1. bbmiller

    Does a DAC use optical audio or PCM optical audio if it has provisions to use optical audio?

    I got the idea I wanted a audiophile quality headphone system when after the second time I equalized my Plantronics 780 headset the audio sounded the best I have ever heard. So I wanted to take this headphone audio listening even further if possible. Consequently I ordered the Little Dot DAC_I...
  2. mastertrash

    Little Dot DAC_I Review and Comparo

    I've noticed a distinct lack of reviews on Little Dot's relatively new DAC_I and decided it was time that I give something back to the Head-Fi community and attempt to remedy the situation. I'm a long-time music lover and bad guitar player, but something of a junior audiophile. As such, I can't...
  3. srslee

    Playing guitar through computer

    Hello, I would like to play my electric guitar through my computer. I currently have the Little Dot MKIII amp and Little Dot DAC_1 that I use with my monitors. I want to be able to play through the computer, with winamp and other backgrounds running as well. I've looked into the Line 6 POD, but...
  4. cipros

    Dedicated streamer for ZDAC

    Hi,   I have a ZDac which sounds great for me, and I want to bypass PC for playing losseless audio files, mainly FLAC. I'm looking for a network streamer/mediaplayer which is also capable of reading an USB attached hard drive. But what matters most for me is that should to be capable of...
  5. Wildings

    DAC newbie question

    Hi All! Not only am I a newbie, but I'm an old guy comming to grips with new technology. Just got a Little Dot MK IV SE and am very pleased with it, astounded would be a better word. I listen with Grado RS 1's. Usual source is CD, but also listen to music (Slacker Radio) streamed from my Droid...
  6. davisxu

    NuForce HDP (DAC only) vs. Little Dot DAC-I for Little Dot MK IV Amplifier

    Hi guys,   I recently bought a Little Dot DAC-I + Little Dot MK IV Amp, but the DAC-I was completely broken.   Given all the rave about the NuForce HDP's DAC function (only talking about DAC/RCA output here as a preamp), how does it compare to the Little Dot DAC-I? Am I missing out on...
  7. I

    Noob trying to get good sound

    Hi there. I stumbled upon this site last week when I was searching for high end headphones. My first and current impression is that these people really know their stuff, and care about sound. The last couple of months, I've given more and more interest in high end sound quality. I have always...
  8. Denis99

    Total newbie advice please

    Hi   I am after some advice on what to purchase for a new headphone system. I'm a total newbie, but did once own some desirable hi fi about ten years ago.     I have an Ipod Touch and would like to use this as my source (or my IMac).   I have a budget of around £600 to £700 for a...
  9. sijaka

    new in the game, colplete set-up.

    Saturday 19.10.2012 i bought a pair of bowers and wilkins IEM's, today i found this forum and have realised that for me to satisfy myself i need to upgrade from these IEM's to a more stationary setup with full-size earphones, amp and DAC.   i'm a student for the time beeing so i dont have a...
  10. CardasHD650

    Little Dot dac one? HRT Music Streamer Pro?

    For anyone in the know what would you recommend investing in for the Little Dot lV SE? My Titaium HD is great for games but need something better for music.   Somewhere around this budget and ideally something to override the sound card for music alone.   Thanks :)  
  11. throzen0303

    Little Dot DAC_i XLR hiss?

    I just received my Little Dot DAC_I couple days ago, been using it with TOSLINK in from my computer, and RCA out to my Mackie HR624 MK2 monitors for music listening. Today I got a chance to try out XLR connection, problem is, when I used a pair of iCan 6ft XLR there is a hiss, noticeable from...
  12. vs17

    Best DAC < $400 (for DT 880 and Little Dot MK III)

      I recently bought a pair of DT 880 (600Ohm) headphones and a LittleDot MK III tube amp to go with them, and I was looking for a nice DAC to complete my setup. Any suggestions?   I'm a relatively new audiophile and have almost no experience with DACs. I've been doing research for a few...
  13. furyagain

    Which is better ?? LD dac1+MK VII+ or Libby??

    My main desktop setting is ld dac1 + LD MKVII+ also a MKIVse I wonder how will the firestone Libby compare to my current setting now. Which is better ? As I am planning to get the Libby, and want to put the better one next to my main desktop. Any opinion is welcome!
  14. IceClass

    MDR-CD3000 owners what amp do you power them with?

    I've been playing around with my Sony CD3000s a lot lately. Switching them between the various amps I have on hand I'm reminded of what a temperamental and amplifier dependent set of cans these are. They go from lush on the Woo to harsh on the Aural. As such, I'm suddenly curious what other...
  15. furyagain

    How does Ibasso D10 compare to LD DAC1 + MKV???

    I think i kind of know the answer , but... does it even worth keeping the D10 ??? The headphones i have are DT-880 pro/990 pro HD600 ( may get a 650 later)     should i even bother keeping the D10 ??? ( i don't even bring it out anymore. as i just use the fuze(sandisk) with the...
  16. FrankWong

    Where to buy Little Dot amps?

    Hi all, this is my first post but I've been lurking for a while. I've decided to buy either the Little Dot MkIII or the II++ after reading all the fantastic and glowing reviews (pun intended). Now the 2-cent question is... where can I find one to buy?
  17. Lester Mobley

    First DAC purchase: HeadAmp Pico DAC vs Little Dot DAC 1 vs others?

    I recently bought a pair of AKG K702 headphones and now need a DAC and amp to go with them.  As far as amps go, I'm considering the amps from Schiit Audio, but I'll wait on more impressions for the Asgard and wait until the Valhalla comes out to make that decision.  In the meantime, I have a...
  18. glitch39

    UPCOMING Little Dot DAC

  19. charliex

    Little Dot USB DAC 1 or FOOBAR II USB DAC?

    I'm looking to get a dedicated USB DAC since all my music I listen to is from my computer and online streaming - so need some help making a decision. I use my modded HD 580's , Grado/Allesandro cans and an Ultrasone Proline 650 depending on the music genre and my mood. I just finished dropping...
  20. cyberspyder

    Need some help with a DAC upgrade...

    About to get a great deal on a Mac G5...always wanted one, so I'm stoked. I also just came in the possession of the Bryston 3B amp and I'm thinking, why not upgrade my DAC as well. I need one with multiple inputs (think optical and USB) that wither is auto-signal sensing, or has a physical input...
  21. Little Dot DAC_I

    Little Dot DAC_I

    The Little Dot DAC_I is an exceptionally versatile, reference-quality external DAC unit with both single-ended and balanced outputs! Four inputs (Coaxial, BNC, Optical, and USB) allows the Little Dot DAC_I to be used with digital source like a CD Transport or a computer as a standard USB audio...