1. HiGHFLYiN9

    SOLD: Bottlehead Mainline Custom Build - Loaded Balanced Amp

    This is the Bottlehead Mainline with countless upgrades. It's fully wired with shielded Cardas wiring, Teflon tube sockets, premium Teflon RCAs, Kiwame resistors, Jupiter capacitors, Fender pilot light, KILO milled aluminum knobs, copper-leafed wood base, EAR feet, and a Hammond choke. The plate...
  2. Tom-s


    Bottlehead If one could their own headphone amplifier that has benefitted from years of tweaking and ongoing improvements for a relatively low price? Who could say nee to that? The Bottlehead company is a US based company that makes high quality Do...
  3. A2029

    Pair of Reflektor 6C45 Tubes

    Like new Reflektor 6C45 tubes. Matched pair. Burned in around 20 hours and tested. Very low noise.
  4. Luxifer

    Bottlehead Mainline for Headphones Trade: Focal, Stax, Audeze, HiFiMan, Sennheiser

    I'd be wiling to trade the Mainline for any of these, with PayPal to balance things out as needed: HE-1000, HE-6, Focal Clear, Focal Elex, HD800, LCD-3, LCD-X, Stax L300 LE, Stax L700, Stax 007. I'm willing to consider other offers. I also have some other items to trade, both audio and...
  5. anteroth

    ***SOLD***FS - Custom Bottlehead Mainline (Price Drop)

    ****PRICE DROP*** 800 + shipping paypal Selling my custom bottlehead mainline. aluminum top painted a metal black. Painted the transformer top a nice orange to contrast. Black RCA/XLR instead of the standard silver to finish it up. Downsizing the collection as i recently acquired the Ragnarok...
  6. Luxifer

    Bottlehead Mainline FS/Trade for Cavalli Tube Hybrid

    Sounds fantastic, my favorite sub-$2k tube amp. No functional issues. Ready for all the listening or modding that you want to do. I am aiming to downsize my collection, and will consider a sale of this amp, or a trade for a CTH (or similar amp) plus cash. Please let me know if you have any...
  7. PointyFox

    SOLD: BottleHead Mainline

    Sold Works great. Tubes have low hours. The base was stained, contains the Bottlehead badge, and the transformer housing was painted black. 120V input.
  8. A2029

    SOLD! Bottlehead Mainline Tube Amp - Extremely Upgraded!

    Hi everyone, this ad is for a pre-built Bottlehead Mainline. This is an end game, TOTL amp. This is the 120V Mainline for use in North America (Canada & US). It is highly modified to maximize performance. Costs of parts (in USD) and sound changes as follows: Core components in this build: >...