1. WindowsX

    Where can I find eartips used in Martin Logann Mikros 70?

    I tried using Mikros 70's eartip on my modded T2 and it sounded awesome. I want to buy some spares in case I'll lose them in future.
  2. Disturbd1

    IEM recommendations for an Android user

    This is my first thread - I've poked around on here off and on for a few years now, mostly just reading, clicking on damn-near every link that seemed to be associated with what I was curious about.   I'd like to get recommendations suited to my specific listening and preferences, which I have...
  3. ESL-1

    MARTIN LOGAN Mikros 70 IEM New in Box - Last One......Lowest Price

    These are My last brand new in sealed box and have a retail price of $150.  Martin Logan engineered a very neutral and comfortable in ear that are a value at their normal price range.  Build quality is very good, one piece aluminum construction of the main housing.  The in line controls are...
  4. verticalraiser

    vPulse vs Mikros 70

    Hi,   Please help me in finding the best model out of out of Velodyne and MartinLogan :) I audiotioned vPulse and they sound pretty good. MartinLogan here have mixed opinions in our forum.  Is 50$ extra on Mikros worth the sound?   ~V
  5. jnorris

    Martin Logan Mikros 70 Review

    It’s been a long-standing dream of mine to own a pair of Martin Logan speakers, and to have a listening room that would do them justice. Sadly, that may never happen, so when I saw that they were selling in-ears at a reasonable price I got excited.   Out of the box, I stuck the Mikros 70s in...
  6. kuatolives

    Looking for first pair of non-IEM 'phones

    Hi! I'm seeking some guidance from you experts here.  I'm not really too knowledgeable or familiar concerning on/around ear phones - from the sound I should expect from a particular model, to model nomenclature by brand. I guess this is where you guys come in.   I take public transit/am on...
  7. Myrthin

    DT 880 250 Ohm very nice

    It has been an interesting journey for me to get to the Beyerdynamic DT 880 premiums. I've been trying to update my headphone/portables setups. On the move, I've been using the Etymotics HF3s. They sound great. I've ruined them a few times with sweat, so I picked up a pair of sennheiser in-ears...
  8. k923

    Need suggestions for Stylish headphones for Wife?

    Can you fine people in this forum give me some more suggestions of stylish in ear headphones for my wife.  Needs to be on the smaller side, pretty durable, and have iphone controls.  I don't want to get her any of the normal rapper ones, (beats, 50's, souls, etc.).  So far all have come up with...
  9. disastermouse

    Portables for someone who LOVES the Ortho sound of his HE-500?

    What would you guys propose for someone who wants something portable and loves the ortho sound of the HE-500.  They must work for the gym or out and about (little sound leakage, hold position or seal well, etc).  They don't have to totally mimick the exact dynamics, but I'm looking for clarity...
  10. DonAudio

    Martin Logan Mikros 70

    I was just perusing the online AV Guide for IEM headphones when I saw an ad for Martin Logan Mikros 70 headphones "coming soon". Anybody else seen anything on these? I did capture a printscreen of the ad.
  11. MartinLogan Mikros 70

    MartinLogan Mikros 70

    Inspired by the sonic clarity and detail of our legendary electrostatic speakers, the Mikros™ 70 reference in-ear headphones deliver the realism, richness, and purity of sound that MartinLogan's discerning customers have come to expect. With superb ambient noise isolation, listening through the...