1. sivad07

    Logitech Ultimate ears 600 Review

    My full Review on Ultimate ears 600 It was a very long wait of 3 months after making payment online to actually receive it. When I received the packet I was all excited like a small kid. I won't explain how it looks and and what came in it cause many people have already done that in the...
  2. Custom1

    Earphones $100 and under?

    Hello, I'm thinking of buying my first pair of premium earphones today for $100 and under. The products I have found in that range after extensive research include:   Shure SE215 - $90 Amazon Monster Turbine - $78 Amazon Ultimate ears 700 - $95 ebay Ultimate ears 600 - $81 Amazon  ...
  3. sidsrvnn

    ue 600vi replacement

    Hi, I've owned 3 pairs of ue600vis, dating from when they were called superfi5 vs I love the sound, but the cable has frayed on all pairs, I'm currently looking at either shure 215s or Futuresonics atrios, I'd appreciate it if anyone could provide alternatives or recommend a good pair, I have...
  4. Pianist

    Ultimate Ears 600 impressions thread

    Got 'em, love 'em. Apparently a rebranded Super.fi 5 (non-pro), these are fantastic IEMs in my opinion, not just for the price but are able to hold their own against IEM that cost several times as much from my experience. In particular, I find UE600 very similar, almost shockingly so, to Shure's...
  5. fredm

    What size Comply foam tips came with UE 700 ?

    I have a pair of Ultimate Ears 700 the comply foam tips it came with have ripped. Checked the website and see I need t-200 Comply tips have no idea which size came with them originally.     That is the size I need but it doesn't say anywhere on my box. 
  6. sprucemaple

    Need help selecting IEM around $350-$400 USD

    I've been using a pair of Ultimate Ears UE600 for the last 6 months or so, and I'd like an upgrade. I like the detail in the UE600, but the soundstage feels a little lacking for me, and I'd like something with a more prominent bass when I listen to rock music. I'm generally looking for something...
  7. kylezo

    Mid-Range all arounder IEM suggestion? (Atrio M5 replacement, $60-$150)

    Hey y'all,   I have a pair of Atrio M5's that have lasted me about 5 years of abuse, and finally bit the dust (I think the right driver blew up). I'm looking to replace them, and I really enjoyed the M5's so I have been thinking about getting them again (from http://www.atrio.me/ for $99...
  8. zim4

    Westone 2 v Westone UM2 v UE TripleFi 10

    Hi people   Looking for help from anyone with any experience on the Westone 2, the UM2, and UE TripleFi 10.   Little profile about me: I listen to a range of music, but mostly rock, some pop, bit of jazz... not so much hiphop or RNB. I enjoy listening to live recorded music and being...
  9. shonor6

    Any last warnings/notes that I should know before buying the UE600's?

    Hi. In the past two weeks I've been researching about IEM's at $100. After a few 'competitors' and 'tests' that I did with main competitors, I reached the conclusion that the UE600's suit me best. Since I'm afraid to be disappointed, I'd like to hear any final notes that I should know before...
  10. NoahZ

    Shure SE215 or UE600: Please help me.

    My last question post kind of flopped... so let's try this again, having narrowed my choices down on my own.   I'm looking at the Shure SE215 and the Westone 1. Both look like terrific IEMs, and I can get them for about the same price.   I really need something more portable than my...
  11. shonor6

    Differences between SuperFi5 and UE600?

    Are there any differences? Or are they exactly the same?   Thanks.
  12. shonor6

    Any IEM's with more detailed sound than the UE600's?

    Hi.   I want to buy IEM's with the most detailed sound out there (at $100). I have AD700's and they have very detailed sound, although middles are a bit recessed.   I listen mainly to Rock, light Metal, and sometimes to Classical music. I am willing to give up a moderate amount bass for...
  13. CosmosMpower

    Lost my SuperFi 5 Pro's, What to get next?

    I'm not a huge audiophile but I appreciate good quality.  I bought a pair of UE SuperFi Pro 5's about 3 years ago and they've served me well.  I seem to have misplaced them and I'm looking for a replacement.  I was happy with the sound quality of the UE's but they were too big to stay and seal...
  14. iverson3-1

    What would you reccomend out of these 5 earbuds for the type of music i listen to

    Im by no means an audiophile and this would be my first real expensive good quality pair of earbuds i just dont know which to pend my money on. the ultimate ears 500vi ultimate ears 600vi v-moda remix remote klipsch s4i etymotic hf3 and also they need to block out sound and deliver...
  15. shonor6

    UE600 OR UE500 w/Fiio E5 Amp ?

    Hi. My budget is about 90$ tops, and I'm not sure if I should buy the Ultimate Ears 600, or the UE500 with a Fiio E5 amplifier. Which option is best for Rock music, to be played with the SanDisk Sansa, Zune or HTC Desire?   Thanks.
  16. Primusman

    Best IEM's for under $100 that have a flat frequency response?

    Well, I'll first say that this is my first post on this forum. I wouldn't consider myself to be a hardcore audiophile, and don't want to buy many pairs of headphones. Instead, i'd rather just get 1 or 2 really good headphones that suit my needs. Anyways, I'm currently using Audio Technical ATH...
  17. shonor6

    IE Headphones at about 75$

    Hello. I'm looking for IE headphones for flights, and for class. Therefore no one except of me should hear the sound. I mainly listen to Rock, but also enjoy Classical music sometimes. Just to give you a certain measurement of the type of sound that I like, I have the Audio Technica AD700 and...
  18. spybenj

    Klipsch S4i or Ultimate Ears 600vi?

    Hi there, I own a pair of S4is, but they broke. I am either going to buy new ones, or get a different earphone. I use the microphone very often on the S4i. My s4i's broke, with the cable detaching from the little metal thing that goes into my phone(sorry for the odd word choice, not sure...
  19. Skidaniel

    Etymotics HF3 vs Ultimate Ears 600vi: which is best for iPhone music enjoyment + calls

      Hello Head-Fi'ers,   I checked the recent '12 earbud comparo' and didn't see these listed so I wanted to ask people's opinions.   Etymotics HF3: http://www.etymotic.com/ephp/hf3.html Ultimate Ears 600vi: http://ultimateears.com/en-us/products/600vi#features   I have looked at...
  20. rollbread

    3 IEM choose which one?

    After seeing some reviews I am now thinking one of these 3 earphones. 1) Klipsch S4 2) UE 600 3) a-Jays Four
  21. fredm

    Ultimate Ears 700

    Am i right that these are better for comfort than the 500 and 600s plus should have better sound?   Would these be a good choice of the three for someone wanting clear, detailed sound with good highs and mids and DOES NOT want booming peaky (30-70hz) bass?     Thnx
  22. akerman

    An alternative to Apple IEM?

    Hi   I'm working in a company that primarily uses iPhone as the communication tool. We have been using the packaged earbuds so far, but they are breaking down and we need to replace.   Looking at the Apple in-ear buds with microphone, it seems expensive ($79) for the kind of quality I...
  23. mudrnudl

    Practical experience with ETY er6i,hf3 , UE 600vi,sf5 , q-jays , PHONAK pfe , Westone 1

    Hello everybody, i am going to buy new in-ear headphones with balanced armature driver around 100€. I want to decide between these: Etymotic ER6i, Etymotic HF3, Ultimate Ears 600vi, Ultimate Ears SF5vi, JAYS q-JAYS, PHONAK Audéo PFE 111, Westone 1 Do somebody has any of them? I would...
  24. Nucci93

    Help me find a pair of earphones for my mom

    Hey guys, my mom said she wanted a pair of earbuds for Christmas, but I don't know what to get her.   She just wants something that she can use to listen to her music around the house or taking a walk with her iphone.    She also said she'd like a purple pair   Are there any good...
  25. lopopo

    Suggestions for IEMs around $100~150

    Hey guys, I am new here and I would love some suggestions. I currently own a pair of Sennheiser IE6's and UE 600. Love the former but not really feeling the latter. I know the IE6 is around the $200 range, I was able to pick it up for around $100 about 2 years ago but havent seen a similar deal...