mod from TAM Audio.  Will include the orginal op-amp if you like as well.   Comes with original box and power cord.   Recently upgraded to a new amp, less than 100 hours of use.  $0ld  
  5. loonacy

    Matrix M-stage amp Price Drop!

    I have this Matrix M-Stage headphone amp in PERFECT condition.  I purchased this new about a year and a half ago.  It was by bedroom setup and used with my Denon d5000's.  Everything works and it functions without flaw.  I love this amp but have recently purchased a Schiit Lyr ( and an Asgard...
  6. syryanyang

    O2 + ODAC or E17 + EO9K for my headphones?

    Headphones I have: Mrspeakers Mad Dog      DT990premium 250ohm   Philips Fidelio L1 Headphones I'll probably buy in foreseeable future: AKG Q701  Shure 1440 I already have a Fiio E17 but it is not good enough to drive all my cans. Should I simply hook it up with E09K or get rid of it for...
  7. Climber

    FS: Schiit Asgard and Matrix M-Stage

    Need to clear some room and at least one of these has to go:   Matrix M-Stage, late 2012 edition with the better transformer.  I bought this to mod but haven't gotten around to it and doesn't look like I will anytime soon.   Schiit Asgard.  Serial #420 (quit giggling, potheads), so it's the...
  8. trojan2900

    Matrix M-stage headphone amp w/ Class A bias mod

    Like new condition. This has the Burr Brown OPA627AP with Class A Biasing Mod from TAM Audio. I'm on the go a lot so I use primarily my portable rig, and I sold my Audeze cans a while ago, hence this powerful desktop amp can go. No issues. Comes with original box, power cord, and free shipping...
  9. M

    Need advice: Fiio E09K vs Matrix M-stage

    I have an Audinst Mx-1 DAC/Amp combo driving a pair of Beyerdynamic DT770 Pros (250 Ohms). I'm looking to get a standalone amp for my setup and was wondering if anyone had any info on the Matrix M-stage vs the Fiio E09K.   Anyone have any experience with this setup or the two amps in...
  10. Matrix M-Stage DAC

    Matrix M-Stage DAC

    Designed to be paired with the Matrix M-Stage Headphone Amplifier, the Matrix M-Stage DAC features a PCM1792 supporting up to 24Bit/192kHz playback.