massdrop plus
  1. S

    MASSDROP PLUS or a Sony XBA-N3

    hello guys i need some advices for my choice, should i buy a : MASSDROP PLUS or a Sony XBA-N3 what's best for someone who mostly listen to hiphop music ? thank you in advance :)
  2. desaturated

    Sony MDR-7550 or Etymotic ER4XR or Massdrop Plus

    Hi gurus, I had a hifiman RE400 and I am looking for an upgrade. This is actually my first real audiophile earphone. I will prefer something clear, accurate, comfortable and neutral sounding. Something I can plug into my office computer and listen for long hours.
  3. 4

    Brainwavs b400 or Massdrop Plus?

    I have a choice: go for b400 now, or save a little more and buy md+. Is md+ that much better in terms of clarity, details, flatness? Sound stage difference? Has anyone been able to compare? b400s seem to offer a lot of value, would md+ be a definitive upgrade over them? Thanks.
  4. HeadphoneActivist

    Massdrop Plus IEM

    Hey guys, Would you buy the Massdrop Plus IEM's if you had the chance? I know I would have *Whoever wants Massdrop to activate the drop again is more than welcome to vote on it on their site: *If it is against any rules, please tell me :)