1. jm722

    Best IEMs or earbuds for working out/ running under $150

    I am new to the whole audiophile game and have a pair of DT770s that I recently bought and need some IEMs too.  This forum steered me in the right direction last time.  I really enjoy the sound of the DT770s and would like similar bass or V shaped sound. So, I run on treadmills and lift weights...
  2. Diseree

    Luxman New DAC : DA-06

    Price may be approx. $3300 or higher. DSD is available thruough USB (both ASIO and DoP). The proprietry music player software for DSD is included. DAC chips are two TI PCM1792A. Its weight is 11Kg. DA-06 is already sold in Japan from Feb 22.    
  3. Luxman DA-06

    Luxman DA-06

    DA-06 is the high end DAC with USB input. DSD 2.8/5.6MHz, both DoP and ASIO are supported. DAC chip is double PCM1792A. Fully balanced output.