1. dragonball

    DAC for windows desktop speakers (Logitech X230) - 200$

    Hi I have these 15 year old logitech speakers (X230) which still sound very good compared to new 150-200$ speakers. I play 320kpbs via windows 7. Now I am looking to upgrade my sound by spending ~150-200$ more. So I figure that best investment would be to get a new DAC. Is my thinking correct...
  2. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

    Wellcome to the Zone...

    Greetings, :warning: First of I would like to excuse myself for starting yet another "what do you recomend" thread, but as someone who has just started to deal with a problem of sound on my computer, I would like to hear your advice. I am looking for a set of headsets/headphones that will be...
  3. moedawg140

    Ultimate Ears LIVE Impressions Thread

    Ultimate Ears LIVE At the April 2018 Prolight + Sound show held in Frankfurt, Germany, Ultimate Ears launched the Ultimate Ears LIVE, which is their brand's pair of custom in-ear monitors for live performers and audiophiles. You may be familiar with Ultimate Ears as creators of their...
  4. Skippman

    Replacement for Logitech H800s?

    So I'm a cube junkie who spends large amounts of my day with headphones on. I don't have any peers in my building so there's really no reason not to. I've been using a pair of Logitech H800's for a couple years on the recommendation of a co-worker and honestly, they've been pretty great for my...
  5. P

    Fostex / Schiit in combination with Beyerdynamic DT1990 Pro and Logitech Z-680 5.1

    Plese delete this topic regrads, Phil
  6. Alpina

    Logitech UE 200vi vs UE300vi

    Hello,   I have Logitech UE 200vi IEMS which I didn't really enjoy, but for the price they are decent. Now they broke, and warranty shop said they don't sell then anymore and they offering me UE 300vi instead. Looking at price these 300vi are much cheaper (7 Eur vs 17 Eur I payed originally)...
  7. lebomb

    Auditioned BestBuy Headphones $60-$300.........wow, is it me?

    I was bored at lunch today, so I went over to Best Buy and auditioned most of their headphones priced from $60-$300 side by side....with the same song for about 45 min.  This is what I came up with and I will explain why.....please tell me if I'm coo-coo or what?  I dont have each individual...
  8. enclavebob

    Logitech G35 refurbished

    I was wondering if it would be wise to pick up a set of refurbished of Logitech G35s for $70 (regularly $130) I was told by someone that I should avoid refurbished headphones all together and just buy new ones for retail. I was wondering what other people thought about it.  So should i buy...
  9. alidan

    have hd555 looking at rs180

    ---sorry if there is another topic on this or if this doesn't belong here, point me in the right direction if thats the case. right now i have a hair of Sennheiser hd555, and im looking into wireless headphones namely the rs180 however there are a few points that i just have no idea about...
  10. dontknow

    Gaming Headphones for PC/Xbox360/PS3

    Hi   I'm new to all of this and I have been reading a few threads on here and couldn't find anything specific that answers my question.   I'm basically after a decent set of headphones that can be used across the Xbox 360/PS3/PC. I don't want anything that will break the bank and I'm...
  11. WilhelmPrice

    Looking for budget IEM

    I'm looking for a budget in ear headphone, something that's priced similarly to Koss portapro or Philips SHE9550, the problem with most cheap IEM's is the emphasis on bass, sometimes they have too much bass that it overwhelms the other good stuff. SHE9550 was good but the reliability and the...
  12. silver__wombat

    IM DONE WITH THEM (help me get some decent headphones)

    So today I broke my turtle beach HPA2's. I baby my headphones, there always placed on my desk with care. I have broke too many headsets in the past and wanted these to last. Well today I took them off and got up from my computer, and they fell the less then 3 feet to my carpeted floor and the...
  13. pellryan

    Best over ear headphones (best clarity for music/movies)

    I've saved 500 dollars for new headphones. I want the best ones money can buy. I'd love to have the surround sound technology, but I'd like to see what people who actually know what they're talking about would suggest. They're for listening to music/watching movies from my laptop. I've read that...
  14. Sentenced6

    Help me pick a gaming headset .

    Hey there , I need your help picking a gaming headset ,I've been told to either get the HD555 or the AD-700's but i could not find either of them where i live , and I'm still using the onboard sound card . I did manage to find some gaming headset and i need your help picking one , I'm on a tight...
  15. kitkat12012

    Audio System for Home Gym

    i need some help planning out an audio system for my home gym. the gym's gonna be in an unfinished basement with concrete walls and floors. area is about 20ish ft x 20ish ft but only half of it will be the gym area so i don't really care if the sounds fill the room or only half of it. and...
  16. brent012

    Any suggestions?

    Im looking at spending up to AUD$100 which is around 105 US on some good headphones, i listen to a wide variety of music but what i am listening to a lot at the moment is Drum and Bass music particularly Liquid dnb. Most of the time i am listening to music at home through either my Logitech G35...
  17. xXFallenAngelXx

    TF10s broke, Omg need some help!

    Hey guys, its a very sad day..the wiring on the right side of my tf10s broke off..so I 'm not getting any sound out of the right side..I pulled on the detachable cable carefully, it was fine on the left, but on the right it tore off......I got these during the amazon sale for $100 last november...
  18. bcasey25raptor

    speakers sound better then headphones regardless of price

    i have a pair of $120 logitech speakers that sound good imo, my question is why do people automatically assume headphones are better value, i find speakers are much better value for your money. my shure srh840 (absolutely amazing for the price) sound worse then my logitechs imo, yet my shures...
  19. yliu

    Logitech drops price of Triple.fi 10, could be an update coming soon???

    Logitech just dropped the price of the triplefi from 399 to 299 along with some of their other earphones. Could it be a new top tier IEM by Logitech?? quad driver?   And Logitech released the successor of Z-5500, the Z906. Too bad it does not have Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio Decoding.
  20. dzonylan

    Sennheiser HD 650 for PC = Overkill?

    Hi,   I'm planning on buing headphones for use with my PC. As I have quite nice budget I was planning to buy HD 650. On my stationary PC I have: Creative Labs SB0886 PCI Express Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional Series Sound Card to pair with my Logitech Z-5500.  ...
  21. Dakkon

    Gaming Headset - Specific questions

    Hey Head-Fi!   I was directed here to ask some questions since you guys are the experts in sound and headphones. Currently, I'm running a logitech ClearChat which has been doing the job and its wireless but its starting to break after a year and a half or so of use so I'm looking into...
  22. Melvins

    Favorite speakers

    Couldn't find a section here on your favorite portable speakers so I thought I'd start a thread of my own. Logitech's pure fi anywhere 2 have kept me more then pleased for going on a year and a half now. The bass on these puppies are fantastic, and for a hundred bucks you can fill your entire...
  23. Ferrari353

    Stereo vs surround sound for gaming?

    Okay so I was thinking about getting the Logitech F540 for my PS3 gaming, but then I found out it was stereo.  Is there much of a difference between stereo and surround sound?  And should I get the Turtle Beach DSS or something to make it surround sound?   By the way, I'll be using them...
  24. Matt08642

    Have Ultimate Ears retained the same quality since being acquired by Logitech?

    I ask because a friend highly recommends UE Triple Fi 10s, but by the time I will be able to buy them, all that there will be on the market will most likely be Logitech-owned ones.   Thanks!
  25. O

    The death of Ultimate Ears? How many replacement cables should I buy?!!?

    Did anyone else notice that the critically acclaimed and dearly beloved line of universal fit Ultimate Ears IEMs with replaceable cables is pretty much extinct? In their place are these cheap looking buds that start at $20. All that's left is the TripleFi 10 (on either UE's website or Logitech)...