1. heidimilk

    Portable Over-Ear Headphones 100-200$

    Hello There! I will be traveling a lot the next few months and I need a pair of Headphones to keep company with me. My current pair of headphones is a DT770 32ohm, which is not really portable and as I'll buy myself a big setup after those few months I don't have too much money to spend on...
  2. kameenadesi

    LSTN Headphones: Giving Back. Amplified.

    Hello. Up until 2 weeks ago, I wasn’t at all familiar with LSTN headphones. I was, however, in the market for a set of closed-back headphones. Portable ones, for that matter. So I turned to a relative of mine (fellow audiophile) for advice, as he is the one who first introduced me into the...
  3. LSTN Troubadours

    LSTN Troubadours

    LSTN Troubadour's are OVER-EAR headphones. Each pair is handcrafted from reclaimed wood. No two pairs are the same! For every pair of headphones you purchase, LSTN helps restore hearing to a child in need. - Reclaimed beechwood casing - Plush earcups for long term use -...