1. parnold

    Monoprice just came out with 5" & 3" Studio Monitors @ $165 & $75

    5" http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=115&cp_id=11504&cs_id=1150401&p_id=605500&seq=1&format=2   3" http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=115&cp_id=11504&cs_id=1150402&p_id=605300&seq=1&format=2   The 5" Looks like it has the same parts as a M-Audio BX-5...
  2. romeozdistress

    bookshelf speakers vs studio monitors?

    Which do you guys prefer and why? I am looking to upgrade my setup from av40s. and I was wondering what the pro and cons of bookshelf and studio monitors are? I am open to either. Just trying to figure out what would be better for around $400. thanks in advance.
  3. Sorrows End

    Which subwoofer to add to a pair of M-Audio BX5 monitors and a Soundblaster ZxR card?

    I am in need of advice for which subwoofer to shop for!   I went a little crazy over the weekend with all the different sales and pieced together a new computer build. I decided this would be the perfect time to upgrade my ancient logitech z-2300 2.1 set from 2005...   I have a pair of...
  4. spunnik

    Yamaha HS 5.....

    hello guys I wanted an opinion on these:   Yamaha HS 5 (2013 - second generation)   and a comparison  Yamaha HS 5 vs M-Audio BX5 D2
  5. Audioenthused

    M-Audio Bx5 D2 Issues

    Good day Hifiers I hope I am posting this in the right place So I just acquired a pair of D2s (my first quality speakers) which don't work with my Xnoar DG soundcard or my e10 DAC/Amp, was so desperate even tried them with on board sound of my computer, this was before I got the e10 because...
  6. shonor6

    M-Audio BX5 produce a static noise

    Hello. My M-Audio BX5's produce a small static "hum". What's interesting is that the sound is monotonic, which means that it doesn't change with volume. I can hear the hum even if my computer's volume is muted. When music's playing it's a bit less obvious because the music overvolumes the static...
  7. ricecobob

    Upgrade from A5s

    Hey everyone,    I am looking for a solid upgrade from Audio Engine A5's. I am looking under the <400 dollar price range and will be primarily using them with an IMAC/AIR.    Thanks,
  8. arijspieter

    M-audio can't make reliable monitors?

    i have heard a lot of good things about m-audio speakers/monitors (bx5, av40,...) because of their great sound for a such a small price (i don't have any myself). but, i've also seen multiple posts of people whose m-audio speakers are broke within 2years of normal use(broken capacitors and...
  9. magicmarker

    DAC for m-audio bx5 D2

    i was planning on purchasing the A5+ but have decided on the m-audio bx5 d2 for half the price. because ill be listening to mp3 files i want to get a dac that will make it less revealing as i understand they reveal everything. any recomendations? i like the ODAC but im thinking its not going to...
  10. thope

    Need recommendations for 2.0 speakers.

    Hello everybody, I need some recommendations for a fully active 2.0 system, money is no object but place is(please don't recommend gla55s 1000$ is an object for 2.0 speakers). i've looked at bose, b&w ($500?? how do these stack against AV40/ AE A2s). bose T20's are the max in terms of size so i...
  11. Xombie11

    2.0 Speakers Compilation: Best for <$500

      I am on a quest to find the *best* set of 2.0 desktop speakers, and only 2.0 speakers. They must be active and self-powered, as subs are big, bulky and often overpowering.   I've been through dozens, and still haven't found the perfect pair.   Readers, I do hope this thread saves...
  12. curtisinoc

    NuForce Icon HDP question . .

    Just ordered the NuForce Icon HDP to pair up with my Ultrasone Pro900.  I'm also planning on ordering a set of desktop speakers - probably the M-Audio BX5-a or AV40's (haven't decided yet).   Question:  Can I power either of the M-Audio speakers directly from the Icon HDP (RCA>Speakers)?  ...
  13. plastick

    Just bought my first pair of real cans!

    Hey guys! I'm kinda new here and wanted to blurt this out   I registered a while back while lurking but decided to share my eye-opening experience after buying a pair of real cans!   I've owned a pair of MDR7506s for a while and definitely enjoyed them. Soon after I started discovering...
  14. M-Audio BX-5 Studio Monitors

    M-Audio BX-5 Studio Monitors

    FEATURES: The rear panel of the cabinet reveals a bass port and input connectors on both balanced jacks and XLRs, governed by a single volume control. Power connection is through the usual IEC socket and the power switch is also mounted on the rear panel. A three-way Acoustic Space slide switch...