massdrop plus
  1. S

    MASSDROP PLUS or a Sony XBA-N3

    hello guys i need some advices for my choice, should i buy a : MASSDROP PLUS or a Sony XBA-N3 what's best for someone who mostly listen to hiphop music ? thank you in advance :)
  2. iano

    SOLD: Massdrop Universal iem

    ALL SOLD: All bought recently on headfi (so I am the second owner), I went on a spending splurge (not for the first or last time I imagine) and now need to prune the collection to focus on the ones I will actually use :) Lots of photos, open to reasonable offers, including for multiple items...
  3. mashuto

    SOLD: Massdrop Plus (MD+)

    Selling my MD+ iems as I just do not use them much anymore. They are in good working condition with the original cable, however, the cable is starting to green at the y split. Including the IEM, the case, original tips (should be most of them) and the cleaning tool. I dont think I still have the...
  4. desaturated

    Sony MDR-7550 or Etymotic ER4XR or Massdrop Plus

    Hi gurus, I had a hifiman RE400 and I am looking for an upgrade. This is actually my first real audiophile earphone. I will prefer something clear, accurate, comfortable and neutral sounding. Something I can plug into my office computer and listen for long hours.
  5. Rish732

    SOLD Massdrop Plus IEMs - like new

    Massdrop Plus IEMs in incredible shape. These are wonderful balanced and fit like customs. Asking $215 shipped to the US Please contact me for international shipping rates. Thanks! Rish
  6. TsKen

    Mass Drop Plus IEM

    Looking for a Mass Drop Plus IEM BOUGHT, NO LONGER LOOKING.
  7. rantng

    SOLD - FS - Massdrop Plus

    Great condition Massdrop Plus. Includes IEMs, cable, storage case & foam tips. Please note the left side 2-pin connection with the stock cable is slightly looser than the right side. No issues soundwise just something to be aware of if you’re going to have these hanging off your ears/around your...
  8. buonassi

    Sold: Massdrop Plus IEM (like new)

    $sold net to you - I cover shipping and paypal. Second owner, just bought these last week from first/original owner who didn't have them long at all. Can provide IEM history trail if needed (or you can see my trader history). I paid $sold all inclusive (shipping and paypal) and looking to...
  9. Victorfabius

    [FS] Massdrop Plus IEM w/2.5mm Balanced Cable $260

    Price: 260 Best Offers: Accepted Trades: No thank you. Shipping: Free to USA, Contact me for international rates. Fees: None Condition: Good/Very Good Details: Bought when I had just broken my second cable on my Flares Gold and thought that these might be a suitable replacement. Decided that I...
  10. JoeDoe

    Massdrop Plus IEMs with Extra Cable - $OLD

    Selling a beautiful pair of MD+ IEMs with hard case, stock tips, cable, unopened packaged of Comply foams AND a JH Audio microphone cable. No original packaging. Price includes fees, shipping on buyer. Pics on request. No trades.
  11. TonySunshine

    [SOLD] Massdrop Plus IEM with balanced cable

    Hi head-fi fam up for sale is a lightly used(<10 hours) Massdrop plus IEM with the standard 3.5mm TRS cable as well as the 2.5mm balanced cable. All accessories/tips are brand new and unused. I am the original owner and purchased from massdrop directly. Wants more pics? Got questions? send me...
  12. 4

    Brainwavs b400 or Massdrop Plus?

    I have a choice: go for b400 now, or save a little more and buy md+. Is md+ that much better in terms of clarity, details, flatness? Sound stage difference? Has anyone been able to compare? b400s seem to offer a lot of value, would md+ be a definitive upgrade over them? Thanks.
  13. HeadphoneActivist

    Massdrop Plus IEM

    Hey guys, Would you buy the Massdrop Plus IEM's if you had the chance? I know I would have *Whoever wants Massdrop to activate the drop again is more than welcome to vote on it on their site: *If it is against any rules, please tell me :)
  14. gopanthersgo1

    [WTB] Massdrop PLUS iem

    Looking to buy a Massdrop PLUS iem for $275 shipped, will add $25 if you have the balanced 2.5mm trrs adapter. Will also trade my Modi Multibit and $25.
  15. JoeDoe

    Desktop Bundle: Massdrop CTH Amp and AQ Nighthawk Carbon

    Offering these two as a bundle in the hope that they move quickly! For the Price of $575 + shipping, here's what you get: Like new Massdrop x Cavalli CTH Headphone Amplifier PLUS NOS RCA Cleartop, Amperex Orange Globe, and Russian Novo 6n6p tubes. Like New Audioquest Nighthawk Carbon with Oppo...
  16. thi181


    like the title says i am looking for a 0.78MM 3.5mm iem cable .
  17. Wild

    FS: Massdrop Plus IEM

    For sale is a TWO-days old set of Massdrop Plus IEMs. Basically brand new. I got these as a high-isolation alternative to my old ER4P's. Figured I'd give something else a shot, and despite sounding great, they unfortunately don't really come close to the Etys for isolation (YMMV). Asking $275 +...
  18. strawed

    SOLD: Massdrop Plus Universal IEM

    [SOLD] like new, excellent working condition Massdrop PLUS Universal IEM's. Just a few hours on them, with original box and accessories (case, cable, cleaning tool, tips). I tried some of the tips purely for fit, but ended up using 3rd party tips instead. I really enjoyed these, but have my...
  19. Valens7

    Massdrop Plus IEM [FOUND]

    Got one of these yet? If your needs have changed and you'd like to pass it along to somebody else, let me know via message.