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  1. gaming

    Meze 99 Classic or Master & Dynamic MH40 Wired? or Focal Elegia?

    Hello, is there anyone who could please help me with some advice? Which is a better headphone and for which reasons? The Meze 99 Classic or the Master & Dynamic MH40 Wired? Are there any music genres they're particularly good for? And any they're bad for? Also, how much better is the Focal...
  2. C

    M&D MH40 vs DT770 vs W110is vs M-100 - Closed Back Contest

    Hi everyone thanks for taking the time. I recently bought a pair of Philips Fidelio X2HR as my first good headphones. I could not be happier, they are amazing. Now I'm looking for a Wired, Over Ear, Closed Back pair I can use at work. (No I'm not getting drawn into this as a hobby/obsession...
  3. turo91


    I sell a pair of headphone Master&Dynamics MH40 brown in perfect condition with box and accessorie Price: 90 euro + 15 euro shipping in EU (i can ship Worldwide for 30 euro
  4. A

    SOLD: Master & Dynamics MW07 Black

    For sale is the Master & Dynamic totally wireless MW07. I have enjoyed them for under a year but have now gotten exhausted by its “mainstream” sound. Condition is excellent apart from a few unavoidable scratches on the steel case. Pouch is unused. Only one set of ear tips used, so will not...
  5. FanaticSankey


    Selling off my complete portable setup: 1) Empire Ears Bravado : The most amazing bass I have heard bar none under 1000USD with great treble extension and slightly recessed mids. Very Musical and Engaging IEM which engulfs you with aural bliss. Very wide soundstage and has amazing imaging for...
  6. FanaticSankey

    [FS] : Master & Dynamic ME05 ( unused/ sealed)

    Selling a sealed pair of M&D ME05 Bronze edition. Unit is located in India but can ship anywhere @ buyer's expense and risk. PAYPAL accepted ( buyer pays for commission)
  7. Notanaudiophile85

    Trade for Wireless Over-Ears

    I'm interested in trading some of my gear (maybe all for the right trade) for a respectable set of wireless over-ears. Here are the I'm willing to trade are: 1) Master & Dynamic MH 30 On Ear (Gunmetal) 2) V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Over-Ear (Wired and Shadow Color) 3) Topping NX1s Portable...
  8. jwbrent

    Closed: Master & Dynamic MH40 - Gunmetal - 3 Months Old & Mint - Shipping Included

    I purchased the MH40 ($399) in December purely on a whim since I liked the design. It sounds very good as well with deep bass and natural highs. Included is the case, cable, ¼” adapter, manual, and a soft carrying bag which I never used. I estimate there are 200 hours on them since this is my...
  9. styler

    Master & Dynamic MW07 Mint cond. 175.00

    For sale are Master & Dynamic MW07 True Wireless Earphones. These have been used approximately 90 minutes total. They just didn’t fit as strongly as I hoped (purchased for running). I have box and all accessories. No flaws or signs or wear. Accept PayPal or Apple Pay Will ship usps priority...
  10. LucasFur

    Louis Vuitton's Master & Dynamic’s MW07 Not really for me ... but they'll sell out and get more people in the Audiophile game! Fashion Earbuds are coming everybody! Imagine Gucci Hifi Gear?!?!
  11. faultfracture

    (sold) For Sale or Trade: Master & Dynamic MW60 (Wireless Over Ear)

    I got a good deal on these from a friend that received them as a gift because he isn't keen on high end headphones and I'm not keen on bluetooth headphones so I'd like to trade them or sell them. They're the "Vevo" limited edition, whatever "Vevo" is :) ... The box is a little distressed but the...
  12. ggibby

    Master & Dynamic MW07 connectivity

    Hey Y'all, I searched the site several ways and did not find a thread dedicated to these, apologies if I missed it. SO, I have a fairly good collection of over-ear and IEMs, but resisted the Truly Wireless because Bluetooth. Black Friday changed my mind and I picked up the Master & Dynamic...
  13. Jazz1

    Masters & Dynamic MW60 Black Leather

    Purchased directly from M&D. Accessories included: M&D Travel clamshell case, Lightening cable, pin cable, microphone cable. USB charging cable included, but not original M&K. Will ship to USA only via UPS insured. Signature required. PayPal payment must be fulfilled before shipping.
  14. Headmate

    Master Dynamic MW60