1. manyee

    Need help finding wireless headphone

    This is a noob question :) so please be patient with me. I am looking for a good wireless headphone that can be used for TV, pc gaming and maybe ps3 or xbox.360. The console is not that important. Mostly I will use it to watch movie on my TV or playing some game on my pc. I've seen some...
  2. Rivalyn

    Down the Path of No Return (My First Headphone Search)

    [Writer's Note: First part is mainly flavor, feel free to skip to the 2nd post to actually read content]   See, I always knew there was more out there... something just around the bend that as you turn the corner you get that "Aha!" moment. In that second you realize that you'll never be...
  3. hutt132

    Good wireless headphone for a $150 budget?

    My sister wants a wireless headset that has a microphone, but we're not sure what would be the best one. She has a smaller head and I think the G930 will be too big for her. What do you all recommend?
  4. AhellHound

    A sound setup for pure gaming, need help

    I'm new to  the sound community, and I've wanted to upgrade my headphones (Logitech G930). So I wanted to get the real deal, and use a dedicated sound card.    Through Linus Tech Tips, I found the Asus Xonar Essence STX. It's within my budget, and I've only heard good things from it. But...
  5. MickyPlays

    Choosing a headset for a new audiophile freak

    Hey guys, so I recently started becoming an audiophile, but I got a problem. I don't own a proper pair of headphones. So obviously I need some help My past experiences with headsets are only a few which I use regularly now. I own a pair of Motorola S11-HD for outdoor use and a Logitech G930...
  6. Mops123

    Which gaming headphone should i choose

    Hi, i live in argentina and i have a limited amount of options. IN MY OPINION my best options are: logitech g930 corsair 2100 turtlebeach xp300 steelseries Spectrum 7xb     i will buy them trough here : www.mercadolibre.com.ar , if you want to search for a better option you might wanna...
  7. TheFlipsideDown

    Youtube song bitrate and good headphones

    Hey Head-fi, I have a buddy that was looking in to getting his first pair of high quality headphones. The question he has is will he notice a difference in quality between his Logitech G930's and something like a Audio-Technica ATH-M50 if all of his music is downloaded from 720p-1080p Youtube...
  8. Aelaria

    Wireless headset recommendation?

    Hi guys, I just joined... my apologies if I'm posting in the wrong place!   I know there is much hate for gamer headsets.... but I'm hoping someone who has experience can help me pick one out:   a) I NEED wireless. I've tripped over my old wired headset cable so many times I've damaged...
  9. Sugi

    Need Wireless Surround Headset for Computer Usage

    Update:   Is it safe to assume that all wireless headset/phones use their own sound card built-in meaning no audio jack interface?  If this is so, I will not be able to buy a headset with a built-in sound card.   May be looking for a wired headset now? -Wired Surround Headset...
  10. Deltaechoe

    Use a standard USB DAC with a Nexus 7 (step by step guide)

    I know this is covered in other threads, but it is so buried that I'm going to make a thread dedicated to it Anyway, so you just bought a Nexus 7, congratulations, you actually got a device that will make your ears happy.  There is one caveat though, you do need to do a bit of work to get it...
  11. IntensityX

    Headphones 80$ Music/gaming

    EDIT: I would also like to point out that these are going to be my first "audiophile" headphones, and not being an "audiophile" myself I probably won't notice the small faults in some products.     Hello and thank you for taking your time to read this first of all.   Well the past...
  12. dobalu

    Best headset under $150?

    Was just kind of browsing around the forums.  Saw a lot of headphones, nothing really about headsets.  I'm looking for a headset that will deliver some great sounding bass as well as being able to hear people clearly (and they can hear me clearly).  I'm currently using the Razer Carcharias...
  13. negrosis

    Need recommendations for PC gaming headphones.

    TL;DR I need headphones that block outside noise, look good in public, doesn't have a mic attached, costs less than $100, doesn't leak sound, good for bass-heavy music, movies, tv-shows and most importantly pinpointing enemy footsteps/gunshots in FPS gaming. Also will I need a mix-amp, sound...
  14. pasc32

    Use G930 wireless headset with nexus 10

    Hi, I've bought a Nexus 10 and I'm wondering if I can use my wireless G930 headset with it ? I have a micro usb to usb adapter and when I scroll the volume on my headset the volume of my Nexus 10 is changing according to my headset but I have no sound!   Thank you :) 
  15. Envyous

    Beyerdynamic dt770 pro 32 vs logitech g930

    I was wondering how the difference is between a "studio headset" like DT770 against a 7.1 headset like Logitech G930 is? I was at the local hi-fi store and they told me it was better to use a GAMING headset like G930 for all around PC useage with focus on music and movies. Is he correct?
  16. OnceInABlueMoon

    Audiophile vs 'Gaming' headphones

    The day finally came when my old speedlink medusa home edition headset died, and I think it is time to treat myself to a decent replacement. I remember at the time they were described as being impressive for the price range (£50), but I assume things have moved on since then!   Coming from a...
  17. johny

    Best headphone for me?

    I was interested in purchasing new headphones to give me new experience. I initially wanted to spend about 100$ or less. Now I'm ready to spend more.   Then I read the first entries in the thread: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/527125/non-audiophile-reactions-to-high-end-headphones and...
  18. Leiker535

    AD700 X G930

    Hi guys, I'm from Brazil and my cousin was in a trip in the U.S.A, when he came back to Brazil he gave me a G930 7.1 wireless gaming headset.   I liked it, but there is some things that i dont like...   One of them is the bass, G930 bass is boomy, when something explodes, like a grenade...
  19. inVinnieVeritas

    PC GAMING: Audio Technica AD700 + X-Fi Titanium VS Logitech g930

    Hello everyone,   Just went to the process of upgrading my audio on my Alienware PC by adding a X-Fi Titanium sound card and Creative Gigaworks T3 2.1 speakers. Now not to alienate any further my neighbors at night I am looking for a pair of headphones for nocturnal gaming sessions.  ...
  20. Prophes0r

    Very specific headphone/audio recommendation

    First, a preface. Yes I did search, exhaustively.  Mad Lust Envy and The Nameless have great posts.  I haven't found any other posts that are close enough to my request to find the information I need to make these decisions.  If this should be moved to another forum because It slants more...
  21. Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 with 7.1 Surround Sound

    Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 with 7.1 Surround Sound

    Logitech wireless gaming headset g930. a fast wireless connection lets you level up without being tied down-and 7.1 surround sound puts you right in the middle of the action.