1. ecod123

    M2Tech HiFace 24/192 Digital Audio Interface

    M2tech HiFace 24bit/192kHz Digital Audio Interface (USB ->RCA version). Facilitates spdif output from USB port with vastly reduced jitter. It provides a great improvement if you are playing music using your laptop USB output to your DAC. The M2Tech hiFace operates asynchronously with two high...
  2. njtc

    M2tech Hiface (RCA) USB to Spdif converter

    Ad title says it all. Original M2tech Hiface, original version. works perfectly. I've recently upgraded hence the sale.  I'll add picture when i get a chance.
  3. Faulk

    M2Tech HiFace

    I am selling my M2Tech HiFace I bought from TweekGeek on 2/11/2010. It is in mint condition and comes in it's original packaging.   I am asking $SOLD (including shipping to CONUS) + paypal fees.   Feel free to PM me with any questions you might have. Thanks for looking!   --Faulk
  4. taz23

    M2Tech HiFace DAC 32/384 impressions?

    I am interested in the M2Tech HiFace DAC that is capable of 32 bit 384kHz from USB.  But it seems that there isn't much review on this device...   Anyone has this DAC, and any comments/comparisons of it with other small-sized DACs like Dragonfly, ODAC, HRT etc?   Thanks!
  5. Faulk

    Little Dot MK IV SE, DAC_1, and M2Tech HiFace

    Doing some downsizing and looking to try out new things, so I'm letting my home office rig go. I am the original owner of each item (kid/smoke/animal free home) and am looking to ship to CONUS if possible (included in each price).   Little Dot MK IV SE (SOLD) I bought this directly from...
  6. bluzeboy

    M2tech High Face Two(price drop)

    M2tech High Face Two   Lightly Used
  7. exssrerion

    ESP1010 COAX out or M2Tech HiFace 2

    Currently I used JH16Pro+JH3A with ESI - ESP1010 ( http://www.esi-audio.com/products/esp1010/ ) But my friend tell me "M2Tech HiFace 2 will give better sound stage".   What do you thing? Is my friend was right?
  8. LogicalDisconnect

    M2Tech hiFace 192KHz/24bit USB-to-SPIDIF converter (RCA)

    Selling an M2Tech hiFace 192KHz/24bit USB-to-SPIDIF converter (version 1, with RCA connector). Very compact - looks a lot like a USB drive - and does a very good job. Perfect for feeding into a DAC with no USB input or a poor USB stage. Has drivers for Windows, Mac and Linux. See details and...
  9. W

    WTB: M2TECH HiFace RCA

    WTB: M2TECH HiFace RCA
  10. W

    WTB: M2TECH HiFace RCA

      WTB: M2TECH HiFace RCA    
  11. Caphead78

    M2Tech Hiface RCA

    Hi I am selling my Stock HiFace USB-S/PDIF Converter (RCA Version). It was purchased from Pacific Valve earlier this year. I am selling for $115 firm, Shipping and Paypal included. USA only please.
  12. mangler

    M2Tech HiFace or LCD2 Re-cable?

      Hi All, I'm thinking about tweaking my setup but I'm not sure which option will make the biggest difference in increasing sound quality. I'm a newb so I'd appreciate any advice or comments from knowledgeable people that have made any of these changes.    My current setup is MacBook Pro->...
  13. WarrenR

    M2 Tech Hiface, V-Link or Audio_Gd DI - Which should I buy???

    Hi.   I would really like to improve on the Mac Mini digital out so I have been drawn to the world of USB-S/PDIF interfaces.  It will be feeding a Dacmagic.   First things first I don't have any 24bit 192Khz music, only redbook.  So being able to play high res files is not needed.  ...
  14. tarquin1234

    M2Tech Hiface UK EU

    This is almost brand new at around 3 months old. It is in perfect conidition and hasn't been used a lot. It is located in the UK in Swindon, though I will ship anywhere at your extra expense of course. The buyer will pay the shipping and Paypal fees. I am open to any offers. Note that...
  15. bluzeboy

    m2tech highface?

    i just got my highface today,i need some help using it, i plan on using my highspeed  hub for the highface & there is  an rca input on my headroom micro amp. do i need a cord as well? thanks i have  read  up the settings i   need to change
  16. dj nellie

    M2Tech hiFace (RCA Version) w/ Blue Jeans S/PDIF Cable

    I am selling my hiFace, which is in good condition with no visible scratches.  I will also sell my 3-foot Blue Jeans Audio Belkin 1694A S/PDIF cable for an extra $9. 
  17. BananaBaby

    Wadia 151 PowerDac mini or M2 Tech Young which one to chioce?

    I perfer the style like Laury DA10 please tell me which DAC to choice and give me the reason thanks
  18. DjAmTraX

    M2Tech USB to S/PDIF Output Interface (RCA Coaxial)

      Unit is in like new condition.  I have a new DAC that has a good USB input (Musical Fidelity V-DAC MK-II) so I no longer need this.  Works with Mac & PC.  No external power supply required   Sells for $200 on the web.   **** $99 delivered to your door (lower 48 States) ****** Pay Pal...
  19. Bandeira

    Audio GD Digital Interface or M2tech Hiface(EVO or NOT) in UK

    Looking for any of those, within the UK, can pickup if near OX3 or if you can take it to a Railway station... Or maybe we can use postage or courier... payment by paypal preferred....   cheers...   Patrick
  20. gknix

    WTB: M2tech Hiface

    Looking for a M2tech Hiface so that I can plug in my JH3a to it via RCA! The item would need to be shipped to Hong Kong. 
  21. johangrb

    M2Tech EVO w Teradak PSU

    Perfect condition - M2Tech EVO and Terdak/Teralink X2 PSU.   Price includes shipping CONUS & PP.
  22. monoethylene

    M2TECH HIFACE RCA Version excellent condition

    Hi,   For sale is my M2Tech HiFace digital upsampler. It works excellent but I dont need it anymore.   The technical details are:   Connections Input 1 x USB A type male Output 1 x RCA female I/O Standard Input USB 2.0 Format Output S/PDIF Stereo Digital Audio Format Sampling...
  23. Wil

    M2tech Hiface issue

    Hi all,   Just bought the above yesterday and i'm facing a weird problem with it.   Before i start, this is my setup.   Sager 8150 (Windowx 7 64 bit) - > Foobar 2000 -> M2tech hiface -> Eastern electric minimax DAC -> Schitt Lyr -> Audeze LCD2 rev 2.   The M2tech installed...
  24. KevM2

    SOLD: M2Tech HiFace RCA $105 Shipped

    M2Tech Hiface RCA model for sale. Continental US only. You pretty much know what this is, so no explanations needed.
  25. lordsegan

    What is the latest with the M2Tech Hiface?

    I bought an M2Tech Hiface about a year ago when it was being billed as the greatest thing since sliced bread.   I use it currently as a pretty decent laptop sound card outputting to my home stereo receiver.   I was hoping that it would eventually get Linux support. Does anyone know if...