m-100 master
  1. V-MODA

    V-MODA Hardware Review Program

    Good morning/afternoon/evening, Head-Fiers! It’s been just over a month since we reconnected with the community as a sponsor and since then we’ve already gained valuable insights and feedback, heard and answered many questions, and loved reading all the wonderful things you’ve had to say about...
  2. V-MODA

    V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Master: Official Impressions & Reviews Thread

    Hey everyone, hope you’re all well! We’re back and ready to chat about another of our over-ear releases, the Crossfade M-100 Master. Some long-time Head-Fiers will remember how your feedback contributed way back when to the crowdsourced sensation that are the Crossfade M-100s. As we approached...