1. Takeanidea

    M2Tech Young DAC & Linear PSU

    plus delivery plus paypal fees 32 bit 384 khz state of the art dac made in Italy. Solid bomb proof design that is described as a bargain at it's retail price of £1200. Now on sale uk new for £950. This is in immaculate condition , the finish would be extremely difficult to tarnish anyway. It's...
  2. hrooo2002

    [UK/EU] FS: m2tech hiface and audio quest cable

    I've opened the box, that's all.   planned to use them for CAS but finally turn to CD players, so absolutely MINT condition.   I'm in Manchester, UK.   price excludes p&p, paypal please add 3.5% more.   please feel free to drop emails to sundaywu1992@gmail.com for further...
  3. irishsammy

    M2Tech HiFace USB to SPDIF converter

    Selling my M2Tech HiFace USB to SPDIF converter.  Have the original box and disc.  No functional or cosmetic issues with the unit...just don't need it since switching to a different DAC   I'm also including a USB extension (about 6") for stress-relief at the USB port.    Thanks for...
  4. TheWuss

    M2Tech Hiface EVO with EVO Battery Supply

    Up for sale is my EVO with battery power supply. This combo sells for $1000 now at Tweek Geek.   Outstanding USB to SPDIF converter.    In like new condition, with the exception that the word "ON" has rubbed off slightly from use.  This should be visible in the photo.   My price...
  5. daws0n

    PCI Soundcard vs M2Tech Hiface 2 for digital output?

    I've been using my PC for computer audio for years now in my hifi system... I am using the toslink output on an old Aurentech 5.1 soundcard connected to my external DAC. The soundcard is a cheap solution, but I chose it due the CMI 8738 chipset - a guy has written custom drivers which apparently...
  6. Dutchi MerenGue

    m2tech hiface (ver. 1) & windows 8

    im planning on upgrading to windows 8 and want to know if there are any complications or driver issues using the m2tech hiface 1 under that os     i cant seem to find any concrete evidence one way or the other anywhere so help would be appreciated
  7. slackman

    M2Tech HiFace Two 2 RCA

    For sale: M2Tech HiFace Two RCA, Asynchronous USB to S/PDIF converter.   As new, works perfectly. Fixed low price. 95 Euro + shipping. Would like to sell it fast, not using it currently and need the money. Located in the Netherlands, will ship worldwide. Can accept Paypal. And can...
  8. Vitor Teixeira

    M2Tech Hiface 2

    For sale a M2Tech Hiface 2. RCA version. Bought from a authorised dealer 2 month ago. Shipping included in Europe, worldwide add 10€
  9. bluzeboy

    M2TECH HiFace Two?

    I am running a  M2TECH HiFace now, but i am getting A  M2TECH HiFace Two,will need new drivers? if so how do I remove them? thanks     I'M running windows 7 64 bit
  10. alberthchang

    M2TECH HiFace Two 192kHz Digital Audio Interface

    For sale is a very nice M2tech Hiface Two USB to SPDIF convertor with RCA plug, only few months old and just like new. Asking: $159 free shipping in US with paypal gift.
  11. rudi0504

    M2Tech the JOPLIN is an A to D converter that is capable of turning any analog source into a digital file

    Hi Head Fier friend M2Tech new product : the JOPLIN the JOPLIN is an A to D converter that is capable of turning any analog source into a digital file. It can digitize to any sample and bit rate from 44.1 kHz 16 bit to 384 kHz 32 bit. The inquiries came from all sorts of people with...
  12. ValentinHogea

    Transportable/battery-driven high-end amplifiers

    After meticulous searches I don't seem to find a specific thread for this subject...   Background:   Most can agree that battery-powered electronics removes a lot of problems related PSU's in amplifiers. Some of us still want to be able to move our rig. I know the majority doesn't...
  13. rudi0504

    New high end M2Tech Vaughan : 3 in 1 DAC / head amp / pre amp impression and appreciation thread

    M2Tech launch their new high end DAC Amp : Vaughan   Voughan has very interesting high end DAC section :   - The designer use Four DAC IC's per chanel in MONO Mode   - The designer use High Current LiPo Battery for sophisticated low noise power supply base on high capacity   Please see...
  14. Girls Generation

    M2Tech Hiface Two BNC (and JH3A adapter/coax cable)

    Selling mint condition Hiface Two BNC with all original accessories. PM for more info.   Price is $110 incl. shipping. Buyer pays fees or gift.   Also selling: DHC BNC-TRRS OCC Silver 75ohm coax cable with high quality furutech BNC plug DHC Fusion hybrid JH3A to Furutech straight mini cable
  15. s2groove

    m2tech Hiface 24bit/192khz asynchronous usb to coaxial converter.

    I have a good condition hiface for sale.  please pm me if interested.   Thank You, Andy
  16. HiFan

    M2Tech Hiface 2 (RCA version)

    Hi,   I am selling my less-than-a-year M2tech Hiface 2. I recently upgrade my DAC and I would like to simplify my set-up. So I would like to sell it to someone needs it.   The unit is functioning perfectly. More pictures later today.   I am asking for $165, including USPS priority shipping...
  17. alvin sawdust

    M2Tech Marley

    Looks like M2Tech will be bringing out a headphone amp costing around £1000.   http://www.m2tech.biz/
  18. martingl

    Vaughan Dac crashes Imac

    I have a very annoying problem with my m2tech vaughan dac...Half the times I turn it off or put it in standby it crashes my Imac...I have tried everything...changed computer , cables etc, but no luck....any idea to what can solve these melt downs? I strongly believe it has something to do the...
  19. martingl

    M2tech Vaughan dac crashes Mac.

    I have a very annoying problem with my vaughan dac...Half the times I turn it off or put it in standby it crashes my Imac...I have tried everything...changed computer , cables etc, but no luck....any idea to what can solve these melt downs? I strongly believe it has something to do the the USB...
  20. FallenAngel

    M2Tech HiFace

    Hey guys,   I'm selling my M2Tech HiFace (BNC version, but I will provide an RCA adapter).   It's in perfect visual and operational condition.   Thanks
  21. TooManyCrabs

    [FS]Apogee Mini-DAC plus M2Tech Hiface 2

    Hi all,   I bought both units used two years ago. The Hiface 2 is in mint condition, with the original package. The Mini-DAC shows a few signs of wearing; overall 8/10 cosmetically. Both are perfectly functional. The Mini-DAC does NOT have the USB or firewire input, which is why I'm bundling...
  22. parisphoto


    THREE PIECE EVO STACK BUY TWO, GET ONE FREE   I've gone to an USB only DAC, so there's no longer a need for my three M2Tech HiFace EVO components.   I purchased these brand new from an authorized M2Tech dealer, and they served me well with absolutely no issues.   The three pieces...
  23. M2 Tech Vaughn DAC

    M2 Tech Vaughn DAC

    DETAILS Highest quality digital-to-analog converter up to 384kHz/32bit from your PC or MAC, and from USB, I2S S/PDIF and AES/EBU. Ultra low jitter oscillators and proprietary drivers. Time shift driving of multiple DAC IC's for improved sound quality. Fully automated battery power supply...