lyra ii
  1. zombywoof


    [[SOLD]] I am selling my near mint condition Campfire Audio Lyra II. These are single dynamic driver IEM's. I have taken very good care of these. They have been stored in the protective pouches inside the case when not in use. There are no chips or signs of wear on the finish of the ear...
  2. SLC1966

    *SOLD* CA Lyra II IEM

    Campfire Audio Lyra II in excellent condition. Purchased from fellow Head-Fier. Comes with everything as when purchased new. Selling because I have way to many IEMs. Price includes PayPal fees and shipping. No trades please. Thank you for looking.
  3. Violent_Sneeze


  4. Alexdre119

    Campfire Audio Lyra II for Sale

    ***Sold*** Selling my fiancé's pair of earphones because she lost hearing in one ear so she doesn't really use them anymore. They are still in fantastic shape and come with all the accessories. Not looking to trade. PayPal only.
  5. David Lucman

    SOLD FS: Campfire Audio Lyra II

    Comes with all accessories. Silicone ear tips and 1 medium comply foam tips are unused. Price includes fees and shipping.
  6. mysticstryk

    FS: Campfire Lyra 2 - $320 shipped

    Selling my less than 1 month old Lyra 2. Mint condition with everything it came with (box, case, 3.5mm cable, tips, etc). Smoke free home. I only used the one pair of tips shown in the pics. Reason for selling is I upgraded to the Vega. Price: $320 which includes free shipping to conus. I will...
  7. jaker782

    (SOLD) Campfire Audio Lyra II Iems

    I am selling my Lyra II iems purchased from Massdrop in March of 2018. They are in excellent condition and include original box and all accessories. I used 3rd party tips, so all stock tips are unused. They have less than 50 hours on them, all indoor use in a smoke-free home, so they really...
  8. Slashn77

    SOLD: Campfire Audio Lyra II (brand new sealed)

    I am looking to see if anyone is interested in an unopened pair of Campfire Audio Lyra II IEMs. I recently bought the flagship BA driver Andromedas from Campfire audio and fell in love with them so I don’t think these will get much use. PayPal only and will ship in the United States Message...
  9. Dababy

    FS: Campfire Audio Lyra II

    Selling my campfire audio Lyra II. I have had them for about 2 years. They are in really good condition, although the finish has one or two incredibly small scuffs. All of the tips pictured are the tips that I didn't use and come with them. (I did open the spinfit tips to check them out but...
  10. adonissk

    Campfire Audio LYRA II unused

    I am selling my unused LYRA II that were replaced by Campfire on warranty last year. I have the correspondence to prove this in case you are interested. They sent me a new pair that has been sitting in a drawer since I received it as I've been exclusively using my full size cans. I do not have...
  11. SLC1966

    *Sold* Campfire Audio Lyra II

    In perfect condition, no marks on them. Second owner. Original fellow Head-Fi owner purchased from Campfire Audio in April 2017. Will send with original Litz cable and original silicon and Comply tips. If buyer would like I can also send it with unused Symbio L, RHA dual Density M & L, and...
  12. SLC1966

    WTB: *Found* Campfire Audio Lyra II

    Please send me a PM if you would like to sell your Lyra II. Please include when it was first purchased, estimate of how much use and cosmetic condition it is in. Thank you. FOUND
  13. rantng

    SOLD - FS: Campfire Audio Lyra II

    Campfire Lyra II in great condition. Includes Litz cable & one set of new Comply tips only. No other accessories included. Unfortunately, my coworker spilled coffee on the leather carrying case. The case was ruined, the IEMs were unaffected. I will include a regular nylon zippered carrying case...
  14. SLC1966

    *Sold* Campfire Audio Lyra II

    Perfect Condition. At most 50 hours of use. I have numerous unused tips that came with the Lyras and numerous unused tips that I purchased that I can include depending on your preferences. These include Symbio wide bore and regular bore, Campfire Foam, SpinFits, MEE Audio and Penon Audio...
  15. rhester

    FS: Campfire Audio Lyra II

    These are absolutely fabulous and in some ways preferrable to the Vegas, but it is hard to beat the overall rumble and presence of the Vegas. So these barely used, but properly burned in IEMs are FS to make somebody else smile. Asking $450 shipped with PayPal preferred. Comes with all accessories
  16. makne

    *CLOSED* Campfire Audio Lyra II

    WTB a pair of Lyra II. Send me a PM!
  17. rantng

    SOLD FS: Campfire Audio Lyra II

    Basically new, less than 10 minutes of use. Cable, accessories & ear-tips are new. I used my own cable & tips when testing. I bought these to complement my Jupiter, but I'm not able to get a good fit with them. It seems Campfire's dynamic driver equipped sets aren't meant for my ears. These...
  18. Roger5

    ALL SOLD: Mid-Tier IEM Sale (Noble, 64 Audio, Campfire Audio, Westone)

    All prices include PP fees and shipping to the US. -------------------------------------------------------------- Smoke 64 Ears U4-SE universal in-ear monitors (IEMs). Original owner, excellent condition. Very low hours (<5). Includes original packaging, all stock tips (unused), cleaning...
  19. kundica

    FS: Campfire Audio Lyra II - SOLD

    SOLD These arrived last week and I had a chance to listen to them over the weekend for several hours. While I enjoy their sound very much, I don't see myself using them over my CA Jupiters enough to justify keeping them. They are in excellent/like new condition(literally only a few hours of...
  20. Kneel2Galvatron

    Camp Fire Audio Lyra II

    Recently purchased Camp Fire Audio Lyra II. I just received them on 7/10 from MD and used them for 5 hours. They are in new condition. Great build quality and laid back sound. It just didn't fit my preferred sound signature. I will included the receipt from MD for warranty purposes. Pm me if...
  21. Ziadax

    [SOLD] Campfire Audio Lyra II

    I'm selling my Lyra II single dynamic IEMs. These are far from bad, I think they're my second favorite dynamic IEMs behind the Sony Ex1000 with a warm and full bodied sound. I am selling these because I've recently started getting into full sized headphones and I don't use these that much...