m11 pro
  1. Tex Irie

    For Sale: Fiio M11 Pro [SOLD]

    I'm parting ways with my Fiio M11 Pro. It is in excellent condition with a leather case and all the original accessories. PM me if you want to purchase. The price is firm and I will post pictures later this evening.
  2. guerillaw

    WTB M11 Pro case

    Open and flexible to model and color, just need something for protection and shipping times are very long, go obvious reasons. Anyone on the west coast of USA have one they can spare? PM me please.
  3. P

    FiiO M11 and M11 Pro Screen Issues, Help!

    What in the world FiiO! Received the M11 Pro about a week and a half ago in the mail - turned it on to find a residual "ghost" image. A curved rectangle that was just always there. Returned it. Received the M11 today, same thing! The rectangular outline is slightly less prominent, but two...
  4. P

    Troubleshooting FiiO M11 Pro - Questions (and Review)

    I just got the FiiO M11 Pro in the mail today and, I'm not going to lie, I'm somehow a mix of excited and underwhelmed. This is my first DAP, I did hours of research and narrowed it down between the M11 and M11 Pro. Go big or go home, right? Long story short, I've got this $650 DAP and I'm...
  5. P

    DAP help!

    I'm back with more questions! I have been on the hunt for the right DAP for me. Initially, I was going to go with more mass-market Sony Walkman. Decided against that (too expensive for what you get). I looked at all the major brands - HiBy, Shanling, etc. I seriously considered the DX220 (even...
  6. quette29128

    Fiio M11 Pro - Sold

    For sale: Fiio M11 Pro Price: $Sold
  7. KuroKitsu

    (OFF) [FS] Fiio M11 Pro

    Decide to keep the M11 Pro for the time being. Hi All, For sale this time is a mint M11 Pro, bought early February with usage not more than 5 hours.All origianl packaging and accessories included, with a 128 GB micro sd thrown in. Can provide a receipt for warranty purposes. Price includes...
  8. Kenneth Galang

    DAC/DAP Recommendation?

    Planning to make one purchase for 2020 that'll last me years :) currently using the M11 with an Anole VX, want a source upgrade Lately, I've been easily swayed by DAP's DAC chips and price-to-performance. Although I know the chip isn't everything in a dap, I keep staring at the double AK4499...
  9. loplop

    SOLD: FiiO M11 Pro

    Up for sale, a nearly new FiiO M11 Pro. Bought directly from FiiO on Amazon 10/29/2019. It's in as-new condition, save one absolutely tiny mark above the power button. Comes with DAP, original box, original USB-A to USB-C cable, and Line Out to RCA cable. Too many DAPs, too little time...
  10. omlettes

    List of 3rd party music apps for Fiio M11

    I'm researching the M11 but there isn't much information about what music players work well with it. It seems to be hit or miss. Some don't utilize the onboard DACs. Some don't respond well, or at all, to the hardware buttons. The M11 thread is almost 500 pages long now, and music app...
  11. szore

    *SOLD*Fiio M11 Pro DAP near MINT

    Up for sale is my Fiio M11 Pro. Tiny scratch on back from IEM, but perfect condition otherwise. Has about 175 hours. Unfortunately the sound signature is a bit too 'mid forward' for me, going back to SE100. Has tempered glass screen saver installed, free leather fiio case. The scratch can be...
  12. cr3ativ3

    WTB Cayin N6ii or M11pro , FOUND ,no longer looking

    Hi all , if you have one of those DAPs for sale . Shoot me an offer :) please EU located
  13. FiiO

    FiiO releases Android-based Lossless Portable Music Player M11 Pro!

    Building on the foundations of the M11, the M11 Pro has been updated to include: 1. Two carefully implemented AK4497EQ DAC chips based on the AKM VELVET AUDIO architecture. Compared to the AK4493EQ, the AK4497EQ brings better specifications and noticeable improved sound quality. 2. Dual...