1. M

    AK SR15 or second hand AK240/320?

    Hi everyone, Love this community, opinions please!? Trying to decide between a new Astell and Kern SR15 or a second hand other model, some great deals to be had. But like the fast and intuitive interface on the SR15, but want as much storage as possible, and Dual DAC balanced output. Will...
  2. stevenswall

    JH Audio Lola - Custom IEM for Reshelling - $1200 (Offers or trades for Lola Universal considered)

    Three tries and I can't get things to fit right with my right ear. If custom IEMs work for you, these are nearly brand new and come with all accessories.
  3. Zhanming057

    SOLD: JH Audio Lola universal IEM LNIB

    (SOLD) For sale is a pair of JH Audio Lola universals with less than 15 hours on them and only 3 weeks old. Purchased new directly from JH. Basically new and comes with all accessories and box. I only used the comply tips and will throw in a new pair of T500's in there. Asking for $1,250...
  4. turbobb

    SOLD: Blue Lola in White

    No trades, need to thin collection. Rarely used as I find them just a bit heavy. It's in excellent condition with one minor blemish on chrome trim (see attached pics). Comes with original box and accessories except for manual. Price is for local pickup. Sales Conditions - First unconditional...
  5. Z

    BLUE Lola Keeps Ripping Out My Hair

    I've had Blue Lola cans for a couple years now and love them for my radio show. The problem is that my hair is a little longer in the back and when I rest the Lolas on the back of my neck and bring them up onto my head, the hinges grab and pull out a chunk of my hair. This used to just happen...