massdrop cavalli
  1. Tompie913

    2nd Headphone Amp - Massdrop CTH, Archel 2, Atom, or other?

    So I dipped my toes into the discrete headphone amp waters earlier this year when the Bravo V3 was on sale for $45. I actually really enjoyed the sound I got from it, but there was also an annoying whine that I couldn't eliminate. Prior to that, I hadn't felt the need for an amp because my...
  2. boschtb

    Back after 10 Years - Aeon Flow Open DAC+Amp Recommendations

    I am getting back into headphones after 10 years away. My last rig was a modified Jolida JD100 + RSA Raptor + HD650 and ATH-W11JPN. This time around, I will be using my MacBook Pro as a source, with both lossless and compressed files, and I have settled on the AFO as my headphones. I...
  3. jude

    Massdrop x Alex Cavalli Tube Hybrid Amp (CTH) - Dropping Monday

    DAC-less dedicated headphone amps aren't exactly at the height of their popularity these last several years, most of us now looking for single-chassis DAC/amp combos. Also, relative to the total market, plug-in-the-wall desktop-size headphone amps seem to me to have taken a back seat in...