1. lordsegan

    What is the latest with the M2Tech Hiface?

    I bought an M2Tech Hiface about a year ago when it was being billed as the greatest thing since sliced bread.   I use it currently as a pretty decent laptop sound card outputting to my home stereo receiver.   I was hoping that it would eventually get Linux support. Does anyone know if...
  2. 0rangutan

    M2Tech Young DAC *Reduced*

    M2Tech Young DAC, boxed and in excellent like new condition. Latest version, current firmware, runs effortlessly and glitch free from my iMac. I have previously owned a Benchmark DAC1, Lavry DA10 and Audiolab MDAC and the Young outperforms all. RRP is £1195. Insured delivery included in...
  3. rakisan

    Audio GD NFB 3 prob with M2Tech HiFace

    From PC with Foobar runs fine when connected via USB cable. But when connected via M2Tech and RCA no music no matter what the material is. Also tried other programs. Any idea what the prob is Thx
  4. Okkultus

    M2Tech hiFace - USB to S/PDIF Output Interface (RCA Coaxial)

    M2Tech hiFace - 'as new' condition, used only for a few hours... Complete package, in the original box and everything.   The price includes shipping (in Europe) and PayPal charges.   Thank you!
  5. eclein

    USB to SPDIF Reclocking Adapter by Mapleshade- Maple wrapped M2Tech Hiface...

    I received this adapter as part of a trade and currently have no use for it in my setup. Its basically a M2Tech Hiface wrapped in a nice maple wooden case. They sell for $189 new...I'm looking for $115 shipped/paypal---PM me for email address and any offers. Here is a picture and link to...
  6. romnation

    M2Tech hiFace - USB to S/PDIF Output Interface (RCA Coaxial)

    Lightly used M2Tech Hiface. This is the RCA version. $100 or best offer. FREE SHIPPING TO CONTINENTAL US!
  7. Audiofanboy

    M2Tech Hiface BNC Version - USB to SPDIF Interface - Like New

    I am selling my beloved M2Tech Hiface after buying a few too many other SPDIF transports. This is the BNC version, with a true 75 ohms connector (official SPDIF standard).   I always used it with a 75 ohms BNC cable connected to a BNC input on my DAC and the performance is truly astounding...
  8. SleepyOne

    [SOLD]: M2Tech HiFace (BNC) version + BNC to coaxial adapter

      M2Tech HiFace (BNC) version + BNC to coaxial adapter   I am selling off some of my gears to finance big upgrade. I am the original owner of this M2Tech HiFace BNC version which I brought in UK in March 2010. I have included with the HiFace a BNC to coaxial adapter so that coaxial user is...
  9. LayneStaley37

    M2Tech HiFace 2

    M2tech Hiface 2 in excellent condition. Price includes shipping and PayPal Rca version
  10. nmxdaven

    m2tech hiface

    Paypal gifted only. CONUS. Perfect, brand new condition.     Any questions, just ask.   Cory
  11. QuixoticHero

    Should I buy M2Tech Hiface 2+ Related Questions

    A couple questions in one, from a long time head- fi lurker, first time poster:   I'm thinking of getting a M2tech Hiface 2 USB- S/PDIF converter (or a similar unit) partly in order to be able to use a coaxial cable- most likely a SilverStar 75 BNC cable from Black Cat. (And partly to future...
  12. ValentinHogea

    WTB: M2Tech HiFace TWO w/ RCA (Not the first Ed.)

    As stated in the headline. Want to buy a M2Tech HiFace Two with RCA.   Contact me. I reside in Sweden.   Kind regards, Valentin
  13. CrucifixationOfFaith

    m2tech hiFace Evo & Evo Supply

    In very good condition. >1 year old.

    M2Tech HiFace 2?

    I was surprised nobody seemed to have mentioned this yet. According to the information, the unit supports USB Audio 2.0 so is supported out of the box.  ASIO is also supported and you Linux guys are in luck also.   Is anybody here interested in this?
  15. johangrb

    M2Tech EVO USB-SPDIF converter

    Perfect working condition M2Tech EVO.   Includes Teradak Power supply (much better than the wallwart).   9/10 condition.
  16. brunk

    Sold--m2Tech HiFace Two for sale!--sold

    Mint condition black M2Tech HiFace Two for sale! Comes with box and reading material. Price includes shipping and paypal fees! Shipping to CONUS only. Sold thanks for viewing
  17. santacore

    M2Tech Young 384/32 USB DAC

    384/32 D/A converter with Asynchronous USB input. Latest firmware. This is a fantastic sounding, small format, USB DAC. Comes with stock wallwart power supply. Welborne Labs external power supply available for an additional $99. Final price = $999 ($1098 with Welbourne power supply). Item...
  18. Andrew_WOT

    M2Tech HiFace BNC version

    For sale mint M2Tech HiFace, BNC version. Will include high quality BNC 10dB attenuator.   PM with offers.   It's also listed on ebay, so you can bid on it if you prefer that http://www.ebay.com/itm/110973573293
  19. fejnomit

    M2Tech Young Dac with Teddy Pardo PSU **SOLD**

    Mint condition.  GREAT sounding DAC.  First owner.  One year old.  Very low hours.  Easy to download new drivers and firmware from the M2Tech website.  Here’s a link for the Dac in case you don’t know it –   http://www.m2tech.biz/young.html   The DAC comes with the biggest single sonic...
  20. seeteeyou

    $74 USB Stick Mini PC + M2Tech hiFace Two

  21. avm1

    M2TECH HiFace TWO RCA against Audio gd DI converters

    Dear All, I have doubts what has better sound (see title). DI has an exturnal power supply, so theoretically it shoud be better... Did somebody compared this devices? http://www.audio-gd.com/Pro/dac/DIv2/DIv2EN.htm http://www.studio-22.com/m2tech/hiface-rca.htm
  22. alberthchang

    M2Tech Hiface 24/192 USB to SPDIF Convertor(RCA Version)

    For sale is a very nice M2tech Hiface 24/192 USB to SPDIF converter(RCA version). It's only few months old and just like new, sounds/working perfectly. Asking: $85 with free shipping in US and paypal gift.
  23. motorica.net

    M2TECH hiFace - RCA Version

    I'm offering unmodified m2tech hiFace , i bought it 1.5 year ago. Looks great sounds even better, great solution for those great dacs without usb input or inferior usb input.   Shipping is free.   Thanks David
  24. WNBC

    M2Tech Hiface 2 RCA version

    M2Tech Hiface 2 RCA version, affordable USB-to-SPDIF converter.  Get your low and high resolution files from your computer to your DAC's coaxial input via the Hiface 2.  Handles up to 24-bit / 192 kHz files.     I am the original owner.  Comes with original box.  New cost is $185 + shipping...
  25. LayneStaley37


    M2TECH HIFACE 2, in excellent condition. Price includes Shipping and Paypal!